Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre

Higher Consciousness - Shamanic Workshop Levels 4 - 8

Transforming with the Elements and the Heart Healing Symbol Cards

Healing and transformation happens in an INSTANT. It does not take "time".

The power of the new and higher consciousness is ease, simple and instant.

Transformation comes effortlessly. Discover the miraculous ease and how you can do this!
Living in the new and higher consciousness is a choice.

Discover how easy it is to resolve billions upon billions archived pain in an instant.

Learn how to shift blocks and beliefs so as to experience instant transformation to higher consciousness..
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BONUS: "Transformation Through Your Emotions

The wood element

The power of anger to lead you to your true nature
The power within your shadow nature
Turning waste into fertiliser for growth
The transformation when we know how to extract the previous (gems, wisdom) from the worthless that has intensely influenced us.
The wisdom and power when using the Cards with the Directions and Elements
Shamanic Workshop Level 4

The Fire Element

Aligning with the Divine Mind, Will and Energy in motions
Lifting the Veils of Illusion to enter the Gateways to higher Consciousness.
Living in your True Nature
Receiving new chakras that stay in alignment
Empowering Word
Abundance, Freedom, Creativity
Adjusting to the faster "time"
Shamanic Workshop Level 7

The Earth Element

The Power of Worry
The power of balanced service to self and others leading to abundance.
Being grounded in the 5th dimension
Purpose and Destiny
Smooth Transitions
Shamanic Workshop Level 8

The metal element

The Power of Grief leading to Powerful new Beginnings
Letting Go
Healing/Transformation grief at is VERY origin
The Power and support of the "Little Voice"
Uninstalling subconscious programming simply, quickly and easily      
Shamanic Workshop Level 5

The Water Element

Accessing the Wisdom within the fear and releasing billions of stored charges
Astral Travelling
Strengthening 'time warp" to 5th dimension
Deleting archives of Core fear
Removal of implants, astral entities, parasites, repairing the blueprint and much more
Shamanic Workshop Level 6

3rd June, 2012

Higher Consciousness - Shamanic Workshop Levels 4 - 8

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