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Shamanic On Line Workshop

Would you like to be more in touch with your intuition?

Are you trying too hard and feeling stuck in your life, wellness, finances, career, fitness or relationships?

Are you besieged with fear, worry, or burn-out that keeps you from hearing your Intuition?

Are you absorbing the stress and negative energy of others and becoming exhausted from this?

What if you could simply be in alignment - spirit, soul and body - and experience more bliss in your life by learning skills to tune into the guidance of your inner shaman?

Discover How to align Spirit, Soul and Body and Empower Your Life by Awakening Your Inner Shaman!

Starting at the initiation point, we will be transforming the blocks and limitations to give us clarity and a lovely clean sheet for journeying into higher realms.
Registration is Open

This is for YOU if you have been searching for that 'something' but hadn't yet found it.

If you are desiring a deep level of transformation; not just a band-aid, but the big result you really want, then this is for YOU.

This powerful holistic modality embraces all dimensions of human consciousness to transform you for releasing and experiencing more of your real and magnificent nature.

Faye Rosie will show you how - in this NEW thought-provoking Shamanic Online Course "Living in Alignment with the Higher Wisdom of Your Heart". Faye will teach you how to apply the practical and mystical shamanic tools to align with your Inner Shaman. You will identify where you are clinging to old patterns of behavior that don't serve you and learn the simplicity of using the shamanic Heart Healing Symbol Cards to transform them into power. You'll also learn how to stop absorbing the stress or negativity of others so that you can experience vibrant well-being.

Surrendering to Your Higher Wisdom is the secret key to manifesting Power and Success in all areas of your life-including wellness, career, fitness, relationships, and prosperity.

This intensive Foundational On Line Course is packed with practical teachings. Each module on the Heart Healing Symbol Cards includes specific exercises to deepen your understanding of where you're holding back and where you can experience instant changes of transformation.

Each module focuses on specific Heart Healing Symbol Cards to transform blocks and limitations to experience greater union in higher consciousness.

Discover the Inner Shaman and How to Access this Aspect of Yourself at Call

You will discover your initiations to access higher consciousness.

You will experience the way of your Higher Self in leading you into an ever unfolding higher consciousness.

You will understand that always set before you is a choice to follow your intuition and experience the highest of blessings, or choose penalties. Discover how to 'undo' the penalties.

Topics covered in the Shamanic On-Line Foundational Modules:

Module # 1
You will learn and experience:

* Aligning spirit, soul and body.
* Recognising your intuition's yes and no.
* Assemblage Points
* "Earth's Umbilical Cord"
* The Power of Neutrality
* The Empowered Will
* Freedom
* Releasing Trapped Emotions and discovering
  the POWERS within your Emotions
* Transforming the Past

Module # 2
You will learn the greater freedom with correcting deeper 'programmes' limiting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, success, finances and prosperity:

* Weakened Protective Boundary Layers (from     Trapped Emotions and limiting Beliefs)
* Miasmic Patterns
* Negative Entities
* Negative Intrusions
* Soul Loss
* Power animals
* Karma, Curses

We'll discuss:

* How surrendering to intuition can increase abundance and prosperity
* How to stop pushing, forcing and controlling so you can intuitively tune into the flow
* How to surrender all barriers that prevent success
* How to co-create with spirit to experience the flow of abundance.

Once embraced, surrendering removes blocks and the exhaustion that comes from "trying too hard" and helps you achieve goals more effortlessly to bring ongoing happiness.

Easy to follow step by step videos to
keep you on track for tangible outcomes
Experience healing and transformation
at the source of imbalance
Pace yourself with small bite size video
Over 40 lessons for freeing you to flow
and radiate your Magnificence
Each video less than 10 minutes PDF downloads: charts, checklists,
worksheets, manual

I know that people come into your life to help you on your journey.
Only a select few appear during vital times and make a huge impact in your life.
Faye is one of the special few that not only provided light in my darkness,
but has also taught me how to light my own torch.
Thank you Faye. (FD, Cairns, Australia)

Registration is Open

"I am having an amazing transformation working with the online workshop. The best thing about the online workshop is that it is available any time and you work at your own pace.

What it is doing for me is as I am learning as I am healing."
KH, Derby, WA


Experience the basics of maintaining your awakening state through correcting your electromagnetic field including the Assemblage Points and the "Earth's Umbilical Cord"

6 videos plus pdf manuals and adventure journeys.

Your Investment

(Heart Healing Symbol Cards not included)

The bonuses of the full Modules 1&2 course do not apply with this taste.

"Faye can I just say what a blessing this shamanic workshop has been in my life. I am amazed at what is coming up!! These beliefs and patterns that I have been running - that have unconsciously made up the base of my experiences are being brought to my awareness and transformed.

"It is just such an amazing experience to feel the energy shift and change so fast and with so much ease.
"I am in love with this course and the learning and growth I am experiencing. It always seems to get right to the issue and I have all these light bulb moments.

"The videos have got a great flow and I have really enjoyed the extra journeys. Fantastic!"
AR, Brisbane, Qld,
After this taste should you purchase the FULL COURSE
your $97 investment will be deducted from the full course fee.



Your Investment
$397 (was $597) SAVE $200
(Heart Healing Symbol Cards not included)
What Workshop Partcipants are Saying:

"Even though I am very familiar with my well used pack, I am expanding my skills from the online course. The course is enabling me to soak up the different aspects of each card.

"The videos are very clear, engaging and inspiring and what I like the most, that makes it different to a workshop, is that you can watch, pause, replay, go practice and process and reflect and review again, very self paced. It feels like having Faye right here in my computer."
GM, Humpty Doo, NT, Aust

"Your course and cards are an entire package of wisdom, energy, understanding and enlightenment.
Who needs another modality when it's all here in one!! I truly believe your system has helped me beyond measure, It's what I was looking for and hadn't found until now."
TH, Bakewell, NT, Aust.

"I have attended many different spiritual workshops in my quest to find the perfect spiritual path for myself. I have enjoyed every one of them, however I did notice one big difference when comparing all my personal experiences with spiritual learning through cards, tapes, videos and workshops, and that was your cards are a complete healing in a little box. They bring together all I needed to know and do to begin clearing my blocks.

Your workshop was amazing. It filled in any little gaps that I have had and broadened my understanding. The combination of your healing in a box and the workshop was extremely powerful and will definitely be attending future workshops and healing sessions."
KC, Brisbane, Aust.

Faye Rosie was born in South Australia and currently resides in tropical Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Faye is a shaman, medical intuitive, naturopath and transformational author, and has been in private practice, both for local and distant healing since 1977. Unfortunately Faye has passed away on the 28th of July 2017

She is the author and creator of the shamanic
"Heart Healing Symbol Cards", The powerful life transforming multidimensional energies within the cards are embedded in her books: "The Power of Your Spirit", "Awakening" and "Abundance: Fulfilling Your Desires with Effortless Ease".

Faye's passion was supporting people to come to the fullness of their potential and realise their life purpose.

Shamanic On Line Workshop

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