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Distant healing - Remote healing - Spiritual healing

Distant Healing - Remote Healing - Spiritual Healing

Spirit is energy and since there is no distant in the spirit, a distant healing or remote healing can bring balance and harmony for you in your body, mind, emotions and spiritual healing - INSTANTLY.

A distant healing session requires the same tuning in (intuitively) to observe the disharmony and transformations as being physically present with me. The power of distant healing or remote healing equals that of hands-on energy treatments. Healing/transformation accesses disturbances on all levels of your being - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance to immediately lighten your whole being.
There are many modalities (see below) that I enjoy having in my tool bag so the distant session can be best tailored to suit your needs. I am guided intuitively as to which mix of "modalities" you most need at the time of your appointment. This means every session is moulded according to your inner wisdom indicating the areas in need of addressing; and in which order of transformation would best facilitate your changes for transformation of wellbeing.

The transformation exponentially unfolds. The integration of the changes may take several days. Yet others will immediately feel the transformation, e.g.
Distant healing, Remote healing, Spiritual healing
A distant healing or remote healing consultation with you can be interactive through telephone or skype communication.

When facilitating the distant healing or remote healing session I connect with you and sense visually, kinesthetically and auditorily the blocks or disharmonies in your body and what extra needs you may have.

YA, Czech Republic, sitting in a café with her husband said, "Oh I can feel Faye doing my remote healing session now."

"You have the uncanny ability of hitting the nail on the head."
CA, Melbourne, Australia

Mother of 10 yr old child diagnosed with Asperges. "Oh wow, thanks for the neurotherapy session. I'm gobsmacked with gratitude. That is such a gift to us. I could feel his calmness. 3 days ago I felt like leaving him hee hee."
Darwin, NT. Australia.

"I felt a huge weight lift of my shoulders and profound messages have guided me to clearer understanding of myself, others and the divine."
HB, NSW, Australia.

Clinic closed indefinitely:

While still available you may like to take advantage of my lifetime shamanic powerful work using the:

Heart Healing Shamanic Symbol Cards to strengthen and heal your life. Embedded in the Cards are the same power I use during the healing process, both for distant sessions and in-clinic sessions.

  • Physical healing
  • Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Pet's health & behavior issues
  • Career and life's purpose
  • Rejuvenation
  • Mental and Emotional issues
  • Finances
  • Grieving and loss
  • House, Property, Work place cleansing
  • Making challenging decisions
  • Personal growth and spirituality…

Discover an abundance of effective multidisciplinaries to transform and heal for
harmony and wellness - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

•  Wellness Coaching
•  Matrix Energetics
•  Craniosacral Therapy
•  Organ and parts Motility, e.g. hiatus hernia
•  Organ regeneration
•  Vaccination repair
•  Aligning Body, Soul and Spirit

•  Scar and adhesion release
•  Chronic Reversed Polarity
•  Trapped Emotions Release
•  Allergy Desensitisation
•  Nutritional Advice
•  Herbal/Homeopathy/Mineral/Flower Essences
•  Shamanic Techniques
•  Harmonising ALL parts of YOU

What Distant Healing Clients are Saying

GRUMPS (DS, Robinvale, Victoria, Australia)
Faye, would you please do a distant healing session for 'J'. For the past two years he has been getting worse and its affecting the whole family. 'J' is EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE, (not physically) negative, argumentative, negates what you say or do in a negative way every time. Does not want to help unless its something he wants to do. He seems to want to make an argument out of everything. He does not want to see another side to a situation or argument, he wants everything to be wrong, or negative or not possible, there is no positivity or happiness to him. He is grumpy. He can't seem to move past things and keeps at things like a dog with a negative bone. His energy is affecting the whole family. He is told things, then either forgets, or flatly denies he has been told. He is acting childish at times, he is carrying a lot of anger, and if he knows he is wrong he won't apologize, then tells lies or twists the truth.  

'J' is much calmer and happier. He is also now laughing! Yes, laughing, something 'J' did not do with heart or passion. Previously he never found anything to be funny. It's so exciting. Since you 'did' him two weeks ago, I have not had one incident with him. He used to get angry and arrogant at least four times a day.

