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Visceral Manipulation - Referred Pain - Wellbeing

Visceral Manipulation (Organ Mobility)

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Visceral Manipulation (Organ Mobility)

"Viscera" means organ, such as your stomach, kidneys, heart and intestines. "Manipulation" means to move or change. Visceral manipulation is a gentle therapy to release organ restrictions that may cause pain or dysfunction.

Visceral manipulation focuses on your whole body, not just where you have your pain, and evaluates all of your systems to find the limitations that cause your problem.

Mobility is how an organ moves ('dances') in relation to its neighbouring organs and parts through the movement and function of the body especially the breathing.

Did you know that organs can cause referred pain such as back pain or neck pain?

How do organs cause pain?

Each part of the entire body - bones, muscles, nerves, organs, vessels - is connected to every other part by the fascia.

Fascia is connective tissue that is one structure; like a continuous 3-dimensional web throughout the body from head to toe. It envelopes and permeates every structure even down to the cellular level including bones, muscles, nerves, blood and lymph vessels.

All of your body's parts are in constant motion, including your organs. When harmonised the movement between the structures is effortless and harmonious and we feel wonderful.

The 'dance' of movement with each of your organs is because of your breathing. As your lungs expand and contract the other organs 'dance' with it. Children and adults breathe at different rates and so the movement each organ makes in a day ranges between 15,000 and 30,000 times a day.

Imagine the difficulty your organs and wellbeing would have if each organ did not receive its regular and proper 'massage' through this 'dance'.

Because the fascial wrappings of your organs are essentially one big continuous piece of connective tissue, restrictions in one area can manifest as symptoms in other areas.

The movement each organ makes in a day ranges between 15,000 and 30,000 times a day


Your body's balance in wellbeing is maintained through the healthy movement of each of your organs.

Should one section such as an organ becomes stuck or lose its mobility it can affect other structures limiting their movement and function and causing pain anywhere in the body.

Examples Organs Referring Elsewhere

Lungs (from injury, infections) can manifest as pain in the shoulder or problems with the digestive or reproductive organs.      

Ovarian dysfunction can cause shoulder pain.     

Kidneys can manifest not only low back pain, but knee pain. Adjusting the position of the kidney has often relieved knee pain.     

Bowel problems or stomach problems (reflux) can cause neck or back pain.     

Liver restriction can produce lung and heart problems, sciatica, pain in right shoulder and neck, and headache.

Small Intestines can cause chronically cold feet.

Mouth can contribute to genital problems or pelvic prolrblems and vice versa.

Ovaries causing eye problems.

Why do Organs lose their Mobility?

There are many reasons an organ can lose its mobility:

  • physical or emotional trauma
  • inflammation or infection
  • surgery
  • medications
  • decreased activity / sedentary lifestyle
  • poor posture
  • poor diet
  • relationship issues

The altered 'pull' on the fascia's continuous web alters the normal functional movement of our internal organs.

When an organ no longer moves freely, the body must compensate and change its movement in other structures. This causes abnormal tension and chronic irritation in those structures.

Continual tension and irritation give way to functional and structural problems throughout the body.
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Because the actual causative restrictions may be far from where you feel your pain, the practitioner may treat "away" from where your discomfort is. The practititioner will search for the actual source of the dysfunctions and then treat the related structures.

In one person the lungs may not be supporting reproductive function. In another person the liver, pancreas or kidneys may be the main issue. Or the uterus maybe sightly tilted which can then refer to shoulder problems. Breast problems could be referred from the eyes. Ear problems and kidney problems often go together. The bowels: Sluggish or restricted movement of a portion of the colon sends toxic waste to contribute to dysfunction of the heart, kidneys, head, shoulder, lungs … the bowel reflexes to every single organ and part of the body.

Emotional Factors

When we are stressed with emotions, tension is sent to the corresponding organ, e.g. fear to the kidneys; anger to the liver; worry to the stomach, grief to the bowel or lungs.

Similarly, an imbalanced organ will cause emotional upset, e.g. the liver will trigger feelings of anger.

Visceral manipulation (organ mobility) can break the cycle, enhance the health of the organ and improve emotional balance.
Visceral Manipulation (Organ Mobility) is a gentle manual therapy that aids your body's ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause pain and dysfunction.

Visceral Manipulation is actually more energetic and since it is energetic the same results can be obtain through a remote or distant session.

The focus is not solely on the area of the pain but in evaluating the entire body to find the source of the problem.

The aim is to take tension off the body system to assist improved organ mobility and functioning which will flow on to improve body movement, calm the mind and stabilise emotions. Instead of just looking at the major dysfunctional organ or part, we look at all the associated and far reaching organs, including the arteries which could lose normal mobility. All of these structures could pull on other structures, and thus affect function.

It is estimated that 80-90% of neuromuscular pain and dysfunction has its origins in the organs.

Visceral Manipulation - Referred Pain - Wellbeing

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