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Transformation Symptoms

Recognising and Handling the Transformational Symptoms

How to Recognise and Handle Your TRANSFORMATIONAL SYMPTOMS
Learn How to Effectively Handle the Symptoms with Greater Ease for your Highest Wellbeing 

by Faye Rosie, ND, TWM.- Shaman, Naturopath and Medical Intuitive

5 Keys to the Transformational Process

1. WHAT are the Signs and

2. WHY are the Symptoms
    Regularly Occurring?

3. WHERE do the Symptoms
    Arise From?

4. WHEN do these Cycles

5. HOW to Handle Them

What are the Signs and Symptoms?

    •   Emotions - shaky, nervous, irritable, impatient or depressed.
Mentally - shorter attention span, loss of thoughts or memories.
Physically - feel more tired and have difficulty sleeping. Aches and pains,
         fevers or other physical "unwellness" may appear.
         Some people however feel energized.
Spiritually - feel dry and empty or intuition can seem to be less sensitive.

Which one/s are you noticing as periodically occurring? Knowing this is very empowering for then you can work with this cycle and reap the benefits.
The Power of Your Spirit - Solid Foundation of Shamanism

This is your continual state for rebirth. If the seed does not reach illumination because of resistance and suppression, we will not re-experience being regenerated with new ife; instead you experience a still birth.

Why are the Symptoms Regularly Occurring?

Periodically a spiritual seed is literally planted in you - in your solar plexus where it then journeys up the vagus nerve to the base of the skull. The seed enters the brain and moves to the "lamp of the body" (thalamus - the organ of consciousness) and then to the pineal gland to illuminate your body for moving into your next step of power.

As illumination comes from this sacred union Spirit's energy is imprinted upon your mind, will and emotions. Each time a seed brings illumination, it leaves a different impression again of Spirit upon you. You vibrate at a higher rate. Your next seed, bringing another illumination, is greater in power again. Soon there are many different expressions of the Light imprinted in your being.

This is your continual state for rebirth. If the seed does not reach illumination because of resistance and suppression, you will not re-experience being regenerated with new life; instead you experience a still birth.

The seed infuses and inspires you at levels beneath your conscious awareness and gradually, s l o w l y emerges to your consciousness. Enlightenment only partially becomes clear and for a short time - like a time-release capsule - and unfolds gradually for the knowing and understanding.
Shamanic Heart Healing Symbol Cards
This is about initially experiencing rather than mental understanding. Having the experience allows you to KNOW its meaning. So, while you feel it inside, you may not quite 'grasp' the knowledge of its meaning. You cannot force understanding of the meaning. This is a gestation period. After the birthing, clarity is once again experienced.

Spiritual seeds bring new information and always from the depth of our being, not the mind. We grasp only what we can at the time. The enlightenment brings a lasting change much like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.

The entire process is:

The pause is when huge shifts within are taking place.

Without training yourself, nothing will happen automatically.


WHERE do the Symptoms Arise from?

The released 'seed' is a beginning of a purification process. As the seed rises and meets a 'stress point' or 'block', discomfort is felt as the consciousness is awakening.

The 'seed' causes the most senstation at the entrance of an area of the body, mind, will and emotions that is blocked. When the 'seed' meets a resistance and overcomes through clearing and purifying the block, the area becomes 'opened' for awakening.
As the blocks are removed, the seed moves freely and continues its upward journey. Each new seed will affect us at a different 'stress point'. Several levels of our being at the same time experience the opportunity for transformation.

WHEN do these Cycles Occur

When do these 'seedings take' place?
The outer world is a MIRROR reflecting to us exactly what is happening NOW within us. The signs and symptoms of these seedings take place around:

Solar and Lunar Eclipses
New and Full Moons
Planetary aspects and alignments
Solar flares (random time)
Moon is in your sun sign
7-14 days before world catastrophes

(earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, floods. bush fires, airplane crashes, terrorism)

Eclipses fall on or within a several hours of the full and new moons - so a double whammy.

