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Assemblage Point

Assemblage Point

Feel Balanced Energy and Greater Wellbeing
with an Assemblage Point Correction

known and corrected by Shamans since time immemorial as a basis for many illnesses and imbalances.

You can stop treating the symptoms by correcting the cause.

The Assemblage Point is where the LIFE FORCE - SPIRIT enters your being.

The size of your energy field is as high as when placing arms up above your head and as wide as when placing your arms out horizontally.
The field is oscillating - swinging backwards and forwards. To do this it must have a central point of the energy system or vortex. This vortex is 1 - 2 cm in diameter.

Its LOCATION and the ANGLE that energy enters determine how our organs and gland functions, how we feel and behave as well as spiritual wellbeing or disharmony.

When death is approaching the energy centre moves back to its very original position - down to the navel.

Signs and Symptoms can be:

Loss of balance
•     Excess or deficient physical energy; e.g.
      fatigue, stress, panic, anxiety, insomnia
•     Sometimes we become sick and our
      recovery rate is not as it was previously.
      This can indicate that our assemblage
      point may have shifted its healthy

If the energy centre:

    Drops below the correct position or
    Moves to the left we lose vitality.

    Rises above or
    Moves to the right our energy is excessive.

Causes of Assemblage Point becoming misaligned

*     Eating habits: incompatible foods, poor
      dietary habits
      Excess caffeine and other mind altering
      drugs and stimulants
•     Overwork
•     Emotional upsets: worry, accidents
      intimidation, shock, traumatic events,
      defeat, bereavement
Drugs: antidepressants, and recreational
      drugs push the Point to the right giving  
      symptoms of stress and high mental  
•     Substance abuse
•     Sleeplessness, insomnia

The Assemblage Point is an
ENERGY centre.
Correcting it does not have to be done manually or with a machine.

The Assemblage Point can be corrected ENERGETICALLY (non physically)
- for example through a distant or remote session such as with Skype or Phone.
Or using the healing energy within the Heart Healing Symbol Card:

A holistic approach to Assemblage Point Correction is necessary since there are multiple causes and multiple consequences to other areas of the body from a dysfunctional part.

The causes for Assemblage Point misalignment are best addressed also during a session.
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Assemblage Point
"K's" neck was stiff and her
shoulders rigid. I did some
loosening of her neck and
shoulder muscles and that
gave her improved range of
motion. I then thought about
seeing if her assemblage
point was in need of adjusting.
Yes, this is so great because
I got good feedback from her
while I did the adjustment.
She could actually feel what
was going on and afterwards
was moving her neck without
any pain."
EB, Massage Therapist,
Virginia, USA

Credit: Jon Whale - "The Catalyst Of Power: The Assemblage Point Of Man."

Example of Misaligned Assemblage Point to LIVER

Misalignment of the Assemblage Point causes distressing physical, emotional and mental symptoms

For example, following a traumatic event, should the Assemblage Point move down into the liver region, the liver will become disturbed and will function poorly.

Symptoms of Liver Disturbance:

•     Tiredness, lacking energy, chronic
      fatigue syndrome
•     Depression, postnatal depression
•     Foggy brain; difficulty making decisions
•     Anaemia
•     Nausea
•     Joint and muscle aches
•     Skin disorders
•     Poor immune function
•     Headaches, migraines
•     Food allergies and intolerance
•     Digestive problems including bad breath,
      bloating, indigestion, colic, diarrhoea
      or constipation
•     Menstrual problems

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