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Here is your Bonus Transformational Healing withe the Shamanic Heart Healing Symbol Cards
The Shamanic "Heart Healing Symbol Cards" have embedded within them shamanic healing, the same energy I use in the clinic or a distant session.

The Shamanic "Heart Healing Symbol Cards" are hypersigils; the definition of which is "an extended work of art with magaical meaning and willpower, created with the intent to alter oneself".

"Heart Healing Symbol Cards" are more than oracle cards - they are multidimensional energies for healing and transformation. They provided you with a quick and sometimes instantaeous way to quickly release the blocks at the source of disharmony and shift your energetic vibrations to higher levels … in ALL areas of your life" Wellness, Relationships, Fitness, Prosperity, Rejuvenation.

3 of the 30 "Heart Healing Symbol Cards" have been chosen for your transformation here.


The Transformation Card transforms disharmony to the pattern of the healthy blue print or harmony. The very act of observing provides a vehicle for transformation to occur. This is commanding - it is our birth right. To command does not involve control, instead - letting go of thinking and using observation via feeling and awareness of the change - noticing what you are noticing - is commanding a new reality.

Grief Release

Whatever is causing you grief (causing you trouble, annoyance, irritation, hurt, pain). If the emotions have been suppressed into the body, it causes the cells to move in ways that create dis-ease. Grief Release is for releasing the trapped emotions so that harmony and restoration can begin.


Balm holds the vibration of an ancient salve for healing wounds, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically at the very root, origin, or its inception.

Balm balances and co-ordinates the human energy field when there has been shocks, traumas and all types of injuries - recent or old.

To receive your FREE transformational healing:

Think of what you would be willing to have changed within yourself.

Notice in your being how this issue bothers you. Do you feel physically heavy, or restricted, or ... . It is important to get this baseline of how things bother you, for without recognising the baseline, you could have difficulty recognising the transformational change.

On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being no bother, 10 being the highest or worst bother - what number would you rate the bother at?

Now set your intent to let go of the logic mind to receive the transformational healing. Ask a question and sense the answer from within: "What IS it like to experience the issue differently?"

Wait a little while for the transformation to integrate in your being. Then ... think again of what you were willing to have changed within yourself and notice how it is different to the baseline you noted before.

In the days to follow, notice what is different in every area of your life. One change can affect every area in some way.

Enjoy your journey. Thank you.

"Faye facilitates breakthrough after breakthrough for me and I leave the clinic feeling wiser in my mind.

"It will be a different experience for everyone - however, if you are already exercising your intuition, the breakthroughs will come quickly and effortlessly.

"I recommend Faye's personal healing sessions if you are ready to take the next step to clarify your beliefs, recover from illness, hear your body's messages and tune your intuition."

Katie Archer, Business Marketing Consultant, Cairns, Queensland. Aust.

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