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A shaman facilitates the balancing and uniting of the physical state with the spiritual for you to enjoy an astonishing new and higher consicousness.

Everything is energy; both in the physical and non physical dimension. Contained within the energy is information. This is how it is possible for shamans and medical intuitives to 'sense' the message within energy and use it powerfully for changes and transformation to the original template of wellbeing.

"The right leg that 'J' has not been able to feel because of the nerve damage done in her previous operation - well she now has feeling in that leg. Faye - remember you went in and replaced the black/damaged nerves!!!!! Faye, thank you so much. 'J' looked a different person when I left her to the one when I first walked in to her room."
BH, Adelaide, Australia

A shaman shares observations with you and helps you to discover

•   The origin of your issue
•   The underlying source of physical disease
•   Where you are holding onto unfinished business
•   The tremendous power resident in your emotions
•   Transformation of distorted wave patterns into truth. When we free our subconscious and our soul of long-held beliefs and traumas, we activate our innate spiritual gifts.
•   A greater knowledge about your spirit, soul (mind, emotions and will) and body working together.
•   The source of confusion and unhappiness and the release of trapped emotions from the body
•   The location of excessive or deficient energy flows A sense that you are starting a transformation, from inward to outside.

Plus: Self care to do - suggestions may be made regarding diet, exercise, sleep, hydration, meditation, relaxation or journalling.
Faye Rosie, Shaman
Shamanic healing is the oldest form of healing.

History and archaeology reveal that shamanic healing has been around for at least 40,000 years.

Shamanism is a way of life; a way of being; awareness; higher consciousness; that is not confined to a particular culture or religion. The principles transcend cultures and religions in that they are universal, having remained unchanged over thousands of years. Indigenous tribes referred to a shaman as a medicine man.

Almost every known culture has employed shamanistic methods including Native American Indians, Micronesians, Indonesians, Australian Aborigines, Maoris, Mongolians, Eskimos, Celts, Siberians, Aztecs, early Mesopotamians. Religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism can all be seen to contain elements of shamanism.

What is a Shamanic Naturopath?

A shamanic naturopath tunes into, not only your physical body, but your mental, emotional and spiritual states.

This allows, with the cooperation of the client, the complete balancing of a person leading to fulfilment and health.
Transformation/Healing is a Partnership

Shamanic tranfornation/healing is a partnership between the client and the shaman. It is not about 'lying back and being healed.' It is about taking responsibility for your own healing, for your own ailments and imbalance. Awareness and being open are often the best medicine.

When we face our disharmony, we face our own fears, our own doubts and issues. By facing them we see them for what they really are and transform them into great power far beyond our imagination.

It gives us the choice to use keys to move powerfully in ways far beyond imagination. We discover the extraordinary new and higher consciousness. Alignment of spirit, soul and body allows wholeness to powerfully embrace all our gifts to beneficially create our reality.

Do I Really Want to Heal?

In seeking shamanic healing it is wise to consider how much we really want to be healed and ultimately transformed. We need to want to change. Waving the magic wand to get rid of symptoms without the desire to change those habits that caused the dis-ease means the symptoms WILL return again or in another form.

Holding onto illness serves a purpose, perhaps providing us with attention and care we feel we would not otherwise receive.  
We consist of a spirit, a soul and a body.

Learning how to harmonise and align these parts of our being enables us to live life fully with health, vibrancy and abundance.

Is shamanism the right treatment for you?
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A Shaman is ONE WHO KNOWS how to:

To experience more of our wholeness, we do so through addressing the issues and being willing to discover the blocks and obstacles. We address the pay offs for not wanting to change. This could include the 'fear of the unknown'. No matter how great suffering, it can appear better than the unfamiliarity of the new.

Symptoms are Messengers

Illness or imbalance does not occur without a reason. They are messengers telling us about the manner in which we live physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. This does not mean we blame ourself. We can see it is a learning opportunity as to why the imbalance occurred and be willing for harmony to be restored. The purpose of illness is give us a message to restore harmony.
*   retrieve lost soul part/s
•   create a space for healing and transformation to occur
•   access infinity potential and possibilities for change by replacing non useful patterns with useful patterns
•   restore power loss to release heavy dense energies which came from other people to select the tools one needs to become whole
•   communicate with other spirits in this and other dimensions
•   be here now - not just in one dimension but also in many Dimensions simultaneously one acquires power and knowledge transmit and teach that knowledge to others.to sense the "message" or information within the disruption to use the potential for an immensely empowering life.
If we are serious about wanting to become balanced - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically then shamanic transformation can help.
We are willing to transform those issues that have caused pain or discomfort into tremendous power which radiates out from our wholeness.

Results of this Care

As with any holistic approach, the results of care are a product of several factors, including:

Shamanic healing is basically about restoring wholeness and harmony to spirit, soul and body. A shaman is shown beneath the surface of a presenting illness, life concern, relationship problem or mental health disorder so you can feel more energiesed, lighter and happier.

A shaman is given this information through...

•   Prophetic gifts to see what is really happening
•   Hearing to receive words of knowledge or wisdom from the Divine, Spirit, Source, God, Creator, the Universe - whichever term you are most comfortable with.

