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Higher Consciousness

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New and Higher Consciousness

(excerpt Transformation Through Your Emotions)

Are you interested or are you committed to experiencing the bliss and amazing power of the new and higher consciousness?

If we are interested, we are going to do what is convenient. We will come up with excuses; we won't take the time to invest in self and do what is necessary. When we are committed, we will do whatever it takes.

Our life is nothing more than what is programmed in our subconscious. We will never obtain beyond what the subconscious will allow us to obtain. To experience life and the blessings of health, vibrancy and prosperity, we need to discover our original perfect template or the blue print. We will live from here rather than spending time coming up with new ideas to fix the constant symptoms that 'death and curses' bring.

"I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse, so choose life."
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Life and blessings are experiences that we can choose to simply and easily step into now. It is as simple as changing a DVD e,g, experiencing bliss. We ask: "What is it like to experience bliss?" We wait for a few seconds while using our awareness and … voila … we are experiencing bliss.

Lets pause a moment in mid air prior to the THEN. Living in this new and higher vibrational state is not for the purpose of ignoring, suppressing or a means to fix or be rid of the discomfort. Yes it is stepping out of the 'lower' vibrations of the discomfort, and it is a stepping into bliss - but for what?
Did you know that your energetic frequency can prevent you from achieving the life you desire - regardless of how hard you try or what law of attraction or personal growth tool you use?

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The raw material of the discomfort holds within it the enormous power to discover more of the expansiveness of the new and higher consciousness. So we choose to 'leap' to the 'roof top', feel the bliss and, while in this bliss state, we can access the wisdom that 'down there' was bringing to our attention when experiencing the discomfort.

It's as though we've made a leap, in a split second, to the 'roof top'. We're in a different place. We see and experience from a different (higher) perspective.

When working with the mind, it's really easy to think we can change. 'Make new choices, achieve our goals, create better outcomes' etc. However, the heart, the spirit, operates differently. It operates from who we ARE not what we do. It's not interested in our story - the reasons we give for functioning from our mind in a certain way because of the beliefs that are not in alignment with our heart or spirit - it functions from a higher consciousness of awakening or expanding to the power and freedom that is already within us.
The Power of Your Spirit - Higher Consciousness
Through functioning from your higher consciousness, you'll experience profound transformation in ALL areas of your ife. Your life will change dramatically. Heart Healing Symbol Cards are the most powerful and transforming tools in my 35 years of experience for accelerating higher consciousness.
All our 'states' of discomfort have been glorious opportunities to catapult us to the 'roof top' - to experience bliss and THEN

We don't stay in the discomfort. We 'leap' out of it (choice) and THEN, because we feel so wonderful, we can BE open to the power, the message, the enormous magnitude of receiving new power, new insight, new skills, new talents, new awakenings and new understanding of how to navigate this 'weird and wonderful', previously unknown glorious new and higher consciousness.

Set before us (now; this moment) is life and blessings (the 'roof top') or death and curse (staying on the 'ground' in the discomfort or suppressing it).

There is a clear demarcation between the lower vibration and the higher vibration. Are we in the higher consciousness, or not? There is no earning this blissful state. It does not take time (for the 'roof top' is beyond time). It is not about being good or holy. It is a feeling, an experience, a place of being in this awareness with a choice.

The more we practise the step light, step light the more we enjoy the marvels of this new and higher consciousness. We do this only and ever by applying the light given in choosing to shift from the head to higher consciousness, and then more light is given for the next leap to higher 'roof tops'.

Perhaps the light given is that there are curses, implants or suppressive energies ready to be transformed. These can lay dormant and surface when we aspire to exceed our goals. Negative patterns and conditions have an incorrect coding; a harmful mutation on the genetic memory template. Transmuting the coding clears the toxic energies and reinstates our enthusiasm toward achieving our purpose.

This is the abundance of living in the new and higher consciousness - within all us is a huge reservoir of generally dormant knowledge and skills to allow us to tap in and 'know' things we have never learned.

You can access this potential; this hidden resource. Ask "What is it like to experience the direct consciousness of this resource?" Remembering is done by realizing. Results can be immediate and dramatic.

You are being given Power of Higher Consciousness to make Wealth
Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness

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