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Are You in Spiritual Labour

Insights are not coming quickly enough or at all? Everything is dark, there is pain, contractions upon contractions but nothing is happening?

During these times are one or any of these emotions familiar to you: anguish, depressed, exposed, guilt, grief, melancholy, obligated, out of balance, regret, trapped.

These are metal element emotions in the Chinese 5 element theory; or the air element in the basic earth, fire, water and air elements. We've been affected within by the air element as reflected in the recent Hurricane Irene impacting the Caribbean and eastern North America, as well as Typhoon Nanmadol affecting Taiwan and the Philippines.

Common air/metal reactions to the above emotions can be aggression, blame, reliance on or attached to another, control, denial, domineering, intimidating, giving up, quitting, rebellious, manipulative, obsessive, possessive.

Physically there has been symptoms such as dizziness (perhaps diagnosed as viral labyrinthitis), faintness, spaciness, trouble sleeping at night, asthma, lung and bowel disturbances, allergic rhinitis, sinus headaches.

These Air/Metal element sensations could have been pointing us to our inner (spiritual virtues) of commitment, consistency, detachment, discipline, responsibility and strength to experience breakthrough, making a decision, getting prepared, letting go of old habits; focus..

But we don't get this by using our own human strength and determination. The situations and experiences are opportunities for transforming the blocks that hinder our inner strength coming through to birth to spiritual insights.

"I feel disappointment when i don't feel much."

"What if you do not feel the energy shift when doing work with the cards? Is this okay because it could have occurred at a deeper level? Especially when we go deep in the meditation and come to without remembering what has occurred?"

I have tended to blame (metal element reaction) myself for not being as intuitive. "'I should try harder. Maybe I have done something wrong.' During one of these times, I saw with the inner eyes, an espionage-type picture like those seen in James Bond movies. There was a hive of industry going on underground. Men were secretly loading up trucks. The message was that although I couldn't see much growth and activity above (consciously), underneath in the darkness, activity was going on. A new creation was being formed." ( The Power of Your Spirit ).

Our Biorhythms for Intuition may be Low .
This can cause us to believe that we are not feeling . We are feeling, but are not aware of the thunderbolts and loud music and tingling. After the 'baby' is born, we might observe that all the myriad of pieces of the jigsaw were coming together in perfect synchrony. So yes, shifts always occur on deeper levels-multidimensional levels-and it can be later that the awareness of the shifts unfold much like seeds sprouting or flowers opening. This happens anyway whenever there is a shift.

If you are seeing nothing for all your efforts to give birth to new insights it might be helpful to cry, rant and rave to your birthing support person - that is what they are there for - these precious people who support you giving birthing to new insights when the going gets so painful.

A carpenter, in the movie Noah , is told by an angel to build Noah's Ark to prepare for a great flood. After all the struggles with the preparations and completion of the ark, and people standing around laughing, there was no rain in sight. The guy looks heavenward and yells something like "CAN I PLEASE HAVE SOME RECIPROCATION HERE!!!"

Being real and honest with our feelings is the portal to raise us to new and higher consciousness to give birth to insights and power.

Are you willing to now transform and let go (air/metal action) of the limiting blocks?

Check for 100% connection to your Higher Source . Do you feel light or heavy after thinking of this? If heavy or weak - look at the Transformation card with the intention to allow transforming of this connection. Then recheck for 100% connection and notice how differently you now feel as in lightness, expansion, strong.

Feel whether you are light or heavy when thinking of earlier patterns and experiences to do with giving 'birth '. If heavy or weak - again look at the Transformation card for transforming this energy so that there is no residue of pain or distortions carried over from previous experiences. Now think of the earlier patterns and experiences and notice how you feel differently: lighter stronger or more expansive.

Check for emotions and beliefs that are weakening you e.g. nothing is happening; I am frustrated; I am disappointed; I am missing out; there must be something wrong with me. Go through the list again and notice which has a charge or makes you feel heavy. What are your other common thoughts or emotions? Again "Transform".

Apply the same if you sense heaviness when thinking of the word ancestors. This could be a pattern passed down that is limiting YOUR growth and needs resolving Then check in with the thought and feel the difference.

Feel for heaviness or lightness with the thought of seemingly 'not getting anything' . If heavy 'transform' that feeling. Think "anything else?" If you feel light and expansive there is nothing else. If heavy or contracted then wait in the transition state for the birthing of a new idea to come to you.

Heart Healing Symbol Cards for INSTANT transformation.

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