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Soul Loss - a Major Cause of Imbalance or Illness

(excerpt "The Power of Your Spirit".

Do you sometimes feel like you are are in "no man's land", or like a "ship without a rudder" , clouded or clogged mind, or zombie like?

This can happen when we experience Soul Loss

Your soul is the seat of will, emotions, or reasoning.

What is Soul Loss
Soul loss is where a part of our emotional body, our mind, or our will separates or splitsoff. This splitting or separating of the soul is a major cause of disharmony and/or illness.
Restoring the separated soul parts/s makes it possible for faster and deeper results with physical, mental and emotional transformation.

A young lady presented with asthma. Her soul parts were restored. She needed to go to the post office (a block away) and then come back to the clinic. She RAN all the way there
and back - breathing fully, easily and was ecstatic with joy.

Feeling not Totally Whole
With soul loss, we can feel not totally whole or as if we are not all here or present in the body. We can observe the happenings around us, with our mind, but do not feel connected. We use or hear the term beside oneself and like many of our terms there are hidden truths embedded in the meaning of phrases or terms we use.

We all split-off or dissociate at times
You can be driving long distances, and daydream, becoming unaware of the environment and how far you have traveled. You can experience a shock with certain news or an accident. You might feel spacey or as though you are observing the scene but are not fully present. Often though, this feeling passes, and you return again to your usual function. With soul loss, the part remains separated. This can be 'useful' to avoid dealing with the discomfort we are struggling to work through.

How Does Soul Loss Occur?
Soul loss can happen during traumas such as abuse, accidents, surgery, illness, miscarriage, addictions, and death of a loved one-anything that greatly traumatises you. Even altercations or conflicts can cause soul part separations.To survive the experience, a part of the emotional body, our will (if the situation feels futile to resolve), or our mind separates to escape the full impact of the pain. If you were to remain totally present during such trauma, you may not be able to handle the pain. To remain in this state however, makes the rest of life difficult and painful.

Chronic depression can occur when feeling beside yourself. Feeling the separation keeps you from being able to experience joy. You may experience numbness, apathy, emptiness and/or struggle with addictions, physical illness, and poor immunity or have trouble resisting illness.

Enhancing Intuition

We can desire, yet struggle, with enhancing intuition. It is so much easier to be intuitive when your soul parts are together. Intuition needs to be expressed through the soul parts of emotions, thoughts and will.

To discover and explore the real you, your soul has to be present and harmonised with your whole being. It is frustrating to try to understand negative patterns, let alone shift the perception to transform the memory of the original trauma, if the part is not present to acknowledge the negative patterns.

The Heart Healing Symbol Card , INTEGRATION , restores Soul Loss.

(Excerpt: "The Power of Your Spirit" )

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