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On Line Shamanic Foundational Training

Thank you for purchasing the Heart Healing Symbol Cards.

Would you like to be more in touch with your intuition?

Are you trying too hard and feeling stuck in your life, wellness, finances, career, fitness or relationships?

Are you besieged with fear, worry, or burn-out that keeps you from hearing your Intuition?

Are you absorbing the stress and negative energy of others and becoming exhausted from this?

What if you could simply be in alignment - spirit, soul and body - and experience more bliss in your life by learning skills to tune into the guidance of your inner shaman?

Discover How to align Spirit, Soul and Body and Empower Your Life by Awakening Your Inner Shaman!

Intuition is an important tool for creating what you desire for yourself in many areas of your life, including your wellness, career, relationships, fitness, and finances.
Being raised by an abusive and violent alcoholic father was my learning school; my nest of spiritual opportunities. Through the "nest" of pain my spiritual life has developed. I addressed my pain by asking for the message that the circumstances and emotions were teaching me.

CHECKLIST in USING the Heart Healing Symbol Cards

The quickest way for me to focus when selecting a Card to resolve an issue is to finetune my focus.

I check in as to which level is the priority for the issue to be addressed at:
* Physical
* Mental
* Emotional
* Will
* Spirit

Discover How to Get More in Touch with Your Intuition when you experience Healing and Transformation from Aligning your Spirit, Soul and Body.

Learn the deeper aspects of the shamanic Heart Healing Symbol Cards with the On Line Shamanic Foundation Course. Save time and money by doing an On Line Course, designed for you to use at your own pace in your busy life schedule.

The Shamanic Course using the Heart Healing Symbol Cards, is for you to access your intuition on a more regular basis and use it to navigate your relationships or achieve your goals . . .
Each of the sessions in the "On Line Shamanic Foundational Course" focuses on specific areas of the Heart Healing Symbol Cards to access higher consciousness to have a major impact on your life. Each session includes helpful exercises for adventure journeyings.

SPECIAL pricing for the On Line Foundation Course.

Take the Power of Your Intuition to the Next Level for accessing (and using!) your intuition.

Discover How to align, spirit, soul and body and Empower Your Life by Awakening Your Inner Shaman!

This is for YOU if you have been searching for that 'something' but haven't yet found it.

Registration is Now Open!

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Faye Rosie

ND, TWM, Dr. Traditional Medicine (Colombo)

Author of "Heart Healing Symbol Cards", "The Power of Your Spirit" and "Transformation Through Your Emotions".

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