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Soul Loss - a Major Cause of Imbalance or Illness

(excerpt "The Power of Your Spirit".

Do you sometimes feel like you are are in "no man's land", or like a "ship without a rudder" , clouded or clogged mind, or zombie like?

This can happen when we experience Soul Loss

Your soul is the seat of will, emotions, or reasoning.

What is Soul Loss
Soul loss is where a part of our emotional body, our mind, or our will separates or splitsoff. This splitting or separating of the soul is a major cause of disharmony and/or illness.
Restoring the separated soul parts/s makes it possible for faster and deeper results with physical, mental and emotional transformation.

A young lady presented with asthma. Her soul parts were restored. She needed to go to the post office (a block away) and then come back to the clinic. She RAN all the way there
and back - breathing fully, easily and was ecstatic with joy.

Feeling not Totally Whole
With soul loss, we can feel not totally whole or as if we are not all here or present in the body. We can observe the happenings around us, with our mind, but do not feel connected. We use or hear the term beside oneself and like many of our terms there are hidden truths embedded in the meaning of phrases or terms we use.

We all split-off or dissociate at times
You can be driving long distances, and daydream, becoming unaware of the environment and how far you have traveled. You can experience a shock with certain news or an accident. You might feel spacey or as though you are observing the scene but are not fully present. Often though, this feeling passes, and you return again to your usual function. With soul loss, the part remains separated. This can be 'useful' to avoid dealing with the discomfort we are struggling to work through.

How Does Soul Loss Occur?
Soul loss can happen during traumas such as abuse, accidents, surgery, illness, miscarriage, addictions, and death of a loved one-anything that greatly traumatises you. Even altercations or conflicts can cause soul part separations.To survive the experience, a part of the emotional body, our will (if the situation feels futile to resolve), or our mind separates to escape the full impact of the pain. If you were to remain totally present during such trauma, you may not be able to handle the pain. To remain in this state however, makes the rest of life difficult and painful.

Chronic depression can occur when feeling beside yourself. Feeling the separation keeps you from being able to experience joy. You may experience numbness, apathy, emptiness and/or struggle with addictions, physical illness, and poor immunity or have trouble resisting illness.

Enhancing Intuition

We can desire, yet struggle, with enhancing intuition. It is so much easier to be intuitive when your soul parts are together. Intuition needs to be expressed through the soul parts of emotions, thoughts and will.

To discover and explore the real you, your soul has to be present and harmonised with your whole being. It is frustrating to try to understand negative patterns, let alone shift the perception to transform the memory of the original trauma, if the part is not present to acknowledge the negative patterns.

The Heart Healing Symbol Card , INTEGRATION , restores Soul Loss.

(Excerpt: "The Power of Your Spirit" )

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Calm and Clarity within Seconds

Increasing Your Perception at Will

Left brain, logic, "head" - JUDGES
Right brain, intuition "heart" - OBSERVES

How amazing and freeing is this?

Instead of getting caught up in the emotions and judgments we can experience the shift from the mind to perceiving from the 'heart'. This gives us a totally different and liberating aspect

The mind is NOT a part of the brain.
It actually is located outside of our body or at least is MEANT to be
If the mind comes into the body we are controlled by the mind instead of the mind being an assistant to our perception and inner knowing.

Notice how you are feeling right now and after you have noticed set your intent to look at the BRAIN card with the intention to harmonise your brain nervous system and places the MIND in its correct location.
Now notice what is different for you.

Because the mind is a magnet for any external vibrations (collective thoughts and beliefs), when the mind is "in" the body, "negative energies" can get stuck in our body. Highly sensitive people whose mind is in the body become even more prone to being affected by external negative energies.

We want our wei chi (Chinese term for the protective boundary layer on the surface of the body) to be strong, and the spaces within our body illuminated with good energy. To energise the internal space with the ILLUMINATION card, look at the card; set your intent to feel the energy and receive the balancing with illuminating your being.

When our wei chi and the spaces within the body are illuminated, 'negative energy' will either bounce off or go straight us.

Mind out of body
Set your intent again for the mind to be out of the body and notice the awesome difference of clarity, perception and calm.
What is it like for you? Do you feel calm? Is it like sensing t hings clearly? It is like "thinking from the heart"?

You are the observer. This is the real you.

Our 'heart' holds intelligence far beyond the mind. This central core holds the answers to our greatest challenges. Left brain out gives clarity and focus in making decisions with confidence and ease because this correct alignment brings inner peace that the mind cannot do. Our mind automatically relaxes, becomes clearer and youthenises us.

Mind and Heart in Balance
When the mind and heart is in alignment, our mind automatically becomes more intelligent, clearer, calmer and youthenised. With practise, our brain increases in learning and gathers information easily and quickly. Our perceptions strengthen and grow, and this actually empowers our mind to learn and adapt to life more efficiently, We become who we really are - our true nature - the calm at the eye of the storm. The 'heart' emanates the natural rhythm of our life force.

Practise this throughout the day to form new neural pathways to quickly notice if the mind is "in" or "out" so as to come from clear perception and observation.

