Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre
Audio Healing

Your Transformational "Download"

Uninstalling billions of "negative" charges through the water element's emotion of fear.
DOWNLOADS of Healing/Transformations with the Heart Healing Symbol Cards

Gobal (the macrocosm) shifts for higher consciousness is felt individually (the microsm) by you.

To support your evolution to higher consciounbess, the downloads address the blocks and transformations within you.

Enjoy the amazing shifts to higher vibration and consciousness. Discover where the the blocks are and experience them being deleted.   
  • remove blockages limiting the transfomational seed of rejuvenation
  • receive a soothing ancient balm to your psyche
  • receive a lost soul part and bring in its skills and talents; to experience the removal of soul agreements nad have them rewritten to now access your higher evolution and
  • remove the collective influences that are negatively impacting your comfort and rise to higher consciousness

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