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Juicing for Health

Juicing for Health

Drink your juice immediately upon preparing, otherwise the enzymes will be destroyed - usually within 10 minutes of making.


*   Juicing not a Complete Meal

*   3-5 hours to Digest Food
    with the Fibre

*   Life Giving Enzymes

*   Drink only when Freshly

*   Suggested Juices

*   Avoid diluting and adding

The digestive processes required to separate nourishment from the fibre takes around 3- 5 hours.

Digesting vegetables and fruits uses energy. A portion of the food is used as fuel to generate this energy.

Drinking fresh raw juices is entirely different; the juices are used almost entirely in the nourishment and regeneration of the cells, tissues, glands and organs of the body. Juices are absorbed into your bloodstream within minutes, compared to the 3-5 hours with the fibre.


Juices are Not a Complete Meal

Juices are great for detoxifying and regenerating your tissues. They are not meant, long term, to take the place of meals.

Fibre contains no nourishment but serves a very useful and much needed purpose as an "intestinal broom". Without fibre as roughage, the colon - and the body as a whole - cannot be maintained in a condition of health. Juicing gives your digestive system a temporary short rest.

Suggested Juices

The basic key to the value of nourishing the body for health is the life present in the food. The elements within this life are enzymes. Enzymes enable us to break down food so that it can be digested and absorbed into the blood stream as energy. What happens when you are low in enzymes? Your body stores waste and weight. You become unwell. Fresh juices are abundant in enzymes, but only if consumed straight away.

Where there is life there are enzymes and health.
Do not drink your juice any closer than 10 minutes before food or 1 hour after food.

Should you drink your juices with the food you are eating, the juice combines with the fibre food. The greater value of the juice will be lost since it goes through the normal digestive process with the eaten food. Consumed separately from eating food, you will benefit from the juices entering the blood stream within minutes.

This blend is a great detoxifier, rejuvenator and dramatically increases iron levels.


Try adding adding parsley and ginger to enhance the flavour.
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Avoid Diluting or Adding Supplements and Fibre

Since the juice is absorbed straight into your blood stream instead of going through the normal digestive process, do not add anything else to your juice, e,g. supplement powders or vitamised nuts or seeds. Use these another time, after the juices have been directly absorbed into your blood stream.

It is also best not to dilute your juice with water. The fruit and vegies are whole in themselves without changing the juice by diluting it. Nature would have added more fluid if it was needed.
There are seasons when the delicious beetroot and carrot are yuk. They can taste irony, earthy or strong. If you are new to juicing and find your juice awful - don't give up. The vegies do become tasty again. If they are unpleasant use less of the strong tasting ones and test how well you handle extra pineapple to aid the flavour. Greens like spinach are strong tasting and are best used in small quantities. Limit the quantity of beetroot to a quarter of the total juice when new to juicing. If more than this, should your liver not be functioning really well, you could feel nauseous since the juices are quickly cleansing your liver. No problem here except that you are likely to not want to drink juice again. Use small amounts to start with to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Shamanic Healing and Transformational Cards
Juicing for Health


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