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The Power of Your Spirit is a how to book containing life changing true stories to help you reconnect with the power of your spirit to radiate your real Self. This book will show:

  • The difference between and the functions of your spirit, soul and body
  • The way to align spirit, soul and body to experience an extraordinary new and divine perspective
  • That death to the rulership of the mind wanting to be control simultaneously brings the birth of new spiritual life
  • How to tap into to your life's manual
  • The knowledge and the courage for liberating the divine power within
  • The process of harmonising and aligning all parts of you to access the field of power to live life abundantly
  • Embedded healing/transfornationbr />

  • The Power of your Spirit will help you realise your true Self and and how you can use the power of your spirit to heal and transform your life to flow out to the lives of those you love.

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    Spiritually Expanding Through Understanding and Working with your Emotions

    (Upcoming book)

    Transformation Through Your Emotions will show you how to unlock the hidden treasures of your emotions to become more aware of your divinity within you.

    Our emotions are more than just feelings. Our emotions are energies and powers that bring us messages of wisdom and power. You will learn:

  • how to unlock the teachings of these emotional energies.
  • that the uncomfortable emotions, like base metals, can be transformed into the divine gold of new and higher frequencies
  • that struggling to control your uncomfortable emotions by ignoring or suppressing them, pushes them into your body; thus causing the cells and tissues to move in ways that create dis-ease, and cause you to then move in ways that limit your spiritual transformation.
  • how to release the blocked emotions

  • You can journey in exciting and extraordinary ways in this new and higher consciousness.

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    download SAMPLE chapters of Transformation Through Your Emotions.

    Faye Rosie was born in South Australia and currently resides in tropical Cairns, Queensland. Faye is a shaman, medical intuitive and naturopath and has been in private practice, both for local and distant healing since 1977.

    She is the author and creator of the shamanic
    Heart Healing Symbol Cards. In and The Power of Your Spirit. In addition to her private practice she runs workshops and courses on shamanic transformation tools. Faye's desire is for people to come to the fullness of their potential and realise their life purpose.
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