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Higher Consciousness - Level 1 Workshop

Shamanic Workshop Level 1

About Faye
Higher Consciousness, level 1 Workshop Experience the energies within the Heart Healing Symbol Cards. This transcended feeling to a higher consciousness opens our thinking from the heart for receiving messages to create smooth, profound and lasting changes from the inside out. The possibilities are endless.

Heart Healing Symbol Cards are more than oracle cards; they are also multidimensional energies that heal and transform. The shamanic cards transmute blockages into power for you to live in higher consciousness:

Wellness ~ Fitness ~ Prosperity ~ Youthening ~ Relationships

The Level 1 shamanic higher consciousness workshop, focuses indepth on several of the cards, creating a powerful and amazing foundation for you to experience the wonders of quickly obtaining messages and finetuning your intuition.
Shamanic Workshop
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Level 1 Shamanic Heart Healing Symbol Cards Workshop 


Next workshop to be advised.
Please contact Faye to register your interest in upcoming workshops.

Topics covered in the Level 1 Workshop:

Assemblage Point
"K's" neck was stiff and her
shoulders rigid. I did some
loosening of her neck and
shoulder muscles and that
gave her improved range of
motion. I then thought about
seeing if her assemblage
point was in need of adjusting.
Yes, this is so great because
I got good feedback from her
while I did the adjustment.
She could actually feel what
was going on and afterwards
was moving her neck without
any pain."
EB, Massage Therapist,
Virginia, USA

• How to experience the new and higher consciousness within seconds
• Recognising your intuition's 'yes' and 'no'
• Transformation of anything from "negative" to the "positive" of harmony
• Experiencing the illuminating oil or essence that rejuvenates all your cells
• Youth rejuvenation
• Reversed polarity
• Assemblage point
• Recognising whether thoughts, emotions and feelings are yours or anothers
• Illuminating the 'window of your spirit'
• Energetically 'rewriting the past'
• Cause of and releasing trapped emotions
• Discovering the power of emotions
• Harmonisation in the electromagnetic grid

The workshop outline is an overview of the materials covered in each level.

Each workshop is unique in itself as the workshop flows with the wants and needs of the participants.

No two workshops of the same level can be the same.
"The pain in my shoulder that I had for years hasn't come back. I am just so excited about doing level 2." CC, Cairns

PAINFUL KNEE - cruciate ligament damage
"D's" painful knee felt unstable and he had difficulty going down stairs. While holding the CREATION card for 15-30 seconds to regenerate the knee, "D" felt a 'knitting' sensation inside the knee. He then walked down the stairs with greater stability and confidence. Pain was lessening. The next morning no pain at all.

Katie Archer, Cairns, Qld. Aust.
"The breakthroughs I made that day are indescribable. I was so impressed with Faye's experience and knowledge - I decided to visit Faye for a personal consultation. ..."

"Thank you for such an amazing workshop. My messages are coming through so much clearer now. I have grown and gained so much from your teachings and it is only the first baby step:)"

About Affirmations:
"I think some affirmations
that 'work' improve wellbeing
more for the moment, help
change thinking and in that
we move forwards. The Heart
Healing Symbol Cards
actually do all that and faster.
GM, Darwin, NT, Aust.

Level 1 Workshop

Please register your interest for a level 1 workshop
(minimum 5 spaces)

Your Investment
plus $40 (reg $45.90) if you do not have the Heart Healing Symbol Cards
Repeating a workshop is discounted 50%
6 Mulurri Close, Lake Placid (Caravonica)

Registration (limited spaces)
Register EARLY with $30 deposit
Registration with FULL payment

A complete manual for the course as well as morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Are you interested in a Level 1?
How would you like a:

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Higher Consciousness - Level 1 Workshops

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