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How to Walk in the Light of your spirit

Receiving insight is being enlightened from within, you feel great. Right? This inner Light has illuminated you and you feel light, free, energised and rejuvenated.

Illumination requires action for walking in the Light of our spirit. As we put the insight into practice, we are acting upon our inner knowing-we are taking a step into the Light. Then and only then is more Light given for the next step. It looks like this:

Light, step light, step light, step light.

After reminding a tired client to continue having little rest times, she told me she had been so very busy with the end of the financial year and a staff member being away. But this is her pattern and always has been - there will always be a reason to not act upon the inner knowing.
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Knowledge never changes anything in the world. Acting upon the knowledge does. Light, step-light, step-light. The same applies to insights we have received, e.g. from reading or in our meditation time. There will come the time - the dark time - which is always the opportunity or the "call to action" to apply the insight. Then we will receive more light. This is transformating rather than fixing and repairing the symptoms. The symptom is a stronger form of the messenger getting our attention to act upon our knowing.

You can walk in the power of the Bliss through practising the awareness of this experience. Experiencing bliss. Consider using this phrase: Light, Step-Light, Step-Light, Step, to repeat several times to form a new neural pathways to support you when the "darkness" is experienced. You are walking in the power of your Light.

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