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Cairns - Group Meditation and Healing Classes

Group Meditation and Healing Classes

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What to Expect

*  Guided meditation

*  Shamanic Teaching

*  Group Healing/Transformation

Health ~ Relationships ~ Prosperity Career ~ Rejuvenation ~ Fitness

Immerse yourself in Faye's Group Healing/Transformation.

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Transformation and Healing happens now!
It does not take "time!"

Wednesdays 6.30 - 8ish pm

Alternate evenings or day time can be considered if Wednesday evenings do not suit.
(Minimum of 5 people)

Venue: ~ 6 Mulurri Close, Lake Placid ~

Investment $35 per person ~ Click to Book Here

When there is pain, illness, injury, emotional and mental problems ... there is very simply a blockage within you.

As these blockages are corrected in the group and released at the cause,
you MAY experience an immediate release of the symptom.

Change ALWAYS happens when we transform the causative patterns of energy.

YOU have the power within you to do everything I do and so much more.
I will show you how in this group.

Heart and Soul Group Sharing

These 90-+ minute classes are run
when there are a
minimum of 5 people.

Book Here
INVESTMENT: $35 per person

6 Mulurri Close,
LAKE PLACID (Caravonica) Cairns.

What People are Saying

"Meeting Faye Rosie is an opportunity for you to realize your destiny.

It will be a different experience for everyone - however, if you are already exercising your intuition, the breakthroughs will come quickly and effortlessly.
Transforming what is Possible for YOU
in ways that you cannot now even imagine!
Health ~ Relationships ~ Career ~ Rejuvenation ~ Finances ~ Fitness



It does not take "time!"
What takes "time" is the logical mind questioning, judging, analysing, interpreting
and, understanding.
6 Mulurri Close, Lake Placid (Caravonica)
I have never been so comfortable speaking my truth in the way I shared with Faye. Faye Rosie is a wonderful, beautiful, sharing woman with a generous heart.

I recommend Faye's Group Meditation and Healing,and personal healing sessions if you are ready to take the next step to clarify your beliefs, recover from illness, hear your body's messages and tune your intuition."

Katie Archer, Business Marketing Consultant, Cairns, Queensland. Aust.

Transformation is simple, quick, easy.

You will have the opportunity to think; stop thinking and FEEL.
FEELING is the FASTEST way to access insight and intuition leading to action to transform energy.

It is not through understanding with our minds that we experience healing.
It is through accessing the changes in the now.
Our conscious mind does not understand this - and this is OK
When we remove those blockages that are in the way, happiness remains.

Our group time together is for moving BEYOND HEALING to TRANSFORMATION
which forever changes You at the very centre of your Being.
This Transformation is permanent and continues far beyond what the mind has the ability to perceive.
Heart Healing Symbol Cards
"I noticed in the days and weeks following a session that it is like walking down a garden path and seeing little kernels. I do not know where they will be but when I see then, I realise that I do not know
how I could be without them. I also notice that I do not understand how I could not feel lost beforehand."
"I do try very much to deal with things myself with my prayers and your wonderful Heart Healing Cards, but when I begin to struggle and it affects my health I am comforted to know that I have you to come to, (my soft place to fall when needing to be picked up) to nurture me and guide me back to my path again."
WHEN ~ Wednesdays 6.30pm - 8ish pm
Alternate evenings can be considered if Wednesdays do not suit.
WHERE ~ 6 Mulurri Close, Lake Placid
INVESTMENT ~ $35 per person
MINIMUM ~ 5 participants
BOOKING ~ Click to Book Here
Cairns Group Meditation Healing Classes Shamanic Heart Healing Symbol Cards

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When working with the multi dimensional energies within the transformative
Heart Healing Symbol Cards
you are accessing the embedded energies of colour, sound, planetary archetypes, elements, totem animals, crystals,
numerical codes,
ancient teachers/masters,
geometric patterns, dimensions, parallel universes and Oneness.

Cairns - Group Meditation and Healing Classes

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