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What Participants of Higher Consciousness Shamanic Workshops are Experiencing
higher consciousness shamanic workshops "I've had a 'noisy mind' for years and I wondered if there was something more I could learn about accessing my inner guidance - but I didn't know who to turn to.

Sometimes in my conversations with people I would get a rush of goosebumps over my body or a 'feeling' in my gut - I didn't know how to interpret these 'feelings' and I was curious about who I could ask about it.

Faye Rosie came recommended to me for her "Higher Consciousness Workshops".

It was the first time I mentioned these experiences to someone else - out loud!
The first time I'd told anyone about what I thought might be my intuition...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The first consultation was amazing. Faye facilitated breakthrough after breakthrough for me and I left the clinic feeling wiser in my mind. By the second consultation we made some direct connections with my guides, I saw them for myself!

Meeting Faye Rosie is an opportunity for you to realize your destiny.

It will be a different experience for everyone - however, if you are already exercising your intuition, the breakthroughs will come quickly and effortlessly.

I have never been so comfortable speaking my truth in the way I shared with Faye. Faye Rosie is a wonderful, beautiful, sharing woman with a generous heart.
I chose to participate in the Shamanic Workshop Level 1.

The breakthroughs I made that day are indescribable. I was so impressed with Faye's experience and knowledge - I decided to visit Faye for a personal consultation.
I recommend Faye's Workshops and personal healing sessions if you are ready to take the next step to clarify your beliefs, recover from illness, hear your body's messages and tune your intuition."
Katie Archer, Business Marketing Consultant, Cairns, Queensland. Aust.

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Higher Consciousness Shamanic Workshops

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