Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre


Manifesting Miracles Membership

3 Instalments
3 instalments of $147 - 1 now and two to follow each 30 days apart

If you have questions or need help with registration, please contact Faye

"Your painting with words is penetrating, enlightening and very direct.

Your ability to go deep and extract what is needed is unsurpassed." EB, Virginia, USA

plus $40
(reg $45.90) if you do not have the
Heart Healing Symbol Cards


Course Begins on Thursday, July 10th

1 Payment of $397

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3 Payments of $147

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"I have noticed that your Heart
Healing Symbol Cards are like crystals; they tune in to you. I
love this and hadn't realised that they grow as I grow until you said so.
JC, Cloncurry, Australia

"I used to like fiddling with tarot cards years ago, but this is sooo much more rewarding and interactive and interesting and useful and and and and ......"
EB, Massage Therapist,
Virginia, USA

Awaken a brilliant power that shines within you and realise your ultimate potential.

"Faye, your Heart Healing Symbol cards have been a joy and a Godsend. It so freeing to have removed the heaviness I had around my heart for a long time. Also accepting my shadow sides with joy rather than fighting them and trying to change them.

It is good to be able to feel again and to have a totally different outlook."
Heart healing Centre
MONDAY to FRIDAY 9am - 6pm

Local or Distant Sessions (phone or skype)

Email Contact us

+61 7 4055 2868


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Shamanic Heart healing

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