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Shamanic Module 1 Workshop - Heart Healing Symbol Cards

Shamanic Module 1 Workshop

Creating a solid foundation for accessing the shamanic realm
Shamanic Intensive Workshop

2 Day Higher Consciousness Workshop


Transformational ~ Dynamic ~ Experience

If you are desiring a deep level of transformation; not just a band-aid, but the big result you really want, then this is for YOU.

This powerful holistic modality embraces all dimensions of human consciousness to transform you for releasing and experiencing more of your real and magnificent nature.

The shamanic Heart Healing Symbol Cards are more than oracle cards; they are also multidimensional energies that heal and transform. The cards transmute blockages into power for you to live in higher consciousness.

You will discover the 30 most powerful shamanic tools in my 38 years of experience and how to use them effectively to experience the new and higher consciousness.
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BONUS: "Transformation Through Your Emotions"

"I have attended many different spiritual workshops in my quest to find the perfect spiritual path for myself. I have enjoyed every one of them, however I did notice one big difference when comparing all my personal experiences with spiritual learning through cards, tapes, videos and workshops, and that was your cards are a complete healing in a little box. They bring together all I needed to know and do to begin clearing my blocks.

Your two day workshop was amazing. It filled in any little gaps that I have had and broadened my understanding. The combination of your healing in a box and the workshop was extremely powerful and will definitely be attending future workshops and healing sessions."
KC, Brisbane, Aust.

"Thank you Faye for such a wonderful workshop. I feel so grateful to the universe for bringing you to us. I am amazed at the universal powers within these symbols, the speed, simplicity and effectiveness of these tools. My connection will continue to grow because these tools cover it all. Thank you for sharing your realness and amazing Divine wisdom and knowledge."
GM, Darwin, Aust.

~ transform INSTANTLY ON THE SPOT! ~
You will feel Happier, Healthier and more Vibrant.

"Let me say again that your Higher Consciousness Workshop was the Best. I got more out of it than any other Spiritual workshop I have been to." DC, Darwin

How to manifest your every want with a fresh outlook, and at an unprecedented speed. How to feel, perceive, and intuitively pinpoint precise answers on the spot.

Immerse yourself in Faye's group corrections. Experience specific deletions
of negative accumulated effects from every aspect of your life:  


Discover the Inner Shaman and How to Access this Aspect of Yourself at Call

The Heart Healing Symbol Cards in the workshop are shamanic tools.

You will discover your initiations to access higher consciousness.

You will experience the way of your Higher Self in leading you into an ever unfolding higher consciousness.

You will understand that always set before you is a choice to follow your intuition and experience the highest of blessings, or choose penalties. Discover how to 'undo' the penalties.

Topics covered in Shamanic Module I Workshop:

Heart Healing Symbol Cards
• How to experience the new and higher consciousness within seconds
• Clearing the limiting beliefs
• Recognising your intuition's 'yes' and 'no'
• Transformation - spirit, soul and body. Instantly balance to the norm
• Youth rejuvenation
• Recognising when your INITIATION times manifest and what to do
• Correcting imbalanced miasmic patterns maintaining habits and dis-ease
• Discover the power of FREEDOM instantly
• Reversed polarity
• Assemblage point
• Recognising whether thoughts, emotions & feelings are yours or another's
• Illuminating the 'window of your spirit'
• Energetically 'rewriting the past'
• Cause of and releasing trapped emotions
• Negative intrusions/psychic interference
• Negative entities
• Power Animals
• Soul retrieval
• Switching weak areas to strong INSTANTLY
• Working with different sequences of the Heart Healing Symbol Cards
• Resolving karma, vows, contracts, promises
• Transforming curses and replacing with blessings
• Initiations

"Thank you Faye for the most AMAZING weekend of learning, absorbing and healing. 'The Heart Healing Symbol Cards' are phenomenal in their energy, transformative qualities and peacefulness. The course brought everything together in an easy to understand manner - learning life changing stuff, whilst having fun at the same time!

"Your course and cards are an entire package of wisdom, energy, understanding and enlightenment. Who needs another modality when it's all here in one!! I truly believe your system has helped me beyond measure. It's what I was looking for and hadn't found until now. Thank you for assisting me along my journey." TH, DARWIN, Aust
When working with the multi dimensional energies within the transformative Heart Healing Symbol Cards, you are working with the embedded energies of colour, planetary archetypes, sound, crystals, elements, totem animals, numerical codes, mythical creatures, ancient teachers/ masters, geometric patterns, dimensions, parallel universes and Oneness.

"K's" neck was stiff and her shoulders rigid. I did some loosening of her neck and shoulder muscles and that gave her improved range of motion. I then thought about seeing if her assemblage point was in need of adjusting. Yes, this is so great because I got good feedback from her while I did the adjustment. She could actually feel what was going on and afterwards was moving her neck without any pain."
EB, Massage Therapist, Virginia, USA.

You will disover how to flow with the energies and cycles of all areas of your life, e.g. finances, health, career, fitness, security, relationships.

When we align with the cycles of life, instead of resisting and fighting them, we will find ease even in the most difficult situations rather than dis-ease.

"The breakthroughs I made that day are indescribable. I was so impressed with Faye's experience and knowledge - I decided to visit Faye for a personal consultation. The first consultation was amazing. ...">More

Did you know that misalignment of your body, soul and spirit can prevent you from achieving the life you desire - regardless of how hard you try or what affirmations or personal growth tool you use? You will learn in the Heart Healing Symbols Workshop how to maintain alignment.

Shamanic Module 1 Workshop

Cairns - next to be notified

Please contact Faye to register your interest in upcoming workshops.

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The workshop was a very new experience for me and I can honestly say, that I was very comfortable working and sharing with the group, and felt it was most inspiring and uplifting. I certainly came away with a lot of new knowledge and feeling of rejuvenation and enlightenment. I have been practising with my cards daily. My highlight was the totem animal section, the feelings and thoughts experienced during this little journey even blew me away. It was unbelievable. I can still see the pictures clearly in my mind.
VN, Katherine. NT. Aust


Venue: 6 Mulurri Close, CARAVONICA
When: Next to be notified - Sat/Sun, 9am to 5pm
Investment: $347
(if you have the cards) : Plus $40 (reg $45.90) if you do not have cards                                                            

REGISTER EARLY (limited spaces) with $50 DEPOSIT

Refund Policy

Experience the energies within the Heart Healing Symbol Cards. This transcended feeling to a higher consciousness opens our thinking from the heart for receiving messages to create smooth, profound and lasting changes from the inside out. The possibilities are endless.
Foundational Book for Shamanism

Higher Consciousness with the Heart Healing Symbol Cards.

Shamanic Workshop

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