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Reflexology, what is it?


Feel Wonderful with Reflexology

Reflexology applies pressure to specific points on the feet, hands and ears to effect a harmonising physical change of corresponding organs and glands. Benefits include relaxation, reducing pain, improving circulation, easing pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum effects.

Your body's balance in wellbeing is maintained through a system of glands, organs, and chemicals.

Should one of these systems get out of order, the effect is felt throughout the entire body. If one part of the body suffers, all the other parts of the body suffer with it.

The principles of reflexology embody the techniques designed to keep the body's systems operating at peak efficiency.

Reflexology is a therapy that has been around for nearly 5,000 years.


*   Removes waste deposits
    from the feet.

*   Improves circulation and
    promotes the unblocking
    of nerve impulses.

*   Normalizes organ and gland
    function, activating or
    inhibiting their performance,
    thus improving the co-
    operation and coordination
    of organs.

*   Relieves stress and tension
    relaxing the whole system.

*   Relieves pain

Reflexology is a Natural, Drugless Way

of stimulating the internal organs and increasing the circulation to these areas.

Reflexology is based on the theory that if the body is in a healthy condition, with no congestion in it, no tender areas would be found on the reflex areas. However, if any part of the body is not functioning properly, it will be manifested by tender areas on the feet and hands. This tenderness is caused by crystalline deposits which form at the nerve endings in the feet. They may be acid or alkaline in character and denote congested areas that interfere with the circulation in the body.

There are over 7,000 nerve endings
in each foot.

The Purpose in Doing Reflexology

is to break up deposits, or crush them, so that they may become soluble and be carried away with the rest of the waste material in the body. Once these deposits are dissolved, the congestion is relieved, and the circulation to the body is improved.

Sore Spots indicate Stagnation and Blockage

When an obstacle is placed in the nerve pathway acid crystals, wastes or unused calcium deposits form on the delicate nerve endings. Nerve flow is impeded and the organ it serves is affected adversely. The degree of the effect depends upon the duration and extent of blockage.

In order to keep the body at optimum functioning, it is imperative that the blood and nerve supply to every organ and gland is at a maximum. The organs and glands contribute to the overall well being of the body, but they receive their instructions from the most intricate of all networks, the nerves. Overactive glands or organs can be helped to return to normal with reflexology sessions.

Conversely, if an organ or a gland is underactive, reflexology can help return it to its normal functioning level.

The normalisation action of reflexology is never one of opposite extreme.

That is, once a normal condition has been achieved it cannot be 'unbalanced' by working the area too much.

Reflexology Scientically Proven

Scientists have been able to prove that a nerve impulse causes a muscle or an organ to react through indirect stimulation. Thus the entire process of involuntary reflex action is transmission of a message inwardly from a receptor to a nerve centre, and outwardly to a particular muscle or gland.

It is generally conceded that 75 - 80 per cent of the ailments common to man are caused by tension. Strain, stress and tension are not natural conditions, and distressing effects are felt throughout the system when subjected unduly to them. Relaxation is a prerequisite to health.

Physiotherapists and chiropractors state "For the relief of pain we know of no other means short of opiates to achieve what reflexology achieves."

VERTICAL Reflexology

In the standing position or with pressure down on the hands (hand reflexology), additional benefits occur as deeper reflexes can be reached. Results are quicker and more effective than conventional reflexology with significant results being achieved with 5 minutes treatment.

The standing position requires only a few minutes reflexology at the beginning or end of a conventional treatment since the treatment is so powerful.

Linking or synergistically accessing the same reflex point on the hand and foot at the same time, along with a zonal trigger point is far more effective than working the reflexes separately.

Using points simultaneously directs greater healing energy towards the particularly gland, organ or body part.

After your FIRST reflexology therapy,
you may experience a tiredness.
This may occur any time
within the first 48 hours
for a short period.

This is a common and natural occurrence due to the many physiological changes that are taking place as a result of your first reflexology treatment. Nerve and blood supply to every area of your body has been enhanced. More nutrients will be carried to the areas. Retained wastes will be removed via the blood stream for elimination by your eliminative organs. There may be a change in the bowels. Excessive or offensive wind may occur for a short period of time.

Having a rest, if possible, should you feel tired, will be most beneficial for you and will speed up the process of restoring you to feeling better. The initial tiredness most often lasts up to half a day.

You will feel brighter and more energetic after the experience of tiredness than you did before your treatment

SPIRITUAL Reflexology

Spiritual reflexology embraces the spiritual aspect of imbalance within the body. Reflexology recreates a space for changes within the mental and emotional natures of clients. Each body part or organ offers spiritual gifts in powerful learnings. Just as the eyes are the 'windows of the soul', so spiritual reflexology is also a 'window of the soul'. The foot reflexes loosen physical blocks enabling you to get moving. Hand reflexes enable you to handle the troubling situation so as to get on with the task.

PRENATAL Reflexology

The bony structure of the body, especially the spine, records and expresses the pattern of prenatal events that cause us to be stuck in time.  

The reflex areas in the spine relate to the times of conception, gestation, pre birth and birth. The sacral portion of the spine radiates the state of stress that is associated with the period of time just before birth. Reflexology releases blocks within the pregnant mum and also within her unborn child simulutaneously.

All work done on the reflex areas will have its effects on the prenatal events that formed the limiting mental and physical characteristics. Reflexology loosens and frees the blocks in time.


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