Deep information can come at these times.
The important point is not so much the 'where' and 'when' of the cause of the information as it is to learn to become aware of the powerful energy surges releasing the information. This kind of influx can also happen without any obvious outer 'mirrors', but we can learn to be aware as this is happening. Recognising your most familiar symptoms brings more ease to this transition. Rather than fighting and resisting the discomfort, you can recognise this as THE most powerful opportunity for change and transformation when you know how to handle the seedings.

HOW to Handle this Infux of Energy?

What can you do when your clear thoughts become clouded making it difficult to do simple things? Let it wash over you and wait for the inspiration it brings to take hold. Slow down and FEEL. Learn to relax, go with the flow and ALLOW the deep knowledge to bubble up and bring illumination in its own time.

If you are extra tired, do heed this sign and go to bed earlier. The pauses in your life refresh you, although it may not at first appear to be so. You might be amazed at the huge, powerful enlightenment that follows because you flowed with the cycle and rested.

Mental wipeouts bring us to a standstill. All can appear empty, directionless and meaningless. This is a POWERFUL sign, one that is best experienced calmly, and with no reaction or panic. The feeling of emptiness will pass, and you will once again be filled with purpose and the sense of going somewhere. ALLOW it to happen. If you struggle and fight this change, you can miss the enlightenment you might otherwise gain.

By inner listening and inner feeling you will see with new eyes. Of course, all of this is very subtle. Learn to be sensitive to the energies. Attempting to get a mental understanding on what is happening won't work. You have to experience it first, so just soak it in. This IS the experience, and in the midst of it you may not see clearly yet. Things are changing. Metamorphosis - transforming the painful poisons (blocks) into a higher consciousness - must be mastered in order to be used most effectively.

This is not a good time to cling to plans or force yourself in a desired direction. Let go and watch the directions just appear. Read them and learn to be comfortable with them. During these influxes you may find it hard to reason or your brain may feel 'inflamed' or full as in head pressure. You are in a swirl of energy of great internal shifts and it is much too early to attempt to unravel what all this means.

Do not attempt to frantically return to where you came from before this spiritual seeding occurred, or fill up your emptiness with meaningless panic. You would be fighting the change that is coming or already here. Allow these changes to take place. You will grow from the experience and come out a "bigger" person, more complete, and better equipped to handle the challenges in life.

Initiate REST and LISTEN to what is coming up.

Without training yourself, nothing will happen automatically.
The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are affected during the release of spiritual seeds. Only the WILL determines the results. In crisis, emotions always override logic - EXCEPT if you PRACTISE PRACTISE PRACTISE using your WILL to be STILL in the smaller DAILY!!!! events - then it will be more automatic to handle THE spiritual seeding. Your surfacing emotions will not be compounded through reinforcing beliefs. As an example: We have issues around self worth. A spiritual seeding will trigger this. Events will happen, e.g. being ignored; something not going as we would like. This threatens our self worth. So feeling poorly, we now add a belief to this. "I am no good." "I am less than others." "What's the point." "I will try harder." "I will give up". "I will withdraw". "I will criticise myself or others".

The surfacing feelings are meant to bring insightful messages, not strengthen low vibrational and limiting beliefs. Otherwise emotions, now multipled in pain because of your beliefs, will need to surface yet another time to give a further opportunity for your transformation. If not, the 'spiritual seed' will not birth fruitfulness in your life. You struggle again in your humanity instead of radiating your true inner powerful nature.

Your experience will parallel your willingness to surrender to the process and to go in the direction life is leading you.

Embrace the pain and pleasure equally
and you will move through the growth period so much more quickly.

INITIATION is the opportunity to attain a deeper awareness of truth; to achieve higher consciousness.

Learn more in the Shamanic On Line Course: the power of INITIATION;

*   how to use the initiation process for accessing Hgher Consciousness to fulfil
    your life's purpose

*   what and how to resolve the low vibrational effects (physical, mental, emotional,       spritual) of squashing INITIATION into Higher Consciousness.

Transformation Symptoms

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