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Is stability possible in our modern world?

EARTH - Harmonising this element within us for Stability

Greater demands are being placed on our personal and professional lives than ever before, yet we're still trying to manage our lives with the same outdated systems used in the past.

More and more of us wake feeling overwhelmed with all that we have to do. We resolve this by ignoring or under achieving in one or more of the jobs expected of us. This can leave us with unresolved guilt and anger related to our partners, children, family, friends, employers, employees, and so on.
Overwhelm and worry are the emotions of the earth element (one of the 5 elements that Chinese Medicine work with). Feelings are meant to be used to resolve everyday situations.

The earth element is about stability and gives us a sense of being supported by the earth. If the earth element within us is weak, we will not feel supported.

Earth is concerned with our basic needs - physical nourishment, but we also obtain nourishment from other sources beside food. Our ability to assimilate information and be nourished by knowledge and information to learn new things is regulated by the earth element. Also receiving emotional support from others and feeling connected through that support. The earth element provides for all of our needs - not just physical nutrition and digestion but manifesting the material and financial abundance necessary for our development.

Are my needs being met? This question leads to the earth element's healthy emotion of worry. Worry, like any emotion, is to lead us towards our divinity. The idea of worry is to mull over an issue, looking at all perspectives. We mentally ruminate. Physically this same power or energy causes the muscular contractions to churn the food in our digestive tract.

Worry is the energy that gets our needs met - physically and mentally - to absorb physical nutrients as well as information for mental clarity. We are getting our needs met and when our needs are met, we are able to act in integrity to balance our needs and the needs of others. We speak our truth and are reliable in keeping our word or promise.

Can we trust that our needs can be taken care of or that other people's needs can be taken care of? Trust is the healthy outflow of churning over ideas to extract what we need to know. When we are consistently stand in our values and integrity, we will feel the Divine rush in to support us. We are grounded in the knowledge that the Divine provides the needs for all concerned. Abundance comes with integrity. If we cannot receive we are rejecting and denying the divine nature of ourselves and others. We can feel overwhelmed - we are taking in too much and can't handle anything else. Being balanced in our five elements gives us freedom to ponder in a healthy way so we can balance meeting our needs and the needs of others. We have clarity in place of confusion. We are connected to our inner divine nature to trust that our needs can be met while also having an awareness of others.

We might need to have our past resolved if our physical and emotional needs were not met in childhood,and we now have difficulty trusting in the ability of the earth to provide our nourishment. Resolving the past and strengthening our spirit we hear the wisdom more clearly and are more stable and less reactive to life situations. It's important to discover the primary weakness for the imbalances.

An imbalanced element causes us to misinterpret situations and this can then be overwhelming. Misinformation cannot be processed or 'digested' and can lead to despair and suicidal tendencies. The Belief Card support us to sense the truth or correct information.
History Card aids our rescripting the Past
The organs of the earth element are the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Dizziness often occurs when the earth element is weak. When weak the pancreas cannot regulate blood sugar levels and we do not feel stable and we can get dizzy.

The spleen gathers, absorb and assimilates food nutrients and information to physically nourish us and give us mental clarity and focus. The spleen supports a healthy immune system. Excessive outward concern promotes weak digestion and poor immune function which can lead to chronic fatigue. The healthy worry energy to support proper digestion is taken elsewhere.

Symptoms of Earth Element Imbalance

Digestive disturbances, heartburn, indigestion, poor appetite
Abdominal bloating
Constipation or loose stools or alternating
Low energy, chronic fatigue
Muscular aches, fibromyalgia
Blood sugar imbalances
Craving sweets/carbohydrates
Gynaecological problems
Low immunity
Despondency and suicidal tendencies

When we're constantly running in emergency mode, our mind, body and even our spirit pay the price.

It's time for each and every one of us to take action NOW to bring our nervous system back into balance; to find the balance needed to not so much to withstand stress, but rise above it and eliminate it.

Remember, the most dangerous thing about stress is how easily it can creep up on us.

We get used to it. It starts to feels familiar, even normal. We don't notice how much it's affecting us, even as it takes a heavy toll. Stress doesn't always look stressful.

It is not thinking, but feeling that gets us to the right action and then we manifest what we want.
We change. We improve every day.

Transformation Heart Healing Symbol Tune in to get a sense of the harmony of your elements.

If they seem out of balance - set your intent for the imbalance to be transformed to the healthy balance of elements.

Feel into the power of the Transformation card.
Then sense your wellbeing to note the difference.
Your feedback would be most appreciated.

What is your biggest challenge to maintain daily balance in your life?

What would make it easier to implement regular self care?

Feel FREE to comment and share here

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