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Inspirational and Healing Messages from Faye

"You have a real gift for enlightening people, sharing your message in a simple yet profound way that is so easy to embrace. I was so impressed when I first read your words..... clear, simply, wise and true."
Wendy S. Western Australia

WELCOME to Faye's Newsletters

Newsletters have come out monthly.

Humanitarian goals are central to my life's work. By digging below the surface to the heart of things we can gain understanding of what is behind and connecting things that we experience energetically.

The newsletters give you the insights of the bigger picture of energetic shifts that affect us all. The other-worldly ideas are brought into the practical realm for its implementation. Practical focus cuts through a problem with laser focus. The newsletters are relative to the current trends or cycles occurring in your life.

Previous Newsletters

May 31st, 2017 How to use Your Power

April 19, 2017 "Harnessing Your Power"

March 1, 2017 "Breaking Binding Limitations Simply and Easily

Feb 9, 2017 "Your Unique Transformational Symptoms"
To support your awakening, prophetic messages are given to encourage you to be prepared to extract the benefit and blessings from what is about to occur. Or light is shone after the occurrence of events.

The newsletters are for aiding in maximising potential opportunities or minimising challenges that you can experience in your life.

"When we align with the cycles of life, instead of resisting and fighting them, we will find ease even in the most difficult situations rather than dis-ase."
(The Power of Your Spirit by Faye Rosie)
Jan 11 2017 "A steady, serene, confident expection of good

Dec 7th 2016 "Receiving Gifts for Creative Expression."

Nov 2nd 2016
"Receiving the Promised Gifts"

Oct 15th 2016 "Are you Ready to Receive Amazing Gifts"

Oct 5th 2016 "Don't say "NO" to temptation. Say "Yes" to your inner power.
Being unaware of, or ignoring the cycles of life, we are like a ship without a rudder. The newsletters are intended to act as one of your rudders for you to use to steer your life with greater ease.

To receive Faye's newsletters, simply sign up below. You will be asked to do a second opt in to ensure you are not receiving spam.

Please check your junk box if you are not receiving your emails. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Your email address will not be passed on to anyone.
5th Sept 2016 "Transform Negatve Energy Instantly and Sharpen your Intuitive Skills.

Aug 3rd 2016 - Would you like to be twice as effective in less time?

June 30th 2016 - Electromagnetic Field and Anxiety and Depression

May 19th 2016 - How Balanced is your Masculine Energy
Mar 10th 2016 - Powerless to True Liberty

Jan 27th 2016 - Service vs Servitude

Jan 5th 2016 - What if your problems were serving your purpose?

November 2015 What is the Original Intent of Relationships

October, 2015 - Transforming Issues that Originate in Other Realms

September, 2015 - 8 Steps to Effectively Handle Injustices

August, 2015 September - Initiatory Journey

February 2015 - Is something holding you back from abundance?

January 2015 - Aligning Energy for Abundance

November/December, 2014 Forecast November, December/January

October, 2014 - INTUITION, Pandemic Cycle

September, 2014
. HOPE - Abundant Fulfilment - October Foretaste of 2015


July, 2014. How do SCARS and ADHESIONS affect your Health and Freedom?

June, 2014 - How can your Self-Preservation Best Serve You to Reap Success.
- Recognising and Handling your Transformation Symptoms

May, 2014. Alternative Medicine - Addressing the Cause to Transform Symptoms

April, 2014. Rewriting the Chemistry of your Body

March, 2014. Time is of the Essence.
HISTORY - A Stand-alone Healing Protocol

February 2014.. Engaging Consciously with the Unprecedented Flux of intense Energies
< January, 2014 - In-tuit: taught from within

December 2013-What is the Solstice Reflecting for 2014?

November 2013
- Transitioning with your Pathfinder

October 2013 - Empathic Communication

September 2013- 4 Phases of Becoming Supernatural

August 2013 - Don't say "NO" to Tempation. Say YES to your inner power

July 2013 - Greatest Key to Clarity 

June 2013 - Living in Grace - no 'Should' or 'Have To''

May 2013 - Program for Your Life Purpose

April 2013 - Transforming Karma and Curses

March 2013 - Your Higher Dimensional Selves

February 2013 - Harmony and Heart Consciousness

January 2013 - Don't Believe in Miracles

November 2012 - Experiencing Safety & Bliss in Higher Dimensional Living

October 2012 - How Integration Assists the Ascension Process

September 2012 - Do you Want Crystal Clear Clarity

August 2012- Becoming More Better, More Awesome

June 2012 - Reaping Your Abundance

May, 2012 - Ever Wondered why You have BAD Days

1st April 2012- Clearing Adhesions and the Cause
- Past life issues surfacing to the conscioius mind

19th December, 2011- Deleting Fatigue

1st December, 2011- Removingn Implants that Quell Growth

8th November, 2011- Lifting the Veils to BE our True Self

10th October, 2011- Calm, Clarity & Youthening within Seconds

21st September, 2011- Discover the Amazing Power within Your Emotions

31st August, 2011- Are you in Spiritual Labour

9th August, 2011- Quickly Accessing Higher Consciousness through our

20th July, 2011- Opening of New and Higher Consciousness Gateways
- FEELING - the Vehicle for Higher Consciousness

27th June, 2011- The 4 Phases of Spiritual Growth
- Time of Day has an Important Affect on Health

6th June 2011- EARTH - Harmonising this element within for Stability
- Food for Thought - CHLORINE

12th May, 2011- FIRE - What is unable to be Burnt is Refined as Gold
- Food for Thought - PHOSPHOROUS and Lighting the Brain

21st April, 2011- The Way Out is In
- BALM card

30th March, 2011- The Way Up is Down

10th March, 2011- Restoration through Releasing Negative Intrusions

15th February, 2011- The Power of Transition - the earth element
- Food for Thought - Food intolerances and health impairment

5th January, 2011- You are already BEcoming (attractive, charming, delightful)
- Moving beyond Fixing and Repairing

15th December 2010 - Consciousness"> New and Higher Consciousness - Experiencing the Joys and Wonders
- Phobias and the History Card

17th November, 2010
- Support to Climb the Mountain of Life
- Food for Thought - Renew Your Youth and Soar as the Eagle

27th October, 2010- Gateways to Higher Consciousness

6th October, 2010a>- Will it ever End?
- Food for Non Thought

12th September, 2010 - Have you been feeling SHAKEN TO THE CORE
- FREE healing - digestion

24th August 2010 - Harnessing Your Power
- Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.

4th August 2010 - Infinite Possibilities/Potentials
- Assemblage point feedback

21st July 2010 - Power from within the Resistant Self
- The Assemblage Point - Basis for wellness

7th July 2010 - How to walk in the Light of your Spirit

Faye Rosie Newsletter - Inspiration - Assemblage Point

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