I am just blown away by the changes. It's been pretty dramatic. He is saying lovely things that he's never said before. For the first time ever he brought me flowers for my birthday. I am so looking forward to other family members seeing the changes.
CANCER (BH, Adelaide, South Australia)
"Could you please do a remote healing session for 'J'. Her cancer has returned. She has a tumour on the outside of her bowel. There is more cancer in her lymph nodes. 'J' is going in for major surgery in 4 day's time to have her bowel and lymph nodes removed. I have told her that you do spiritual healing and she is very happy for a disant healing."

"Huge improvement. Huge!!!! Thank you. So much exciting news to share with you. Firstly, the operation. The doctors were amazed - couldn't believe how smoothly things went. Everything was just perfect for them, 'all clean' (whatever that means). They did not even do the radical surgery and remove the lymph nodes as planned - it all looked too good apparently. Even the tumour on the outside of the bowel just came away, not attached or clinging to anything, just fell away.

Now for the big news (I reckon anyway)!! The right leg that 'J' has not been able to feel because of the nerve damage done in her previous operation - well she now has feeling in that leg. Faye - remember you went in and replaced the black/damaged nerves!!!!!
Faye, thank you so much. 'J' looked a different person when I left her to the one when I first walked in to her room."

VACCINATION, PLUS REACTION (JM, Queensland, Australia)

(JM, Queensland, Australia)

"Can you please suggest or do a remote healing session for 'S's' left eye. She has something in it since yesterday. We had her at the hospital last night, but even though they can see something embedded in the eye, I think they are reluctant to do anything until they really have too.

We have to see the doctor again tomorrow, I am worried they are not doing enough soon enough to have it removed. It could be an insect or even a small piece of dirt."

REPLY: "I saw that a purging/detoxification of the eye was needed. As part of the process, I used the element of 'water' to irrigate it. I activated the biological pattern of 'sensitivity' to activate the immune system to expel the foreign matter. This seemed completed for the session."
"'S' is extremely out of sorts, very miserable, whingey and very attached to me. She is wanting nothing to do with "G" (father), which is very strange and doesn't like to be touched. She had a vaccination on Tuesday.

"We are also going overseas in January (14th - to USA) and was wondering if there is something that could help 'S' with the jet lag?"

.... A process for cellular repair for 'S' and a process to do a chelation/detoxification. There seemed pressure, or pain in the left lobe of her brain from mercury. A number of her symptoms can be related to mercury toxicity (mercury is used in vaccinations to enable the 'disease' to cross the blood brain barrier - it had upset her delicate electromagnetic field).

I have set in place a process for travelling to become activated when 'S' commences travelling and to continue until a week after returning home."
Spiritual Healing

Firstly thank you again. I have just had the healing and need to let you know what happened while it is still fresh in my mind. When I activated the healing I felt a pulsating feeling go through my body, it started at the top of my head and worked its way down. Then there were concentrated areas of pain, the top of my head, my shoulder blades, my intestines and my lower back. Also a feeling of built up pressure around my temples. When I thought of the word resentment the pain was in my lower back and my intestines and I had the sense that my intestines were squeezing out the resentment from my body.

Thank you for your wonderful way of creating space for remote healing processes. I am deeply impressed by your abilities - and by your way of re-balancing, body, spirit and soul. You encouraged me to go on searching for my inner purpose - and to accept the confusion that comes up in the process of letting go of old beliefs and old patterns. Your healing sessions (physically present) as well as your distant healing sessions helped me to go through my personal transformation process ... and to open my heart for unconditional love.
CB, Germany.

Mini Book AWAKENING Card in the Heart Healing Symbols Series
"I just checked 'S's' eye and the black spot has gone! 'G' (husband and father) says it has too, you can see a 'scar' where it was, but it has gone! I am just amazed, surely it would not have just moved it self it was imbedded into the eye?"

"I am amazed. I looked this morning and the 'scar' or mark that was there has also gone......wow!"

COUGHING BLOOD - and using the elements
(DB, Brisbane, Australia)

"I cannot stop coughing, particularly at night. Had a dreadful night sleep and woke up this morning coughing up blood with my mucous."

Remote healing Feedback: "The full moon seems to cause heaps of fluid to rise upwards. I am sending you some fire energy now to balance the overabundance of fluid - also some air in fresh oxygen. Some 'stone' to seal off the bleeding parts. And vitality.
"Today has been a lovely day. 'S' has just become a different child, she is 'S' again, her eyes have returned to normal and she slept all night. Thanks so much for the distant healing."

