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Gardasil and the Spirit of Ravage

Correcting the Damage done by Gardasil
(Excerpt "The Power of Your Spirit"

The Spirit of Ravage has the same vibration as the energy and potential side effects of the cervical cancer vaccination, Gardasil. Repairing the damage done to the cells by this vaccine includes removal of the Spirit of Ravage without which "lost" soul parts will not return.

Severe inflammation and pain of the abdomen, pelvis and lungs, paralysis and joint pains, are amongst the side effects apart from deaths and the many disabilities. The iris (iris analysis) reveals severe inflammation most commonly in the bowel and lungs. The ravage done to the body from Gardasil is amongst the worst I have seen in clinical practice

History repeats itself. We see effects on the second generation. For example, over 30 years of research have confirmed that the hormone stilbestrol, used to prevent miscarriages, caused malformation in the unborn. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised doctors to stop prescribing the hormone to pregnant women because the daughters were at an increased risk for cancer of the vagina and cervix reproductive abnormalities pregnancy complications infertility and auto-immune disorders. Stilbestrol daughters contracted vaginal and cervical cancer as early as 14 years old and up to their forties.

Since history repeats itself, it can be surmised that the damage done by Gardasil, at the very seat of creativity (pelvic area for producing life) and the lungs where life is breathed in, greater effects will be observed with the second generation. It's very likely that without repair and transformation sterility will affect the offspring of those receiving Gardasil.

Recognising negative spirits is a useful part of living the power within your spirit. Wellbeing has its roots in the harmony of spirit, soul and body

Negative spirits limit your spiritual fruitfulness. Releasing them is not a cure-all but without releasing them there might not be the cure you desire. The results of severe reactions (often taking around 9 months. if reactions are not immediate) to Gardasil can be corrected miraculously within a short time.

The Restoration Card releases negative spirits.

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