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Shamanic workshops - higher consciousness - transformation symbols

Shamanic workshops

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Transformation Symbols
Heart Healing Symbols

Healing,Transformation and Oracle Cards

Shamanic Higher Consciousness
Transformational ~ Dynamic ~ Experience
Heal and Transform Simply, INSTANTLY, Easily
living in alignment with the higher wisdom of the heart

"Thank you for such an amazing workshop. My messages are coming through so much clearer now.

I have grown and gained so
much from your teachings and
it is only the first baby step :)"

"I have been smiling from the inside for the first time in I
don't know how long."

"The shifts within us all were incredible to witness first hand."

Did you know that misalignment of your body, soul and spirit
can prevent you from achieving the life you desire
regardless of how hard you try or what affirmations
or personal growth tool you use?

Heart Healing Symbols are 30 Most Powerful Shamanic Energy Tools you can apply to align all parts of you, clear your blockages and strengthen you in all areas of your life: WELLNESS ~ FITNESS ~ RELATIONSHIPS ~ PROSPERITY ~ CAREER.

Through functioning from your higher consciousness, you'll experience profound transformation in ALL areas of your life. Your life will change dramatically. To accelerate to your higher consciousness, these tools are the most powerful and transforming tools in my 35 years of experience.

"The pain in my shoulder that I had for years hasn't come back I am so excited about
doing level 2." CC, Cairns

"One of the aspects I love about working with you is your honesty and the love you share."

The shamanic workshops, while giving 'theory', are mainly direct personal practical experience. To experience more magic in your life bring with you an open mind and the desire to see things with the new eyes of higher consciousness; heal and transform spirit, soul and body.

Katie Archer, Cairns Qld, Aust.
"I participated in the Shamanic Workshop Level 1. The breakthroughs I made that day are indescribable. I was so impressed with Faye's experience and knowledge - I decided to visit Faye for a personal consultation. The first consultation was amazing. ..." More

transformation symbols


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PAINFUL KNEE - cruciate ligament damage
"D's" painful knee felt unstable and he had difficulty going down stairs. While holding the CREATION card for 15-30 seconds to regenerate the knee, "D" felt a 'knitting' sensation inside the knee. He then walked down the stairs with greater stability and confidence. Pain was lessening. The next morning no pain at all.

"The cards are better than drugs (meaning recreational like alcohol that takes you out of your normal mind space). Yet they are opposite. Drugs take you away from what you don't want to face so in other words they block you, and the cards are taking you right inside to find, meet, face and clear blocks."
GM, Darwin, Australia.

transformation symbols higher consciousness shamanic workshops higher consciousness

Shamanic workshops - higher consciousness - transformation symbols

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