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Iliocecal Valve Correction

Iliocecal Valve Correction

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The Iliocecal Valve Syndrome causes so many varied symptoms that it has been called "the great mimicker"

Problems with an Ileocecal Valve are extremely common yet its symptoms are often misdiagnosed.

The last portion of your small intestine is called the ilium. It joins on to the first portion of your large intestine which is called the cecum. Between these two portions of the bowel is a valve called the iliocecal valve.

3 Important Functions of this Valve are to:

keep the food contents in the small intestine long enough to complete the digestion and absorption of nutrients

2. open briefly to allow the contents of the small intestine to exit into the large intestine

3. closes quickly again to keep material that has passed into the large intestine from returning to the small intestine and recycling back through the body.

Signs and Symptoms can be:

*     Dark circles under eyes
•     Dull frontal headache
•     Sharp pain left side base of skull
•     Migraines
•     Shoulder pain on right
•     Low back pain which can be sudden,
        sharp and stabbing and/OR leg pain
        especially when sitting or driving
•     Groin pain
•     Sudden thirst
•     Sinus congestion
•     Indigestion, gas and bloating
•     Bowel disturbances
        (constipation/diarrhea). May be
        diagnosed as Crohn's Disease, colitis
        spastic colon, irritable bowel,
        Celiac Disease
•     Liver congestion with symptoms such as
        neck pain, acid reflux, indigestion, knee
        pain, heart burn, pain after eating - often
        an hiatus hernia needs correcting
•     Chest pain
•     Dizziness, faintness
•     Low energy levels, Fatigue
•     Mood changes, Irritability, Depression
•     Lack of clarity; Unclear thinking
•     Sense of disconnection
•     Blurry vision
•     Allergies
•     Bad breath
•     Body odour
•     Tinnitus/ringing in the ears
•     Fibromyalgia
•     Abdominal pain on lower right side
        (may be confused with appendicitis
        which is actually extremely rare)
•     Flu-like symptoms
•     Acne
•     Weakened immune function
•     Pseudo bursitis/Swelling in joints
•     Combination of fluid retention (body's
        attempt to reduce toxicity by diluting
        it) and dehydration
•     Inability to "let go" with attachments
•     Occasionally headaches and other
        symptoms are much worse
        with sleeping in but improve
        with movement and becoming active

Causes of Iliocecal Valve Syndrome

*     Eating habits: incompatible foods,
        overeating, eating too quickly and without
        adequate chewing, chocolate, alcohol,
        coffee, junk food. Wheat and sugar are
        common irritants.
•     Emotional upsets
•     Main Nerve Supply disturbance from
        the thoracic 12 vertebra to the valve
•     Hypo- and hyperadrenal function
•     Dehydration
•     Parasitic Infection
•     Lack of Exercise
    Acid/Alkaline Imbalance

Mental / Emotional Connection

RESISTANCE to CHANGE, RIGIDITY, INTOLERANCE and RELUCTANCE are the most common emotional blocks related to the Iliocecal Valve Dysfunction. Where there is inflexibility the energy cannot flow and is stuck.

A holistic approach to digestive disorders is necessary since there are multiple causes and multiple consequences to other areas of the body from a dysfunctional part.

Results of Correction

*     Should there be low abdominal pain, which
        can become quite severe or just
        uncomfortable, almost immediate results
        (5-10 minutes)
•     Muscular pain is alleviated
•     Your immune system responds quickly and
        almost instantly. The immune vitamins
        and minerals (e.g. vitamin C and zinc)
        normalise since they are not being
        depleted from dealing with the recycled
        waste throughout the body.
•     Clearer thinking, energised; happier
•     Improved vision; Sleep better
•     Regular bowel motions
•     Improved absorption of nutrients and water

Iliocecal Valve Correction

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