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4 Phases of Spiritual Growth

4 Phases of Spiritual Growth
(Excerpt: " Abundance: Fulfilling Your Desires with Effortless Ease ")

Our phases of spiritual growth can be compared to water flowing in a river and finally reaching the ocean.

The first phase is the sluggish movement of a slow stream. The second phase is moving decidedly and through the rapids. In the third phase, we fluctuate with struggle and non-struggle. The fourth phase is where the river reaches the ocean - we learn to live without effort.       

The voyage of expansion is very fluid. We drift back and forth between each phase regularly, and can experience more than one stage at the same time. When the tides bring us to earlier stages, our experience will often be deeper or more personal than the first time. We experience more enlightenment each time we flow through the phases of the wave cycle.

1st phase
This phase of growth is characterised by the mind and the outer life in being dependent on outward sources of help. 'I nned help; I need something outside to happen'. This is a victim stage.

The phase of receiving for a day means we need help again the next day. Without action, we look outwards when need strikes again.

This phase is for learning to move from being given help to the next stage of learning to do things for our self.

2nd phase
The second phase of spiritual expansion is characterised by a great desire to always be doing, and by our way; doing great things.

This is the information stage - gathering mental knowledge about Spirit. We discover the universal laws. In this level we manifest or manipulate. We learn about the laws, e.g. the Law of Attraction and the Secret, and how we use it through our awareness - our thoughts, our visualisations, our feelings; to make something happen.

We are full of enthusiasm and ardour as we move along the river of life. We are centred in our self; in our gifts. We are centred in the gifts rather than the Giver of the gifts.

Behind our good intentions to manage our lives by learning and using techniques is the belief that we need to control our powerlessness.

We can experience wonderful and glorious meditation times with delightful peace. Then we experience times of sluggishness. Circumstances happen to us that we need to control. We try so hard and it seems to work. Then it doesn't, and we feel discouraged. But we are strong, so we get up, try again and learn more, and pass the information on.

3rd phase
The principles learned in the previous stage find an outlet to be of service to others.

Service and great productivity is not an indication of spirituality or even our life purpose. We all have gifts, however they do not signify spiritually evolving or transforming.

Being productive is not the goal. There is a deeper life in the spirit beyond service to others.

There will come a time in this phase when there is darkness; 'the techniques do not seem to work.' 'Perhaps I have done something wrong and need to try harder.'

There will come the dark night of the soul - hitting the rock bottom of this stage - to emerge from the chrysalis as the butterfly to soar to greater heights in the spirit.

We discover through discouragement and disillusionment that fixing and repairing others is a co-dependency that enables others to remain in their state, the same as it did for us. People can only be helped so far. The constant need to support others who are unwilling to change, not only limits their growth but also limits our growth.

4th phase
In this stage, the river has reached the ocean. We surrender to spirit to direct our life. The effort of the human self is stilled. There is no trying to grasp the "water", i.e. the spiritual life. We flow in the spirit. We flow in who we are already. This is divine union. Human effort cannot bring divine union.

Being human/spirit, our seemingly human brokenness - our emotions - are a potentially tremendous source of power through whom Spirit works. This power was very hard to accept in earlier stages when we controlled our humanness. By 'dying' to the human part being in control, to allow the spirit to be in control, we find our Self. We find we can reach far beyond our human capacity.

This 4th stage is characterised by a silent power taking control and pervading our whole being. This is entering into life that springs out of the dying to the mind being in control. The Spirit lives, moves and works within us. We live, move and have our being in Spirit. Here the secrets of the Spirit are received through an inward science of knowing Spirit. This is freedom.

These characteristics are known fleetingly in previous phases. In each phase, we are given the knowledge, then a foretaste, and finally the reality is worked out more and more deeply.

In every phase there is a beginning, a working out, and a completion or fulfilment of life before experiencing another level. In each phase we appear to learn the same lessons over and over again, but at a deeper level. The lessons are just as difficult in the last phase as they are in the first phase.

We begin each phase with a 'taste' of the completion or fruition. First we have the ecstasy of the 'mountain top' experience. Then we experience the 'valley' of trials which feels like failure. As we continue co-operating with spirit, we discover the out-working of the ascension of the mountain. And then our spirit integrates the climax.

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