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Does Destroying Bactera Make Us Healthy?

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Is Fear Preventing You from Accessing the Real Cause of your Dis-ease?
Is Fear of discomfort and inconvenience of acute diseases leading you to Serious and Chronic Medically Irreversible Diseases?

3 Important Considerations for Health and Wellbeing

1. Microbes (viruses and bacteria) are NOT the cause of disease. Bacteria (abnormally high levels of bacteria) are the result of disease.

2. The tissues within the body cannot become sick unless something has become imbalanced and then the tissues become sick.

3. Disease is not something foreign to the body which may enter from without that we have to grasp, struggle, fight and conquer, or submit and succumb to its ravages.
Treating the whole body instead of the symptoms of illness.
Dis-ease is a disturbed condition coming from within and is a manifestation of disorganisation within the body.

Bacteria and their manifestations are not an attack on our bodies.

Bacteria are scavengers which consume waste and are self limiting. Once the waste products within the body are removed, the bacteria will generally cease since the materials upon which the micro-organisms feed have been properly eliminated, or the parts in which they lodge have been restored to their vitality.

A different way of thinking about disease is to address the underlying cause rather than shutting down the immune system.

The Laws of Cure

Disease is NOT caused by bacteria and viruses. It is, in fact, the result of a change in the healthy tissue that allows the microbes to flourish. The change from healthy tissue allows the disease process to manifest itself.
The solution is not to destroy the microbes by e.g. antibiotics. If we do, the accumulated waste and the lowered vitality have not been addressed and WILL escalate with suppressing the removal of wastes. After some time when the body begins to awaken from the suppression, microbes will again attempt to remove the waste.

The solution is to treat the cause, whatever that may be, e.g. lowered vitality, suppressed emotions, poor elimination, malnourishment to the body or certain organs, nerve impingement to certain organs, or parts.

Nurturing Care may vary from:

•   Returning again to choose to act on your inner knowing: altering the lifestyle, e.g. eating habits, sleeping patterns.

•   Resolving issues that were pushed down and replaced with unhealthy suppressive measures.

•   Correcting misalignment from choosing unhealthy habits, e.g. ilio-cecal valve disorders which recycle waste throughout body and causing a deficiency in vitamin C and zinc.

Nutrient deficiencies may not be THE underlying cause. Finding the cause is paramount.

In the year 2000. America
reported that they spent
$67 billion on prescription
drugs and $90 billion for
the treatment of the drug's
side effects.

More money was spent
treating the side effects
than on suppressing the
original problem.

Suppression of Respiratory Infections by antibiotics causes

Coryza chronic (nasal mucous)
Enlarged glands
Frontal sinus pain
Breathing difficulty through nose
Fungal infections
Autoimmune Disease

(autoimmune diseases now affect 24 million people - they are treated by powerful immune suppressing medication, not by discovering the underlying source or cause)
Autoimmune disorders occur when your immune system gets confused from suppressive measures.

Autoimmune disease: An illness that occurs when the body tissues are attacked by its own immune system.
What then? What does that mean?: Serious, chronic diseases that are often irreversible.

Suppression of Skin Eruptions by antibiotics causes

Chronic colds
Face heat
Rheumatological problems

What does it cost to numb the temporary pain
of physical dis-ease and the mind
to pave the way for permanent serious, chronic diseases later?

Maybe $50.

The cost of a doctor's visit and an antibiotic script.

One cost of around $50 paves the way for such conditions as dementia, cancer, heart disease, mental illness or other degenerative disease where we are no wiser or healthier and have instead become caricatures of our former selves.

Suppression of Acute Diseases always leads to
Chronic Diseases.

Chronic Diseases always arise from
Suppression of Acute Diseases.


Germ Theory vs Cellular Theory

Louis Pasteur postulated the 'germ theory'.

Antoine Bechamp, however scientifically proved through original research that most diseases are the result of diseased tissue and that bacteria and viruses are largely after-effects instead of causes.

Bechamp found that the diseased, acidic and low oxygen of the cells were created by toxic waste, nutrient deficiencies, toxic emotions, and an improper lifestyle.

