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In memoriam of Faye

Due to Faye's passing the clinic is closed indefinitely

no dis-ease need be fatal

Your pain, illness, injury, emotional and mental problems, always means there is a blockage within you. As these blockages are transformed at the causal level, for you to be in alignment with the original template of wellness, you can experience an immediate release of symptoms. You can experience lightness, calmness, peace, increased energy and an overall feeling of wellness.

Any and every pain, dis-ease or discomfort in your body is saying there is something out of alignment. You will feel energised, light and like you are 'home' when you experience alignment again.

"I see you as this amazing gift that I've been given - an oasis to come to with complete knowingness that
I will be heard and understood."
MS, Palma De Mallorca, Spain

  • Physical healing
  • Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Pet's health & behavior issues
  • Career and life's purpose
  • Rejuvenation
  • Mental
  • Finances
  • Grieving and loss
  • Emotional issues
  • Making challenging decisions
  • Personal growth and spirituality…

Discover an abundance of effective multidisciplinaries to transform and
heal for harmony and wellness - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

  •  Iris analysis
  •  Wellness Coaching
  •  Reflexology
  •  Bowen Therapy
  •  Matrix Energetics
  •  Myofascial Release
  •  Craniosacral Therapy
  •  Organ and parts Mobility, e.g. hiatus hernia
  •  Organ regeneration
  •  Scar and adhesion release
  •  Reversed Polarity Correction
  •  Trapped Emotions Release
  •  Allergy Desensitisation
  •  Nutritional Advice
  •  Herbal/Homeopathy/Mineral/Flower Essences
  •  Vaccination repair
  •  Shamanic Techniques
  •  Harmonising ALL parts of YOU
  •  Remote/Distant Transformation/Healing
Hiatus Hernia

Juicing for Health

Scars & Adhesions

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What to expect with attending the Heart Healing Centre:

At the beginning of the session, I ask you to fill out a case history form. Your wellness today is a product of your history.

A detailed case history form, enables me to see patterns. Depending on your desired outcome, you have the opportunity for obtaining deeper understanding of your patterns and have them transformed into beneficial power and wellness.

Digital Iris Photo

To be truly healthy and joyful

Are you seeking relief from suffering?
The results are temporary. The relief helps the symptoms but doesn't get to the cause or help the body to heal at core levels and create abundant life.


Are you searching for answers?
The results are long lasting. The symptoms and body heal at a deeper level for maximum lasting effects by transforming unhealthy patterns.
Wellness, spirit, soul, body
Wellness analysis Usually a digital iris photo is taken. While you are filling out your case history form, I note details of your iris photo - another diagnostic method to determine your past patterns and current states.

Wellness is an interactive process of becoming aware
of and practising healthy choices to gain a more
successful and balanced lifestyle.

HARMONIZING FOR WHOLENESS - using many modalities for every
part of you
A holistic long-term approach, means addressing your being's priority areas for good health. Harmonizing the whole body to wellness and in the sequence that the body's inner wisdom requires is the most advantageous.

Could you be reacting to the foods you eat?

Simon (name change) initially presented with symptoms of fatigue, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) blocked sinuses and sleep apnoea. Simon had a history of asthma.
The ileo-cecal valve syndrome is found quite frequently in the general population. Foods that disrupt the normal acid/alkaline balance of your small intestine causes mucous to clog the valve.

A variety of symptoms may present: shoulder pain, sudden low back pain, pain around heart, dizziness, flu like symptoms, pseudo sacroiliac strain, tinnitus, nausea, faintness, pseudo sinus infection, headache, sudden thirst, pallor, dark circles under eyes, bowel disturbances.

Ilio-cecal Valve
The cure of the part should not be attempted without the treatment of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul ... this is the error of our day, that physicians first separate the soul from the body." - Plato, Greek philosopher, 427-347 BC
Food Sensitivities or Intolerances

Phenolics are natural occurring substance found in many foods. Simon had been eating incompatible foods causing him to become intolerant to one substance. The effects of this substance caused a jamming his cranial bones and giving him most of the symptoms.

