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Infertility to Creativity - reversed polarity

Infertility to Creativity

Example of Infertility to Creativity

(Excerpt from "The Power of Your Spirit")
Creativity Tania (name changed) presented with tiredness and infertility and was scheduled to begin in vitro fertilisation (IVF) within the next two months.

I saw reversed polarity through being overloaded with trauma and stress.

Crown Chakra and disturbed Endocrine Glands

Tania's crown chakra was congested and stagnant from not fulfilling her creative purposes in life.

There was a torsion of the sphenoid cranial bone (a butterfly shaped bone behind the eyes). Tania said she had been getting headaches (a symptom of this stagnation and torsion). The pituitary gland (master endocrine gland) is embedded within a hollow of the sphenoid. The torsion caused depressed functioning of the anterior pituitary and limited the information of the follicle-stimulating hormone to the ovaries as well as the thyroid-stimulating hormone to the thyroid gland (a very important gland for the reproductive cycle and her whole well being).

Soul Loss

Unmotivation was in the emotional body for this area. I saw into Tania's past. There was black darkness of depression as though life had been snuffed out. Tania had experienced soul loss. She was sitting "stuck in boggy black mud" and needed pulling out. In helping this part out of the mud, the action was a swiveling one, similar to the birthing process.

I saw into Tania's future. She was holding her own baby in her arms. I sensed this would be within a year.

Speaking with her 'lost' soul part I said, "You have a creative purpose to fulfill." I showed this 'part' a picture of the future Tania holding a baby. The lost part's demeanor changed as she concentrated intently on the picture, touching and caressing it, and saying, "I didn't think I'd be able to have a baby. Everything that is important to me seemed to be squashed; as though I don't deserve it, so the creative part of me left." The soul part willingly returned to Tania.
Releasing Trapped Emotions, Regeneration and Soul Retrieval

Trapped Emotions

Tania's emotional body, in this region, revealed trapped emotion frustration in her body from hardship and a tremendous sadness in her life. I also noted inhibition in the chest area. Tania had asthma on exertion in her twenties. Her iris revealed a weakening of the left lung indicating her perceived nurturing needs being unmet by her mother.

"Tania there appears to be a depressed function of the sixth chakra," I said. "Are you having difficulty with not being willing to see in order to survive your emotional pain." Her eyes filled with tears. I continued, "I get the impression that you don't want to be like your mother."

"I clash with my mother," Tania confirmed. "Our personalities are similar."

There was confusion in Tania's emotional body around the ovary. Mother appeared to have squashed Tania's creativity. "Tania," I asked, where are you not being fruitful in your life?"

"I cannot find my niche with work," replied Tania. "I had always wanted to write. I had started at eight years old and did a piece of comedy. I showed Mum and Dad. Later, I overheard them bagging my writing. I stopped showing them my writing."

Filling the Cup of Creativity

"Your experiences up to the present," I said, "are giving you a wonderful opportunity to learn to 'fill up your own cup,' in learning to be creative. When you were eight years old your well of creativity was beginning to flow and was squashed, but now you have the choice to allow it to flow again.
Tranforming imbalances, correcting Reversed Polarity

Loss of Power and Creativity

Tania's throat chakra had loss of power. She was not exerting her will or expressing herself, especially creatively. The loss of power in the throat chakra manifested as a muscular tightening of the right side of her neck and a couple vertebrae were misaligned, further contributing to a deficiency of thyroxin, a hormone produced by the thyroid.

"My temperature reading on waking is often between 33-34oC. Recently it has risen to 36oC." This basal metabolic rate was still below normal and making it difficult to conceive.
"Being a mother is a sacrificial career. Learning now to fill your cup will enable you to be the very best mum. You will know that when you are tired and irritable, it is an indication that you need time to raise your own energy with creative writing or whatever.

"You will be a role model in self-nurture. In choosing to use your senses of hearing and seeing, rather than the survival pattern of going numb (ovary issues), and doing your writing, you will open your creative centres in all areas."

Tania began her creative writing and a month later rang to say she was pregnant.
Faye's daughter

Infertility to Creativity - reversed polarity

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