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Discover the Amazing Power within Your Emotions

Are you Tired, Confused, Misunderstood?
To Experience Joy and Balance in Your Life

Transformation happens at any moment and by anyone who is willing to work with the emotions to make the internal shift back to their true nature.

More 'gateways' have been presented to us to step through. A reminder that the way you will know gateways are opening is that:

"Our comfortable and uncomfortable emotions become apparent. Every part of us becomes more sensitive. Our nerves might feel shaky or irritable. Mentally we might have a shorter attention span. Physically we could feel more tired and have difficulty sleeping.

All energy holds information. Since discomfort is energy, as we observe the discomfort and receive its message, we enter through the 'gateways'." (Heart Healing Symbol Guidebook ).

Emotions akin to anger, anxiety and depression are common recently as well as many uncomfortable physical symptoms. Always within them are incredible gems for us to gather from the power within the emotions. If CORE suppressed emotions ( Grief Release Card ) have been released and deleted, and even if not, it is of value to ask "Is this mine?" Recently they have not been yours and have been very undermining in dampening your inner power!!!

Whilst the emotions may not have been ours we must already have within a vibration of CORE energies at multidimensional levels that have 'attracted' these. These can be transformed quickly.

There seems to be a trend for many people selecting a sequence of similar Heart Healing Symbol Cards just lately. These are releasing energies at multidimensional levels to bring you through the 'gateway' to your true nature.

There will be plenty more 'gateways' opening and it seems that the frequency will increase in the near future. You are not alone in the challenges when these occur. All those aspiring to manifest more of their true nature are experiencing very similar to what you are feeling. It's very uncomfortable however the rewards are of infinite potential. I urge you to move through the gateways; you do so by asking questions and waiting for the answers. Of course continual answers will only come when there is a willingness to change and we take action with the insights given.

Sometimes the sensing of the answers is difficulty to explain, for the conscious mind cannot quite grasp the infiniteness of what is happening. That's OK; we are accessing the 97% or so of the subconscious. And, as we become more familiar with this, the understanding does filter into the mind. Have you noticed how we have been communicating with other likeminded ones - words are insufficient - yet there is a knowing; a deep knowing, and the power of connection in this way is truly awesome. It's only just the beginning of far more powerful experiences of being to come!

Tiredness or fatigue seems very common recently. Relaxation and fatigue go together. Relaxing; slackening, e.g. not working through our discomfort actually makes the fatigue worse. It can be said "Oh, I am too tired to exercise" - yet we know that exercise increases our energy. "Innercises" brings insight and this insight 'anoints' every cell to rejuvenate our whole being. Relaxation causes fatigue.

You can only ever do the best you can with what you know - at the moment. I encourage you to keep working with the 'symptoms' that are opportunities for giving you extraordinary messages. Bring your awareness to the emotions you are experiencing. As you do, this subtle shift begins the process of realignment and balance, and the opportunity to receive awesome insights so that something of value emerges from that which was problematic. When we experience the answer - the right answer - it has has it's own energy to change the situation for the better!

Rather than feeling lightheaded or 'airy' a very balanced grounding in our human nature will be experienced. We are meant to be fully human while being fully 'spirit' or 'divine' - duality. Repeatedly people are drawing the Beauty for Ashes Card and this is for shifting us to our original nature. As the 'phoenix', we rise up out of the ashes (the remains that are no longer serving us in this present time.)

In the willingness to transform amazing power is coming through to so many. You in deed were born for such a time as this to enter into your power and receive the astounding insights.

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Occasional I email Faye's Snippets to workshop participants or those who have the Heart Healing Symbol Cards . These snippets can contain a testimonial on the cards, inspiration on deeper use of the cards or general inspiration with energies that are being stirred at the time. Its short and sent irregularly.
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