Ingesting substances that do not agree with a person's constitution causes the body to react adversely to it. The body attempts to use abnormal pathways to metabolise the substance intolerant to. The body attempts to 'throw' out the whole food not just incompatible foods for the body type. Beneficial foods, if they contain the now intolerant substance are also 'thrown out'. Thus the body becomes intolerant to those 'good' substances found in healthy foods.
Craniosacral Therapy Cairns
Eating well, at best, can support a healthy state, but only if the healthy state already exists.

Correcting the imbalances, e.g. food sensitivities or imbalanced organs and parts,enables good digestion and absorption of nutrients otherwise poor digestion limits vitality and wellbeing.
Following a correction to Simon's cranial bones, he followed a short-term programme to desensitise his intolerance to a natural occurring food substance.

After desensitising Simon of the substance and encouraging him to eat foods that are beneficial for his well-being, the sleep apnoea ceased within days.

Simon returned for a maintenance treatment. He had stuffiness in the nose when he woke that morning. Enquiring as to what he had eaten the evening before, Simon mentioned foods that were definitely not conducive to his wellbeing. There is a specific pathway of disruption when the body reacts negatively to a food or substance:

Ilio-Cecal Valve
First, I noticed a restriction in his right hip caused by his ilio-cecal valve being stuck open from clogging of excess mucous.

The last portion of our small intestine is called the ilium. It joins on to the first portion of our large intestine, called the cecum. Between these two portions of the bowel is a valve called the ilio-cecal valve.

The important function of this valve is to keep waste material that has passed into the large intestine from returning to the small intestine and recycling back through the body. This toxicity would cause even the good nutrients from wholesome foods to become toxic.
After correction of Simon's valve, I was drawn to correct an hiatus hernia (main cause is from eating incompatible foods).

The neck muscles are intimately connected to the stomach. One of the first things that you might become aware of when eating incompatible foods is tightness, restriction or pain in the neck. The second vertebra in Simon's neck was in need of attention. The pinched nerve supply disturbing the ethmoid bone (nose bone), hence the nose stuffiness.

After bringing these areas into alignment, Simon's small intestine needed hydrating. The small intestines are composed of little finger-like projections called villi. They create a large surface area for the absorption of nutrients. Simon's 'little fingers' were clogged with mucous preventing the water bathing the area to carry nutrients to other parts of the body, maintain alkalinity and eliminate waste.

The sigmoid colon, being the s-shaped bend of the last portion of the left side of the bowel was clogged with waste matter and affecting Simon's left knee.

Simon's diaphragm and sternum (breast bone) were a little 'stuck' in their movement. Increasing the mobility immediately restored full, easy and smooth breathing.

All from eating incompatible foods. Simon would not have been able to reinstate his health by just eating correctly again without having the imbalances corrected.

A Client's Satisfaction

"The first consultation was amazing. Faye facilitated breakthrough after breakthrough for me and I left the clinic feeling wiser in my mind.

Meeting Faye Rosie is an opportunity for you to realize your destiny. It will be a different experience for everyone - however, if you are already exercising your intuition, the breakthroughs will come quickly and effortlessly.

I have never been so comfortable speaking my truth in the way II shared with Faye. Faye Rosie is a wonderful, beautiful, sharing woman with a generous heart.

I recommend Faye's personal healing sessions and workshops if you are ready to take the next step to clarify your beliefs, recover from illness, hear your body's messages and tune your intuition."

Katie Archer,
Business Marketing Consultant,
Cairns, Queensland. Aust.

Treatment session

Healing and transformation is a partnership between you and the practitioner. My purpose is to offer you more choices.You will receive what you are ready to receive.

Many breakthroughs, healings and transformations can take place while you are seated. Other times, during a treatment session, you could be lying on the treatment table. You remain fully clothed, unless work is being done on your back, using Bowen and Myofascial Release. Your comfort is of utmost importance during the session.

