Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre

Calm and Clarity within Seconds

Increasing Your Perception at Will

Left brain, logic, "head" - JUDGES
Right brain, intuition "heart" - OBSERVES

How amazing and freeing is this?

Instead of getting caught up in the emotions and judgments we can experience the shift from the mind to perceiving from the 'heart'. This gives us a totally different and liberating aspect

The mind is NOT a part of the brain.
It actually is located outside of our body or at least is MEANT to be
If the mind comes into the body we are controlled by the mind instead of the mind being an assistant to our perception and inner knowing.

Notice how you are feeling right now and after you have noticed set your intent to look at the BRAIN card with the intention to harmonise your brain nervous system and places the MIND in its correct location.
Now notice what is different for you.

Because the mind is a magnet for any external vibrations (collective thoughts and beliefs), when the mind is "in" the body, "negative energies" can get stuck in our body. Highly sensitive people whose mind is in the body become even more prone to being affected by external negative energies.

We want our wei chi (Chinese term for the protective boundary layer on the surface of the body) to be strong, and the spaces within our body illuminated with good energy. To energise the internal space with the ILLUMINATION card, look at the card; set your intent to feel the energy and receive the balancing with illuminating your being.

When our wei chi and the spaces within the body are illuminated, 'negative energy' will either bounce off or go straight us.

Mind out of body
Set your intent again for the mind to be out of the body and notice the awesome difference of clarity, perception and calm.
What is it like for you? Do you feel calm? Is it like sensing t hings clearly? It is like "thinking from the heart"?

You are the observer. This is the real you.

Our 'heart' holds intelligence far beyond the mind. This central core holds the answers to our greatest challenges. Left brain out gives clarity and focus in making decisions with confidence and ease because this correct alignment brings inner peace that the mind cannot do. Our mind automatically relaxes, becomes clearer and youthenises us.

Mind and Heart in Balance
When the mind and heart is in alignment, our mind automatically becomes more intelligent, clearer, calmer and youthenised. With practise, our brain increases in learning and gathers information easily and quickly. Our perceptions strengthen and grow, and this actually empowers our mind to learn and adapt to life more efficiently, We become who we really are - our true nature - the calm at the eye of the storm. The 'heart' emanates the natural rhythm of our life force.

Practise this throughout the day to form new neural pathways to quickly notice if the mind is "in" or "out" so as to come from clear perception and observation.

With the mind in the right place, the mind realises it doesn't have to be in charge all the time. By trusting that our "heart" is our true guide we discover that the value of the alignment is far greater than the sum of the individual parts. Our brain and body intelligences expands more and more, giving us greater connection, centredness and fulfilment.

Practise creates a new behaviour habit.
When the uncomfortable thought or emotion seems to continue, there is a message there for you. Within all 'energy' is information. That is what you are meant to get - information from your "heart". Practising to put your mind in its correct position enables you to sense the information that the discomfort is meant to bring. The discomfort will continue until you 'calmly and clearly' get its message.

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