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Scars and Adhesions

Scars and Adhesions

How do scars and adhesions affect Health and Freedom?

Scars and adhesions block energy flow, nerve transmission, circulation, the flow of energy along meridians
(currents along which the body's vital energy flows) and inhibit function of all areas supplied by
the meridians. They will limit the results of any treatment with any health care modality.
Scars, adhesions and blockages in the form of moles, blemishes, tattoos,
and deformities are easily the most overlooked factor in health care.  

3 Powerful Reasons to Work with Scars/Adhesions

1. Releasing scars and adhesions can bring
    YOU amazing opportunities of lightness
    and freedom in your whole being.

2. As we flow in working with whatever is
    wanting to surface, during scars and
    adhesions release, you can experience the
    joy of the greater expansion of the real YOU.

3. Releasing scars/adhesions can open you to
    the very depths of the POWER of inner union
    and connection.

•   A healthy scar is fine, soft,
    not tender and not raised.
    Unhealthy scars are usually
    thicker, often tender and often
    have redness around them
    with temperature differences.

•  Balancing of scars and
    releasing adhesions is
    considered an essential
    part of protocol in a
    treatment session.

•  What are adhesions/scar

•  Scars/Adhesions adversely
    affect the health through

•  Why don't scars heal well?

•  Non physical scars

What are Adhesions/Scar Tissue?

An adhesion is a band of scar tissue that causes two structures, not usually connected, to become limited in their range of motion and function. Adhesions develop as the body attempts to repair itself after surgery, infection, injury or radiation.

Scars adversely affect Health through the Fascia.

Fascia is connective tissue that is one structure; like a continuous 3-dimensional web from head to toe. Each part of the body is connected to every other part by the fascia. A stuck or immobilized section can affect other areas and have complications throughout the entire body.

When there is trauma or inflammation, the body lays down scar tissue to help mend and immobilize an area like a bandage or splint. Scar tissue holds structures together like glue and becomes part of the fascia. Fascia that once offered lubrication for mobility becomes sticky and solid in some areas which decrease range of motion, inhibit muscle strength and organ/endocrine function.

Releasing a scar quickly releases energy, nerve, and blood flow. One client was repeatedly hospitalised with severe stomach pains. After release of a surgical scar, the longstanding stomach problems ceased instantly.

A Hysterectomy scar, blocking the energy flow, can cause:

  • Poor digestion and sugar metabolism
  • Tiredness, weakness
  • Poor circulation
  • Poor energy flow to the chest and head
    causing the breasts to lose tone, and
    the facial muscles to start sagging.

Many women have experienced transformations in their health after their hysterectomy scar had been balanced.

Far Reaching Effects

  • Removing a mole from the face can
    interfere with the stomach meridian
    affecting digestion in the stomach.
  • Chronic back pain can occur from scars
    on the legs interrupting flow of the
    meridians of the back.
  • Stomach or eye problems are common
    after breast surgery.

Scars or adhesions of the ovary or uterus to the bowel have far reaching effects within the fascia, affecting the shoulder. Rarely do shoulder problems have their origin in the shoulders. Often it is from adhesions in the lower abdomen. Releasing adhesions can bring almost instant shoulder pain relief. The list can be endless - all because of adhesions or a poorly healed scar.
Adhesions between two different organs cause the organs to be partially fixed and they struggle to expand, stretch and move or glide. Limited movement reduces nutrient supply and elimination of waste. Inflammation in any organ can produce further adhesions. Often people do not seem to quite recover from a lung infection. Gently mobilising the lungs from its restricted movements, caused by the adhesions, enables the client to breathe easily and recover their vitality again

When the axis of normal movement of the lungs is altered, the lungs pull on its 'dance partners' such as the heart, the diaphragm, liver, stomach. In time these organs become stressed and function poorly. Now our focus is on the symptoms caused by the restrictive scar tissue or adhesions.

Female Reproductive Organs Adhesions can cause:

  • Infertility

  • Painful intercourse
  • Pelvic pain
  • Bowel obstruction

Abdominal Adhesions - Symptoms

  • Abdominal pain
  • Obstruction
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sharp pains on turning
  • Infertility.      

Scars can be found, not only in the physical body, but in the energy field, the "mental body", the "emotional body and the 'will".

The small intestines are connected to the intellect/discernment. Adhesions can be nature's way of locking up the intellect to do with rigid and dogmatic thinking. Rigidity of the mind can cause inflexibility of a part of the small intestines. Adhesions are formed to bind the small intestine to reinforce the mindset. Releasing scars adhesions can liberate aspects of thinking

Why don't scars heal well?

Scars, not healing well, are often due to emotional factors or stress at the time of the injury or surgery.

The scar holds this in its memory blocking the flow of the energy and affecting related organs.

Clearing the memory or emotion around the time of the surgery or injury may be needed while correcting the scar.

Things do not happen by accident. 

Everything in the physical body
is connected to
emotions and thoughts.

Non Physical Scars

  • A scar in the Emotional body, over the
    upper chest, created nerve inhibition
    and a blocking of energy coming into the
    upper right lung. This attracted a pattern
    of smoking cigarettes to not feel the
    emotional pain.
  • Scar in the Will created loss of power
    in the solar plexus and manifested as
    an hiatus hernia
  • The heart can become rigid in a part
    because of beliefs such as love is
    conditional: "Love hurts", "Being
    connected hurts too much". This
    mindset can cause scarring of the heart
    and restrictions in heart function.

When there is FREEDOM there is always beneficial CHANGE to
happiness and wellbeing.

Scars and Adhesions

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