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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy optimises the bones of the skull to treat a range of conditions from headaches and ear infections to spinal cord injury and cerebral palsy.

Cranio refers to the cranium or head, and sacral refers to the base of the spine and tailbone. The craniosacral system is comprised of the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system), the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord: the surrounding meninges (membranes) that enclose the brain, spinal cord, and cerebrospinal fluid; and the bones of the spine and skull that house these membranes.
Restrictions that result from injury, inflexibility of the joints of the

spine and cranium, or from dysfunctions in other parts of the body, can all cause abnormal motion in the craniosacral system. The abnormal motion leads to stresses in the cranial mechanism which can contribute to dysfunction and poor health, especially in the brain and spinal cord. The purpose of craniosacral therapy is to enhance the functioning of this important system.

The craniosacrl system has a profound effect on health and wellbeing

The proper functioning of the craniosacral system implies health for the central nervous system. The proper alignment of the cranioscacral system allows the nervous system to rest at a more stress-free level. Individuals who experience craniosacral treatment described profound states of relaxation, of feeling lighter
and more integrated.

Craniosacral therapy is used to evaluate and treat problems involving the brain and spinal cord, especially direct trauma to the head and spine. Other treatable conditions include:

•   chronic pain
•   headache
•   neck pain, low back pain
•   poor concentration
•   temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)
•   ear infection
•   mood disorders
•   dyslexia
•   digestive an bowel disorders
•   stroke
•   epilepsy
•   dizziness
•   sinusitis
•   tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
•   edema (swelling)
•   recurrent infections
•   hypertension
•   hypotension
f muscular conditions
What Happens in a Session

During treatment, the client lies on his/her back while the therapist sits at the head end. The head is gently cradles in the therapist's hands to monitor the movement of the cranial bones. The profound effect of the lightest of touch often puts the client to sleep who maybe unaware of strengthening effect of the muscles or the organs beginning to work more effectively as the brains messages are smoothly getting through.

One client had a painful condition of a 'blocked' kidney. He felt a sudden release of pain with a gurgling sensation around the kidney as the temporal bones (at the sides of the head) were being gently realigned.

Distant Healing is just as effective for craniosacral treatment as in clinic hands-on treatment.

The effects of any hands-on modality is achieved with remote or distant session, e.g. adjusting a dislocated shoulder, correcting an hiatus hernia.

Other modalities may also be employed to assist restoration of your health and vitality. Techniques may include, but are not limited to: Myofascial Release, Bowen, Reflexology, Shamanic Techniques, Organ Motility, Release of Trapped Emotions, Negative Intrusions/Entities, Meridian Balance, and strengthening of weak areas.

After the Session

Experiences after a session vary. They may include feeling relaxed, invigorated and more in touch with your body. Pain and tensions may have released. All healing processes continue after the session. It is possible to feel a time of reorganization or integration in the body, which may include some discomfort. A change in your condition will be the outcome.

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