Left Brisbane and flew to Auckland, then across to LA and then Denver. 'S 'slept all night on the plane and was still asleep when I had to get her out of the 'cot' on the plane! 'S' has been WONDERFUL! For what she has been through in the past 3 days, she is one remarkable child!"

PNEUMONIA (JM, Queensland, Australia)

"'S' has been fighting a cold for the past 3 weeks. She went down hill last night and I had her at the doctor this morning. She has pneumonia and is on antibiotics... she is quite unwell (very lethargic), very stuffy in the nose and has had temperatures and a terrible cough. I have to take her back tomorrow again and if she has not improved, they will admit her to hospital, I am really trying to avoid this at all costs."
Transforming simply,quickly and easily
"Your assemblage point (energy epicentre or vortex) - the central point of the energy system where your vitality comes in - had dropped - wow almost close to the 'coma' position - so you must have felt really shot. I have lifted it up to where its meant to be. This will enable your organs to function how they are meant to."

"There has been an immense improvement in my coughing over the last 2 days, I am quite astounded and so grateful. It is such a relief and last night I slept for a straight 8 hours, with just a little tossing and turning, no coughing."

"Thank you so much for helping to make the birth of 'W' so amazing and special. What a truly amazing experience. I had been so worried that I would feel as detached and dazed as what I had when 'E' was born, and I felt the complete opposite. Very happy, alert and in the moment I guess you could say. 'W' seems to be a very content and relaxed baby and has been doing well.

Thank you so much for the wonderful protocol you have done for me, it really blew me away when I read it. I am going to write it into the front of 'W's' birth journal."
VD, Darwin, NT Australia
Reply: "I have 'S' on a number of remedies that are in a monitored sequence - they will be infused into her body in the dose and frequency and the below details are all set into place for the next 21 days.

The antibiotics have been transformed by a process to a rhythm and synergy of 'Ss' body allowing her to embrace only the vibration of their divine equivalent.

A homoepathic preparation is being infused into her to neutralise strep pneumonae in a 5x potency. Other homoepathics are supporting the lungs and all tissue, dissolving the mucous and attending to fever.

An intrusive energy was removed and a frequency to drain the lungs and all tissues of toxicity. Fresh, pure, clean air is being put directly into her lungs.

If she has been having milk, I suggest you avoid this, plus anything sugary as these will produce a lot of mucous."

"Thank you so much, 'S' has improved greatly since yesterday. The nose seems to have cleared (the colour) and she hasn't had a fever since. The coughing has also gone, except on waking. The doctor gave her the all clear this morning."
A couple of times I thought the distant healing was over so needed to go to the toilet because of all the water I had been drinking before and during the healing but when I lay back down I could feel the healing starting again. I think the whole process lasted just over an hour. At the end I was overwhelmed by the love I was feeling showering over me.
MF, Darwin Northern Territory. Australia

When you did that remote healing for me, I went straight into a light meditation and I felt my body go off in to the sky. I was floating towards Spirit. He had huge soft golden wings and gave me the biggest warmest cuddle that I ever had, and it was beautiful, then I floated back into my body and couldn't believe what had just happened. I was aware the whole time that I was still in bed but just off in another area of life. Thank you for the distant healing.
JC, Cloncurry, Queensland. Australia.
"Our good friend came to visit and he commented on the change in 'B'. He did know that 'B' has had a distant healing, but he genuinely was surprised and pleased at the change in him. He said, " 'B' is a different little dog". I was really rapt and thought you may like to know also. I sent a photo of 'B' to my mother. She said, 'he doesn't look the same dog'. Thank you again."
SC Cairns, Queensland, Australia.


An elderly cat was urinating blood. I saw that his left ureter (tube from kidney to bladder) was kinked, causing the urine to back up to irritate the kidney. The ureter was unkinked, the bladder adjusted, the emotion of fear removed, plus projecting a remedy. Next morning, he was running around in a much lighter manner and his urine showed the last remains of a tiny amount of blood clearing out.
Distant Healing

Awareness and openness are the best medicines. Transformation is being actively involved.

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