As part of the session, light touch can be used to create changes for healing, transformation and wellness. My sessions are intuitive based. Can you be open to whatever modalities are best in a session. You do not need to decide - just as taking your car to the mechanic - you do not need to decide if a wrench, or a particular electronic device is needed. That's his job. See comments below.
wellness, transformation

What Satisfied Clients are Saying

I don't know what you did to bring me back from the dead but I feel so great. You are my guardian angel! I just have a sense of calm and joy washing over me and I find happiness in everything and every where I look. I can't wipe the smile from my face and oh I feel like I am in Heaven; good health, happy children and better work and family/life balance. This is living. There is so much of abundance of everything in my life right now and for which I have to thank you. Thank you so much I cannot express my gratitude enough and only have one wish for you; that you may live a long and healthy life so that you are around to guide those of us who have found you.
SV, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

I know that people come into your life to help you on your journey. Only a select few appear during vital times and make a huge impact in your life. Faye is one of the special few that not only provided light in my darkness, but has also taught me how to light my own torch. Thank you Faye.
FD, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

I learn more in a consultation with you that I do at Uni. (Subject studied: Research and Critical Thinking)
LH, Darwin, NT , Australia

I'm impressed! Over the years with therapists, you're the best I've had.
SL Cairns, Queensland, Australia

I visited you when I was about 15 (1995) and I was so, so amazed at how one look at me and you could tell what to eat and what not to eat etc. for the revolting rash to clear up on my neck. This is after having the painful rash for months and visiting two different Doctors, a pharmacist etc. and they could not tell me what was wrong.
LW, Naracoorte, South Australia
I'm amazed at how much I've learned in only three visits that has changed 35 years of conventional thinking.
DW, Darwin. NT, Australia

I have been a client of Faye Rosie's for approximately 4 years. Faye is rare in as much that she offers exceptional professionalism in her approach to her clients and this amazing lady has extensive natural therapy knowledge and is gifted with wonderful healing powers. I cannot speak highly enough of her. She has been incredibly accurate in her assessment of my health issues and also those of my husband and has always treated us with care and genuine concern. She has solved health issues for us such as Gall Bladder, Hiatus Hernia and emotional problems.

I have been blessed and indeed privileged to have found a health practitioner such as Faye Rosie who has balanced my body and spirit which flows through with a gentle and effective health care programme.
I have now moved away from Cairns and she continues to offer me remote healing, which genuinely works and is very much appreciated.
Dorothy B, Brisbane, Aust 15th March 2009

My physical body and my ability to live day to day is the evidence of a massive 'lifting'. I feel as if I've surfaced - no longer spending so much energy just keeping my head above water. My words will never express the impact your presence and your care has had on me.
JB Alice Springs, NT, Australia

I am forever grateful that within a week our family is now back to it's happy stable self. The boys rarely cry now. J. is sleeping better, my energy is returning and I am able to enjoy being a mother again. I am making small changes but it's miraculous in its effect. I realise that I didn't need to go into this detail, but I don't seem to be able to find quite the right words to explain just how grateful I am. Thank you again.
SP. Harrow, Victoria, Australia.
Thank you so much for working on H. The transformation was just amazing. The change in H was profound. He was so calm and unfazable - even driving peak hour traffic through Melbourne. And normally, we are just about divorced by the time we get to where we are going when we're in a strange city. We both hate it so much!!! But, this weekend was just so different!!! I hadn't told H that I had asked you to work on him. I shared your email with him, and he said that he could relate to all the things that you had mentioned in your email, especially the chest and the brain area.
BH Adelaide, South Australia.

The words that I share with you here, cannot even begin to convey the gratitude that I feel towards Faye. She has guided me toward the light. She reached down on my darkest night and pulled me to safety. Faye has enabled me to face my past, learn about it and then slice the demons away. Once I was free of the demons, she taught me how to cleanse my soul. She taught me how to rid myself of the old cells for the new ones to grow.

The cleansing was so thorough I was able to share new life with my wife. Currently I have one son of which we were blessed with after years of infertility treatment. He is 10 years old now. After my body started to heal and regenerate with Faye's help, my wife and I are now expecting our second child of which she conceived without any help of surgery or drugs. It was very unexpected but certainly a gift that we will cherish.

I will always be grateful to Faye for everything she has taught me and helped me with. My life has forever changed for the good.
CP, New York USA

If it were not for the endless care, support, encouragement and understanding that you have given me on a physical and emotional level, I would never have had the courage to make so many positive changes in my life.
SB, Tasmania, Australia
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Wellness - Bowen therapy Cairns - Craniosacral therapy Cairns

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