Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre
Heart Healing Centre


Due to Faye's passing the clinic is closed indefinitely. Questions regarding products in the online shop can be sent via E-mail below.

While still available you may like to take advantage of her lifetime shamanic powerful work using the:

Heart Healing Shamanic Symbol Cards to strengthen and heal your life. Embedded in the Cards are the same power She used during the healing process, both for distant sessions and in-clinic sessions.

On-Line Shamanic Course - a deeper healing process with the Shamanic Healing Cards. You will have the opportunity for huge transformative changes in healing and wellbing being in all areas of your life: health, finances, relationships, career and fitness. Due to technical issues, this course is no longer available, however future in-person or zoom workshops may become available faciliated by past students of Faye's. Please email your interest in any future workshops and we will keep you updated.

Email: faye@hearthealing.com.au

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