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QUICKLY Accessing the Higher Consciousness THROUGH our Emotions

"I just listened to the download and it was very powerful. Straight to the heart - first the pain and then the antidote. Made me realise it was still embedded deep in there - and then finding that sanctuary to erase and dilute all that emotion."

You've noticed how quickly 'time' goes? There doesn't seem much 'time' for anyone to do much - people skim and miss the details.

Well, the good news is that while linear time has speeded up, we can get up to speed in our inner selves - our inner senses - so that we don't miss the details that the higher consciousness is giving us.

Our perceptions can give us very quick information.

It does not take 'time!"
The miraculous is the NORM.

We can step up to this Higher Consciousness. It is a choice.

"Oh, I haven't got time!"

Maybe this is why burnout, heaviness, unwellness, fatigue hits us so much more quickly now than it's ever done before.

This new and higher consciousness functions in the FEELING realm. FEELING is the fastest and easiest way to access information. Then we get the insight and intuition on what actions to take. THEN we experience freedom and lightness.

If we don't FEEL, get insights and then ACT, the tremendous Power of the higher consciousness cannot manifest in our Being. Result: heaviness, fatigue, out-of-sorts, unwellness - all of which can be INSTANTLY transformed when we return to the FEELINGS, insights, followed by actions.

"J" came for a consultation with anxiety. Anxiety is one of the emotions of the water element. "J" knew she wasn't drinking enough water - 'it's boring', "J" said.

Boring is not a physical issue. We are attempting physical means as an upper to overcome a mental or emotional flatness and this creates physical health problems. (The Power of Your Spirit).

"J" felt that her anxiety was pretty uncomfortable - rating it an 8/10 (with 10 being the worst). The 'boring' feeling was a 9/10. Notice this? The boring feeling was worse than the anxiety that "J" came to see me about. By not drinking sufficient water, the ensuing anxiety was the payoff - it kept her feeling not bored.

Going into the BOREDOM, "J" very quickly discovered the emotion's message. She needed to return to self-balancing by taking time out for her that had gone by the wayside the last few months. And guess what!? The anxiety "J" felt 5 minutes or so earlier, was now completely gone.

This new and higher consciousness is so quick now. Instant release of symptoms occur when we transform the energy at its core or cause.

"Downloads" for transformation/healing manifest exponentially. Here's feedback from a client:

"I noticed in the days and weeks following a session that it's like walking down a garden path and seeing little kernels. I don't know where they will be but when I see then, I realise that I don't know how I could be without them. I also notice that I don't understand how I could not feel lost beforehand."

Here is a download for you to experience the uninstalling of billions of "negative" charges through the water element emotion of fear and be open to receive wisdom that the emotion of fear intended for you.

Click here

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