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Openings to Higher Consciousness Gateways

The gateways to higher consciousness

All the earth disasters relate to elements, e.g. earth, fire, water, air. As the outer disasters occur, our inner elements are stirred to 'loosen' the inner treasures.

The new and higher consciousness is like a treasure hidden within; it's something very special, and not obvious for all to see; and those who are not seeking to experience the higher consciousness or to understand the mysteries will pass right over this great treasure and not even know what they're missing.

When we try to hear something new, we need to FEEL its truth for us for when we don't, we end up rejecting truth just because it disagrees with our own ideas.

The gateways to enter the higher consciousness are not found by going to outer sacred places such as earth vortexes and chakras, e.g. Uluru, Sedona, Siberia. The gateways to the treasure of higher consciousness are within us.

The treasures are hidden within the uncomfortable emotions of life's experiences which appear intensified when world disasters reflect our inner challenges. If you have been aware of being more recently 'shaken' that is because another gateway to higher consciousness within was being presented for us to enter through. Going through our emotions is the simplest, fastest and easiest way to access the higher consciousness. Within the emotions are the mysteries for us to get the meaning. If we don't, symptoms of dis-ease will give us another nudge. Those who choose to ignore the learning are experiencing serious health conditions now.

World disasters are giving us amazing opportunities to experience the opening of the gateways. The gateways will always appear as uncomfortable emotions that we want to be rid of.

Uncomfortable emotions are for one purpose only - to direct us to freedom, joy and power in the higher consciousness.

Embedded in the discomfort is the power needed for exploring the wonders of the higher consciousness. If the way didn't seem to be blocked and we went through the gateway, without the power and insight (gathered from within the emotions), it would be similar to having a V8 sports car without the knowledge and a license to drive the vehicle.

The keys of wisdom and knowledge are in the emotions to enter through the gateways.

The keys give us the power to successfully manoeuvre in life.

The keys open doors that no one can shut.
The lower vibrational energies we are experiencing within the emotions miraculously transform the instant we receive the message from within them.

Illuminating our Consciousness
Divine light enters in seed form. George W. Carey writes in The Wonders of the Human Body that the seed is born in our solar plexus area and is taken up by the vagus nerve to the base of our brain and to the thalamus From here the seed travels to the pineal gland (lamp of the body) where the seed's power is increased 1,000 fold. The seed then illuminates our consciousness, giving us the power and light to take the next step in our transformative journey.

This final stage, in alchemical terms, is called coagulation-the chemical marriage-the union or balance of the spirit with the will, emotions and mind.

As enlightenment comes from this sacred union, something marvellous happens! Spirit's energy is imprinted upon our mind, will and emotions. Each time a seed brings illumination, it leaves a different impression again of Spirit upon us. We vibrate at a higher rate. Our next seed, bringing another illumination, is greater in power again. Soon there are many different expressions of the Light impressed in our being. This is our continual state for rebirth or being born again. If the seed does not reach illumination, we will not re-experience being regenerated or born again; instead we experience a still birth.

The gold of enlightenment comes after moving through the base metals. The lead weight of the energetic heaviness of illusion is the matter that needs transforming.

Essence of Illumination
The seed, having reached the pineal gland, is where the Divine essence is literally secreted to bring illumination and regeneration of all our cells. This is the new and higher consciousness. From here, the Divine anointing-the Divine oil or essence-flows down to rejuvenate all parts of our being.

This is not a theory! For this idea or knowledge to hold meaning, you can experience now a taste of this essence by using your inner senses. Your experience is likely to be described differently to someone else's. Experientially tasting this essence, as with all higher consciousness experiences, can be a little difficult to explain in our language. The experience for me feels like gold light in my head-but a little heavier than "light". It is like liquid air-expansive liquid or plasma of gold light.

A friend whom I asked to describe her experience of this essence said: "It was like being immersed in a liquid golden sun that was just a very pleasant haze, not hot like you would imagine the sun to be. It was definitely some other medium than just plain warm air. It felt like wide, open, sweet air and like the aurora borealis doing its dance inside my being."

You can experience this right now. Trust that whatever you are going to experience is right. Focus on your breathing to allow yourself to be present in awareness. Then ...

Set your intention now to experience a taste of this essence being released. Ask: "What is it like to experience this divine essence?" Wait to experience the answer.

This essence of "golden liquid light" harmonises our inner disrupted elements and illuminates, rejuvenates, renews and regenerates our whole being, LITERALLY, as we allow the seed to manifest its treasure. The gateways to higher consciousness are within you.

(Excerpt upcoming book "Transformation through Your Emotions Spiritually Expanding through Understanding and Working with Your Emotions")

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20 Jul 2011
at 12:09 PM
As I began reading this excerpt, I immediately felt a blissful feeling in my heart, I then read a little further and realised that I was experiencing the Divine essence and it did indeed feel like liquid molten and exquisitely beautiful. Thanks again Faye for the opportunity to further experience the release of lower emotions and to step into the light of the higher ones.


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