Bechamp claimed that germs were part of nature's design for health and not for causing disease. He said germs were nature's scavengers and appeared only when the soil (meaning the body's toxic condition) was 'ripe' for their existence.

Have you heard of a strep throat? Everyone has strep in their throat. The only time infection occurs is when the 'soil' is ready for increased growth of the strep.

Dr. Julian Baldor, a surgeon, in a speech before the Florida League of Humane Progress, talked about Dr. Bechamp as one of the greatest scientists of all time. He said,

"Dr. Bechamp proved that our bodies become hostess to a germ only after chemical and mechanical changes have damaged our system and that as long as our bodies and tissues retain a high vitality and resistance, a germ, infection or disease will not make progress; and furthermore, the disease organism will not survive after its entrance in a healthy organism.

For an example, we see flies on a manure pile, and other parasites also. Some of these parasites may be dangerous and capable of producing disease under favorable circumstances. If, however, we remove the pile of manure, the parasites disappear at the same time.

Which do you think is the more intelligent: To fight disease by swatting flies or to remove the pile of manure?"

On his deathbed, Pasteur said "The microbe is nothing, the soil is everything."

What is the Immune System?

It is the system that removes waste from your body.

Antiobiotics cut off immune response

Your body's means for removing waste and handling infection has been restricted by medication.

Antibiotics only reduce the level of infection.
Your body's immune system is still required to finish the job.  

*   Antibiotics stop or hinder waste removal.

*   Your immune system is not able to do its daily housecleaning and more waste will accumulate and sometimes deep within vital organs and structures.

Let's look at what is happening now:

1. The original high load of waste has ceased being removed

2. Your body's normal daily accumulation of waste is now building up

3. Healthy bacteria has been destroyed

4. Toxicity from suppressive medication

How is the body going to deal with this quadruple amount of toxicity in the body?

Should the immune system be reasonably strong, the body WILL trigger a secondary bacterial infection within a couple to 6 weeks down the track..."Oh I have to take more antibiotics!" This continual suppressive measure paves the way for chronic and degenerative diseases.

When you work with your body on its own terms, without antibiotic intervention, it develops not only a memory of specific antibodies to the current infection and any similar to it, but also the ability to function in a more conducive way the next time it is dealing with lowered vitality due to your body needs not being met as well as it would like.

If this is the case, would the immune system, commonly believed for FIGHTING disease, be more of a cleanser of waste, rather than being a war zone and FIGHTING microbes?


Disease can "strike" anybody.

To prevent disease we have to "build defences".


Disease is built by unhealthy conditions.

To prevent disease we have to create health.

INFLAMMATION is the body's response to remove damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens and begin the healing process.

Inflammation does not mean infection. Inflammation can occur without infection.

Inflammation suppressed or not supported can lead to infection followed by infestation...which, if suppressed, causes chronic and degenerative diseases.

Pathways of Dis-ease



(bacteria, virus, parasites, fungi)


"Crystal" (name changed) wanted to address the anger she had been feeling since a flu from a month prior had relapsed again. "What did you do to treat the flu?" I asked knowing suppression had taken place.

Crystal told me of medication she had taken to reduce the inflammation and the fever.

Now how did I know that suppression had taken place?

A flu virus lies dormant within the body. Its is inactive and 'harmless'. When emotions, mainly anger,are suppressed, the anger is stored in the cells. This activates the flu virus, the sole purpose of which is to remove the toxicity and stored emotions. People then feel better, clearer, calmer and 'cleaner' than prior to the flu. Crystal didn't … the cells couldn't hold any more suppressed anger, hence she was fully aware of it.

Symptoms of STAGNATION include:

* Pressure
* Swelling
* Fluid retention or bloating
* Pain
* Burning sensation
If you are not fearing bacteria, you won't want to fight the bacteria.

If you are fearing bacteria, there is a false belief limiting your wellness.

(What you resist persists; what you fight you strengthen)

Emotions and beliefs are necessary aspects to be addressed for
wholeness and wellness. Then, you will be acting from a place of wisdom.


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