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Harnessing your Power
Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm
Did you know that there are awesome and life transforming messages held within the 'storms' of your life? You can obtain these messages yourself for awakening a brilliant power that shines within to realise your ultimate potential.

Everything is energy. Contained within the energy is information. This is how it is possible for shamans and medical intuitives to sense the message within energy and use it powerfully for life changes, healing and transformations. The message can be heard within the vibrational tone of voice, an emotion, the resonance of truth or falseness in thoughts, and physical symptoms, e.g. aches, pains, heartburn, constipation, nervous tension, hormonal and immune disorders.

What would it be like to not only experience serenity amid the storm but to gather the amazing message from the storm?

Marion (name changed) gave me a list of her symptoms: swelling of stomach, buzzing ears, nervous stomach, fluid retention and tightness of the hands, upper arms, throat, head and eyes. She was taking blood pressure tablets but they were not working.
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life."

Waving the magic wand for healing is like giving a 'fish'. There is 'hunger' again the next day. The 'fish' is wellness, vibrancy and the serenity within. A way to learn how to 'fish'and to enjoy the serenity, is to hear the message within the storm. We can ask "What is the message here?"

In contrast, we can instead say: 'But I don't like the storm.'
Before the storm comes, there is the slightest gust of wind. This is our intuition giving us a nudge to hear its message. 'Hmmm I'll ignore this.' Then a stronger nudge is experienced via our feelings. 'Hmm don't like this; let's try to suppress this brewing storm.' We could attempt to still the raging storm through addictive patterns, e.g. being busy, comfort foods or drugs in an attempt to bring us happiness.Then the energy of the storm (the messenger) moves into the physical body causing the cells and tissues to move in ways that create lack of ease. The "messenger" is now giving us an even stronger nudge through the stormy physical symptoms of dis-ease.
As the 'messengers' were heard by Marion, transformation was taking place. Marion was relaxing and brightening.

"How's your stomach, ears, fluid retention, arms … ?" I asked.

"All the symptoms are gone," answered Marion with delight.
Transformation Feeling 'out of sync' and not at ease means that our body, mind, emotions and spirit are not working together in harmony. It is awesome to experience the transformations that come through hearing and receiving the original message. As the power and light of the original nudge radiates through the body, the symptoms of dis-ease, as with Marion, can instantly and miraculously dissipate. We are left to experience the amazing serenity that was there all along, at the centre of the storm.
Being open to receiving the message from within the storm of our being transforms the energy of the storm into joy, peace and vibrancy. Happiness is a human feeling. Serenity, peace and joy are spiritual feelings.

Anyone could wave the magic wand to still the storm within us, however, what has really been gained? Let's glean from this metaphor:
To discover the power of our spirit, we discover the greater Power within the storm-our serenity. This is not about running 'energy' into the storm to fight it or get rid of it (feeding a man a 'fish'), but harnessing and transforming the power to know more of who we are at our centre; to realise our True Self, our True Power, and how we can use it to heal and transform our life and the lives of those we love.


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