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Higher Consciousness - Level 2 Workshops

Shamanic Workshop Level 2

About Faye
Higher Consciousness, Level 2 Workshops Experience the energies within the Heart Healing Symbol Cards. This transcended feeling to a higher consciousness opens our thinking from the heart for receiving messages to create smooth, profound and lasting changes from the inside out. The possibilities are endless.

The Level 2 Shamanic Higher Consciousness workshop is a very powerful and empowering workshop, giving you amazing freedom and tools for working with other realms. You will discover 'at your finger tips' the simple and easy shamanic way to transmute energies into power.

Heart Healing Symbol Cards are for restoring wholeness and harmony to spirit, soul and body. You will be shown shown beneath the surface of a presenting issue. The cards at times give an instant shift to lightness, liberty and harmony.

Higher Consciousness, Level 2 Workshop
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BONUS: "Transformation Through Your Emotions"

Topics covered in the Level 2 Workshop

Extract negative intrusions, remove implants, regain power loss and soul loss  Bringing freedom from 'fortresses' holding patterns in place:
• Extraction of Negative Intrusions
• Psychic Interference
• Negative Spirits/Entities
• Protective Boundary Layer
• Regaining Power Loss
• Soul retrieval
• Removing implants sabotaging your soul's plans

The workshop outline is an overview of the materials covered in each level.
Each workshop is unique in itself as the workshop flows with the wants and needs of the participants. No two workshops of the same level can be the same.

Symptoms of negative intrusions or psychic interference can be:
* poor focus
• depression
• anger
• anxiety
• fatigue
• headaches
• feeling out-of-sorts
• sleep disturbance
• aches and pains

"To see the entities show themselves physically within each of the girls and then each clearing that occurred (evident by the lightness and glow in each of their faces) was such an amazing thing to see.

To feel the physical negative intrusion within myself and the releasing of this, then to feel the next emotion (spirit) arise and release was a great learning experience for me.
To know I only have to ask for them to show themselves, to understand why I invited them in and to ask them to leave, that I have power over this, gave me an inner strength.

The meditation asking 'what was its purpose in joining with you?' bought me clarity and understanding."
LG, Cairns, QLD Australia.

The shifts within us all were incredible to witness first hand."

Next Level 2 Workshop

to be advised


Heart Healing Centre - 6 Mulurri Close, Lake Placid, CARAVONICA,Cairns, Australia

Your Investment: $150
Repeating a workshop is discounted 50%
(Cairns, Australia Prices)

Registration (limited spaces)
Register EARLY with $30 deposit
Registration with FULL payment

Late cancellations (less than 7 days before workshop date) are refundable minus deposit (processing fee).

As an option to refund, you may apply the full amount to any future seminars.

A complete manual for the course as well as morning and afternoon tea will be provided. Please bring an open mind and your own lunch.

If you are interested in organising a workshop in your own city or country, Faye is happy to come and teach anywhere in Australia and overseas! A minimum of 12 students is needed to book a workshop. Please contact Faye.

"I had always felt a heaviness under my rib cage where the negative intrusion was, and I needed a lot of effort to uplift myself. When I arrived at the workshop I had some discomfort regarding having
to sort out some misunder- standing with a person later
on in the afternoon.

After the removal of the 'intrusion', I was in a good space and when I met the person, things just sort of worked out without me
having to bring anything up.

In the past, I would've found
it difficult to forgive or feel
good about the other person after being treated badly but this time it was great as I didn't carry any of the ill feelings."
Shamanic Heart healing

Higher Consciousness - Level 2 Workshops

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