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Reversed Polarity -

Reversed Polarity

Overload of stress - 'circuit breaker trips'

All imbalances begin in the electromagnetic field of the body. When stress overloads our system, our being feels abused or violated and, in order to cope, our 'circuit breaker trips', causing reversed polarity.

Stress arises from any factors:
Abuse, accidents, upsetting news, dietary imbalance, overwork, night shifts, lack of sleep - basically when your needs are not met. Normally, we establish the correct polarity within a short time. However if the stress is ongoing, too many stresses at a time or the shock has been too great, our being is unable to re-establish itself and long-term reversed polarity sets in.

Analysis for Reversed Polarity
In a healthy body, the electro-magnetic field feeds energy via the chakras into the meridians and into the nervous system where it is distributed to all the organs and parts of our body.

Should the magnets, which produce the electro-magnetic field, be sufficiently stressed, they switch polarity - the north and south poles of the magnet reverse. The 'generator' reduces its output so that an insufficient current flows into the chakras similar to ceasing to blow up a balloon and energy leaks back.
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When a living person experiences long-term reversed polarity they appear and can feel like the walking dead' from lack of aliveness and the inability to live in the present.    

Summary: overload of stress causes:

First: loss of power in the electro-magnetic field through reversed polarity

Second: leakage of spirit energy out of the body from the
chakras (reversal of flow)

Third: excess build up within the central nervous system meridian causing a reversed flow

Fourth: depressed function of the nervous system as we weaken from "carrying the dead body" (physical) through reversed polarisation.


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With not enough force of energy acting on the chakras to push the energy along the meridians, energy stays within the meridians causing a compression - i.e. an excess of energy in the meridians which flows backwards (reverse polarity again). This lack of power causes polarity reversal of the cells within the nervous system and the organs and body parts that it feeds resulting in depressed bodily functions.

Crown Chakra
The crown chakra nourishes the body, mind and spirit and influences all the body's major systems, beginning with the central nervous system.

The crown chakra connects you to your spiritual Source and it is through this vortice that the life force is dispersed from the universe into the lower six chakras - it is the first chakra to be affected with a loss of power being generated in your field.
Symptoms of reversed polarity can be depression and exhaustion that is not linked to a physical imbalance, poor memory, anxiety, fear, vertigo, hopelessness, dizziness, immune disturbances, lethargy, poor co-ordination, mentally and physically, headaches and dissociation.

Other symptoms associated with reverse polarity are chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal disturbances, muscular pains, autoimmune diseases or cancer.

Addressing the Origin
If we choose to 'live fully', it is most important to first have us 'alive' again by correcting the polarity, and addressing the original stress that caused the reversed polarity. Our needs may not have been met as a youngster. We may have found it seemingly easier to maintain reversed polarity.

The POLARITY Card in the
Heart Healing Symbol Cards corrects the reversed polarity.
Energy or spirit begins to leave this centre. You become dispirited as you lose connection with the Divine.

It is normal for reversed polarity to occur when we are making adjustments, resetting, cleansing and releasing what is not needed.

The ultimate in reversed polarity occurs at the time of dying to assist our spirit to be released through the crown centre.
Imagine a little bird in the nest; beak wide open and squawking when mother bird comes flying back to the nest. Baby bird has the expectation, with beak open, that mother will drop a worm in its mouth.

As a baby bird, we may have experienced that having our beak open, expecting to be nourished and supported, did not always happen. When we are affected very deeply by unmet needs, we may close our beak, never asking for support and never being open to receive.
Reversed Polarity
can cause
heavy metal toxicity.

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For these birds, it could appear easier to 'not know.' Often people do not want to know and a large part of their vocabulary, instead of expletives for fillers, say "I don't know,"

I 'see' the crown centre's 'lid' shut down when people say, "I don't (want to) know." Life, thoughts or clarity of thinking can not flow clearly when we say these words.

The negative outcome of long-term crown chakra imbalance can be depression, anxiety, panic attacks, loss of clarity and control and dissociation (not being present).

Reversed Polarity

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