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Home Naturopath Cairns - Shaman Cairns - Reflexology Cairns
  Guaranteed to Get to the Source of Your Issue. Cairns naturopath, shaman and medical intuitive harmonises all areas of imbalance using shamanic tools for spiritl, mind and emotions and many physical modalities such as reflexology, bowen, myofascial, crani
  About Faye About Faye
  Transformational Author, Naturopath, Shaman
Services Wellness - Bowen therapy Cairns - Craniosacral therapy Cairns
  Experience Profound Transformation in all Areas of YOUR life

  Allergies Hypersensivity and Intolerances Allergies, Hypersensivity and Intolerances
  Correct allergies, hypersensitivity and intolerances Naturopathically.
    Peanut Allergy Peanut Allergy
  Correct Peanut Allergy Naturopathically.
  Antibiotics Side Effects Antibiotics
  Side effects and longterm effects of antibiotics
  Assemblage Point Assemblage Point
  Hiatus Hernia Hiatus Hernia Correction
  Hiatus Hernia, correct quickly and easily naturopathically, symptoms, side effects medication,
  Iliocecal Valve IlioCecal Valve
  Iliocecal Valve Syndrome is the 'great mimicker' of multiple disorderss. Clear blocks with resistance, a factor for ICV. Local or distant, remote, skype, telephone sessions
  Infertility Infertility to Creativity
  Guaranteed to get to the source of your issue. Reversed polarity contributes to infertility preventing creativity.
  Juicing for Health Juicing for Health
  Juicing for Health. Best to drink your juices within 10 minutes of making to prevent loss of enzymes.
  Reflexology what is it Reflexology
  VERTICAL Reflexoogy, PRENATAL Reflexology, SPIRITUAL Reflexology. Reflexology applies pressure to specific points on the feet, hands and ears to effect a harmonising physical change of corresponding organs and glands. Benefits include relaxation, reducin
  Scars and Adhesions Scars and Adhesions
  Scars and adhesions block energy flow, nerve transmission, circulation, the flow of energy along meridians (currents along which the body's vital energy flows) and inhibit function of all areas supplied by the meridians. They will limit the results of a
  Visceral Manipulation (Organ Mobility) Visceral Manipulation (Organ Mobility)
  Testimonials Testimonials
  What happy clients are saying
Distant Healing Distant healing - Remote healing - Spiritual healing
  Distant or remote healing guaranteed to get to the source of your issue, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  Testimonials Testimonials
  Client feedback examples such as vaccination repair, clearing cancer and pet alternative care
Shamanism Shaman - Shamanism Australia - Definition Shaman - Shamanic Healing
  Guaranteed to get to the source of your issue with shamanic healing. Renowned shaman in Australia. Definition of shamanism.
  Is Shamanism the Right Treatment for You Is Shamanism the Right Treatment for You?
  Transformation Symptoms Recognising and Handling TRANSFORMATIONAL SYMPTOMS
  Learm How to Effectively Handle the Symptoms with Greater Ease for Your Highest Wellbeing.
Books and Cards Transformational author - Abundance - Power of your Spirit
  Faye Rosie, transformational author of SHAMANIC "Power of your Spirit", "Heart Healing Symbol Cards", "Awakening" and "Abundance"
  Books Books Shamanic
  Transformational author, Faye Rosie, The Power of your Spirit, Awakening and Abundance
  Cards Shamanic - Healing - Cards
  Heart Healing Symbol Cards, quick, simple and easy shamanic tools to transform, heal, e.g. reversed polarity, organ regeneration, assemblage point misalignment, releasing trapped emotions negative intrusions/entities, implants, imprints, restoring soul lo
    Examples of cards Examples of cards
  Healing and transformation at the source of your issue from reversed polarity to assemblage point misalignment, imbalance of elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood), trapped emotions, negative intrusions, negative entities, implants, imprints that are
    Reversed Polarity Reversed Polarity
  Symptoms of reversed polarity can be depression and exhaustion that is not linked to a physical imbalance, poor memory, anxiety, fear, vertigo, hopelessness, dizziness, immune disturbances, lethargy, poor co-ordination, mentally and physically, heada
Newsletters Faye Rosie Newsletter - Inspiration - Assemblage Point
  "You have a real gift for enlightening people, sharing your message in a simple yet profound way that is so easy to embrace..." Inspiration in newsletter articles that bring inspiration, e.g. assemblage point correction.
Contact Us Contact Us
  Contact Faye Rosie at Heart Healing Centre for healing and transfornation. GUARANTEED to get to the source of your issue.

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