Using the basic senses to determine what is happening, a shaman might also help deliver information or a healing through several means, which can include:

•   Hands-on healing and transformation
•   Remedies such herbs, foods, homoeopathic and other vibrational remedies or symbols
•   Clearing limiting beliefs and behavioural patterning
•   Correcting imbalanced miasmic patterns
•   Energetically 'rewriting the past'
•   Switching weak areas to strong INSTANTLY
•   Resolving karma and curses/replacing with blessings
•   Extraction of negative intrusions, negative enitities
•   Realigning spirit, soul and body
*   Willingness to be transformed
•   Letting go of expectations and being open to receive what your inner self is needing
•   Your willingness to make changes
•   Your willingness to be open and aware. Openness and awareness are the best medicines

One man received an instant healing for his deafness. Everyone around him was very excited. However, at home, his wife's screeching parrot voice continued. He became deaf again.

There can be a pay-off in having symptoms of dis-ease which can be of more benefit than the discomforts and inconveniences it can cause.

Transformation occurs when there is a willingness to deal with the source of the dis-ease - and the source is not the screeching parrot - but the perception of it. These circumstances are offering a powerful message for growth and wholeness.

Is shamanism the right treatment for you?
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Power Loss

Power loss occurs when there is a breach in protective boundary layer through vulnerability or trauma. We might be giving too much, or allowing others to take beyond what is right and correct for us. The protective layer receives its nourishment and supply from healthy functioning organs.

Transforming spiritual 'lie' patterns into 'Truth'

Believing a lie, e.g. "I am not worthy", "I am powerless", "I am unlovable", "I am not enough", "I do not deserve", "I cannot win", and spending a life long pattern to disprove it to yourself and others, creates vulnerability. Attempting to disprove it perpetuates the 'lie'.
Transforming the lie pattern in the spiritual realm into spiritual truth creates amazing power and freedom to live and move in a new and higher consciousness..
Shaman tansformation spirit, soul and body

Spiritual Intrusions

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Symbol Cards
restore soul loss
and remove heavy energies
shamanism Australia Addressing the reason for the intrusive energies is important. We may be angry with someone and harbour the anger without addressing the underlying issue that triggered us to feel angry, or without releasing the anger in a healthy way.

This creates an angry energy block in our body. We experience a low level of anger almost all the time and are prone to easily becoming angry. If this block is not released, it may grow and over time it will affect the function of our organs and our physical health.
Soul loss, a shamanic healing term, is where a part of our being becomes separated or split-off and is a major cause of illness. We all split-off or dissociate at times when we experience a shock with certain news or an accident. Often though, this feeling passes, and we return again to our usual function.

Soul loss can happen during traumas such as abuse, accidents, surgery, illness, miscarriage, addictions, and death of a loved one anything that greatly traumatises you.

We might experience numbness, apathy, emptiness and/or struggle with addictions, physical illness, and poor immunity. All parts need to be present for you to experience wholeness.
Shamanic Healing
shamanic healing People can also project these spiritual intrusions into others. If someone is angry and vents it energetically by verbal or non-verbal projection, we can pick up and hold that angry energy in our body. This happens more easily if we are energetically vulnerable, e.g. fatigue, sickness, emotional overload, dietary or lifestyle habits that do not support the protective boundary layer around you.
Symptoms can be lethargy, feeling out of sorts, emotional, and having difficulty putting the 'finger' on the the cause for feeling so lousy.
Learning to create new patterns, becoming aware of dissociation and learning how to 'çome back' if this an automatic pattern, are useful tools to take from the session.

Harmonising other parts of your being is important with a soul
retrieval. Think of a child who has run away from home because it is not conducive to the child's wellbeing. In bringing the child back home, ideally a change within the environment would make it conducive for the child to want to remain home. The same applies to soul loss.

For the restoration to be effective, we need transformation in our whole being - for then we can enjoy the wonders of transforming old patterns or beliefs and living in the new.
To know I only have to ask for the negative intrusions to show themselves, to understand why I invited them in and to ask them to leave, that I have power over this, gave me an inner strength. The meditation asking 'what was its purpose in joining with you?' bought me clarity & understanding." LG, Cairns, QLD

Releasing Trapped Emotions

Our emotions are more than just feelings. Our emotions are energies and powers that bring us messages of wisdom and power. We can learn how to unlock the teachings of these emotional energies.

Struggling to control our uncomfortable emotions by ignoring or suppressing them, pushes them into our body; thus causing the cells and tissues to move in ways that create dis-ease, and cause you to then move in ways that limit your wellbeing.

Trapped emotions act like 'programmes' limiting our freedom and wellbeing on all levels.

Instant Relief of Painful Elbow after Releasing a Trapped Emotion

Releasing trapped emotions can give instantaneous results.

Adam was suffering from a painful elbow condition - "Tennis Elbow". His ignored or suppressed emotion had becomed literally locked in his elbow. Within seconds of releasing the emotion, Adam was able to move his arm freely - without pain.

Now, more importantly than releasing trapped emotions, Adam can choose to freely listen to the message within his emotion in the future,and be willing to take action to move powerfully in his life.

Contact Heart Healing Centre - Faye Rosie today to book an appointment for a shamanic healing and transformation. LOCAL or DISTANT (skype or phone) Sessions

"I just wanted to thank you for your honest words during our distance healing. 

I had felt a huge weight lift of my shoulders afterwards and profound messages and feelings have guided me to clearer understanding of myself others and the divine.

The shift has taken on greater meaning, and I resonated so much with our conversation once I got out of my head"
HB, NSW. Aust.
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Shamanic Healing - Transformation

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