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Testimonials - Faye Rosie - Shamanic Healing

What satisfied clients are saying

I don't know what you did to bring me back from the dead but I feel so great. You are my guardian angel! I just have a sense of calm and joy washing over me and I find happiness in everything and every where I look. I can't wipe the smile from my face and oh I feel like I am in Heaven; good health, happy children and better work and family/life balance. This is living. There is so much of abundance of everything in my life right now and for which I have to thank you. Thank you so much I cannot express my gratitude enough and only have one wish for you; that you may live a long and healthy life so that you are around to guide those of us who have found you.
SV, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

I know that people come into your life to help you on your journey. Only a select few appear during vital times and make a huge impact in your life. Faye is one of the special few that not only provided light in my darkness, but has also taught me how to light my own torch. Thank you Faye.
FD, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

I'm amazed at how much I've learned in only three visits that has changed 35 years of conventional thinking.
DW, Darwin. NT, Australia

My physical body and my ability to live day to day is the evidence of a massive 'lifting'. I feel as if I've surfaced - no longer spending so much energy just keeping my head above water. My words will never express the impact your presence and your care has had on me.
JB Alice Springs, NT, Australia

I have been a client of Faye Rosie's for approximately 4 years. Faye is rare in as much that she offers exceptional professionalism in her approach to her clients and this amazing lady has extensive natural therapy knowledge and is gifted with wonderful healing powers. I cannot speak highly enough of her. She has been incredibly accurate in her assessment of my health issues and also those of my husband and has always treated us with care and genuine concern. She has solved health issues for us such as Gall Bladder, Hiatus Hernia and emotional problems.
I visited you when I was about 15 (1995) and I was so, so amazed at how one look at me and you could tell what to eat and what not to eat etc. for the revolting rash to clear up on my neck. This is after having the painful rash for months and visiting two different Doctors, a pharmacist etc. and they could not tell me what was wrong.
LW, Naracoorte, South Australia

I'm impressed! Over the years with therapists, you're the best I've had.
SL Cairns, Queensland, Australia

A quick note to say thank you for your advice. I am forever grateful that within a week our family is now back to it's happy stable self. The boys rarely cry now. J. is sleeping better, my energy is returning and I am able to enjoy being a mother again. I am making small changes but it's miraculous in its effect. I realise that I didn't need to go into this detail, but I don't seem to be able to find quite the right words to explain just how grateful I am. Thank you again.
SP. Harrow, Victoria, Australia.
I have been blessed and indeed privileged to have found a health practitioner such as Faye Rosie who has balanced my body and spirit which flows through with a gentle and effective health care programme into my growing years!
I have now moved away from Cairns and she continues to offer me remote healing, which genuinely works and is very much appreciated.
Dorothy B, Brisbane, Aust 15th March 2009

If it were not for the endless care, support, encouragement and understanding that you have given me on a physical and emotional level, I would never have had the courage to make so many positive changes in my life.
SB, Tasmania, Australia

The words that I share with you here, cannot even begin to convey the gratitude that I feel towards Faye. She has guided me toward the light. She reached down on my darkest night and pulled me to safety. Faye has enabled me to face my past, learn about it and then slice the demons away. Once I was free of the demons, she taught me how to cleanse my soul.
Emotional Problems

Thank you so much for working on 'H'. The transformation was just amazing. The change in H was profound. He was so calm and unfazable - even driving peak hour traffic through Melbourne. And normally, we are just about divorced by the time we get to where we are going when we're in a strange city. We both hate it so much!!! But, this weekend was just so different!!! I hadn't told 'H' that I had asked you to work on him. I shared your email with him. He could relate to all the things that you had mentioned in your email, especially the chest and the brain area.
BH Adelaide, South Australia.
She taught me how to rid myself of the old cells for the new ones to grow. The cleansing was so thorough I was able to share new life with my wife. Currently I have one son of which we were blessed with after years of infertility treatment. He is 10 years old now. After my body started to heal and regenerate with Faye's help, my wife and I are now expecting our second child of which she conceived without any help of surgery or drugs. It was very unexpected but certainly a gift that we will cherish. I will always be grateful to Faye for everything she has taught me and helped me with. My life has forever changed for the good.
CP, New York USA

Testimonials - Faye Rosie - Shamanic Healing

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