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Allergies - hypersensitivity - intolerances

Allergies, Hypersensitivity and Intolerances

Hypersensitivity is a state of altered reactivity in which the body reacts to a foreign agent more strongly than normal.

When any substance induces antibody formations it acts as an antigen. Allergies or hypersensitivity reactions occur due to the attempt of antibodies to neutralize antigens. The type of response to the allergies depends on where the antigen-antibody interaction takes place. Any part of the body may react, e.g. if it occurs in the bronchial tubes, it may induce asthma; in the skin dermatitis or eczema; in the joints arthritis; in the nervous system anxiety, depression, poor concentration and learning difficulties.


Reactions to foods and (natural) therapeutic substances can be traced to a very specific class of naturally occurring substances, namely the phenolics.

Phenolics occur in some degree of quantity in all foods and many vitamins. Phenolics are chemicals of small molecular weight which are synthesized by plants to:

• help protect them against pathogens
• assist in seed germination and dispersal
• attract pollinators

Hypersensitivity may produce a vast range of reactions:

Phenolic hypersensitivity can produce:

digestive disturbances
connective tissue diseases
recurrent infections
skin problems
hormonal disturbances
menopausal symptoms
learning difficulties
sleep apnoea
poor concentration
Artificial and extracted phenolic compounds are used commercially to flavour, colour and preserve foods.

Immune changes as a result of intolerance to phenolics:

Phenolics are usually not considered antigens, but are more likely haptens which become antigens after entry into the body of susceptible individuals (and it is necessary to discover why there is a susceptibility):

Immune changes have been demonstrated as a result of exposure to phenolics:
•   a drop in T-suppressor cells
•   abnormal increase in B-cells
•   increase in helper cells
•   elevation of some immunoglobulins
•   antibody formation
•   elevated histamine levels
•   elevated prostaglandins
•   abnormal complement and immune complex formation

How does the sensitivity occur?

There are a number of causes of hypersensitivity:

*   Eating incompatible foods for your constitutional type
•   Large ingestion of certain foods on a regular basis -
    this is a good reason to vary foods from day to day.
•   Introducing foods too early in babies before sufficient
    enzymes are produced to digest the food. The
    breastfeeding mother may be sensitive to certain foods
    and produce antigenic substances in the breast milk.
    Reactions in babies may appear as restlessness,
    colic, recurrent infections, constipation, foul smelling
    stools, inability to thrive and grow, eczema.
•   Poor immune function.
•   Toxic overload affecting the liver and intestines,
    pancreas and/or adrenals.
•   Trauma, fears and phobias.
•   Relationship issues, ancestral and karmic patterns,
•   Negative intrusions.
•   'Misinformation' in the body.

Phenolic hypersensitivity can be corrected

Sometimes, there are numerous foods involved, to the extent that if all of these are eliminated from the diet, the patient would at best have an unbalanced diet, and at worst simply starve.Finding the foods that you are sensitive to does not necessarily mean that you have to avoid those foods for life.

Hypersensitivity, or intolerances, or allergies, whilst causing many symptoms of poor health are often still a symptom of another imbalance. Ideally as part of correcting the sensitivities, it is most beneficial for your health and well being to correct the underlying cause.


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Allergies - hypersensitivity - intolerances

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