With the mind in the right place, the mind realises it doesn't have to be in charge all the time. By trusting that our "heart" is our true guide we discover that the value of the alignment is far greater than the sum of the individual parts. Our brain and body intelligences expands more and more, giving us greater connection, centredness and fulfilment.

Practise creates a new behaviour habit.
When the uncomfortable thought or emotion seems to continue, there is a message there for you. Within all 'energy' is information. That is what you are meant to get - information from your "heart". Practising to put your mind in its correct position enables you to sense the information that the discomfort is meant to bring. The discomfort will continue until you 'calmly and clearly' get its message.

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Discover the Amazing Power within Your Emotions

Are you Tired, Confused, Misunderstood?
To Experience Joy and Balance in Your Life

Transformation happens at any moment and by anyone who is willing to work with the emotions to make the internal shift back to their true nature.

More 'gateways' have been presented to us to step through. A reminder that the way you will know gateways are opening is that:

"Our comfortable and uncomfortable emotions become apparent. Every part of us becomes more sensitive. Our nerves might feel shaky or irritable. Mentally we might have a shorter attention span. Physically we could feel more tired and have difficulty sleeping.

All energy holds information. Since discomfort is energy, as we observe the discomfort and receive its message, we enter through the 'gateways'." (Heart Healing Symbol Guidebook ).

Emotions akin to anger, anxiety and depression are common recently as well as many uncomfortable physical symptoms. Always within them are incredible gems for us to gather from the power within the emotions. If CORE suppressed emotions ( Grief Release Card ) have been released and deleted, and even if not, it is of value to ask "Is this mine?" Recently they have not been yours and have been very undermining in dampening your inner power!!!

Whilst the emotions may not have been ours we must already have within a vibration of CORE energies at multidimensional levels that have 'attracted' these. These can be transformed quickly.

There seems to be a trend for many people selecting a sequence of similar Heart Healing Symbol Cards just lately. These are releasing energies at multidimensional levels to bring you through the 'gateway' to your true nature.

There will be plenty more 'gateways' opening and it seems that the frequency will increase in the near future. You are not alone in the challenges when these occur. All those aspiring to manifest more of their true nature are experiencing very similar to what you are feeling. It's very uncomfortable however the rewards are of infinite potential. I urge you to move through the gateways; you do so by asking questions and waiting for the answers. Of course continual answers will only come when there is a willingness to change and we take action with the insights given.

Sometimes the sensing of the answers is difficulty to explain, for the conscious mind cannot quite grasp the infiniteness of what is happening. That's OK; we are accessing the 97% or so of the subconscious. And, as we become more familiar with this, the understanding does filter into the mind. Have you noticed how we have been communicating with other likeminded ones - words are insufficient - yet there is a knowing; a deep knowing, and the power of connection in this way is truly awesome. It's only just the beginning of far more powerful experiences of being to come!

Tiredness or fatigue seems very common recently. Relaxation and fatigue go together. Relaxing; slackening, e.g. not working through our discomfort actually makes the fatigue worse. It can be said "Oh, I am too tired to exercise" - yet we know that exercise increases our energy. "Innercises" brings insight and this insight 'anoints' every cell to rejuvenate our whole being. Relaxation causes fatigue.

You can only ever do the best you can with what you know - at the moment. I encourage you to keep working with the 'symptoms' that are opportunities for giving you extraordinary messages. Bring your awareness to the emotions you are experiencing. As you do, this subtle shift begins the process of realignment and balance, and the opportunity to receive awesome insights so that something of value emerges from that which was problematic. When we experience the answer - the right answer - it has has it's own energy to change the situation for the better!

Rather than feeling lightheaded or 'airy' a very balanced grounding in our human nature will be experienced. We are meant to be fully human while being fully 'spirit' or 'divine' - duality. Repeatedly people are drawing the Beauty for Ashes Card and this is for shifting us to our original nature. As the 'phoenix', we rise up out of the ashes (the remains that are no longer serving us in this present time.)

In the willingness to transform amazing power is coming through to so many. You in deed were born for such a time as this to enter into your power and receive the astounding insights.

Faye's Snippets
Occasional I email Faye's Snippets to workshop participants or those who have the Heart Healing Symbol Cards . These snippets can contain a testimonial on the cards, inspiration on deeper use of the cards or general inspiration with energies that are being stirred at the time. Its short and sent irregularly.
Subscribe here to receive the occasional Faye's Snippets.

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Are You in Spiritual Labour

Insights are not coming quickly enough or at all? Everything is dark, there is pain, contractions upon contractions but nothing is happening?

During these times are one or any of these emotions familiar to you: anguish, depressed, exposed, guilt, grief, melancholy, obligated, out of balance, regret, trapped.

These are metal element emotions in the Chinese 5 element theory; or the air element in the basic earth, fire, water and air elements. We've been affected within by the air element as reflected in the recent Hurricane Irene impacting the Caribbean and eastern North America, as well as Typhoon Nanmadol affecting Taiwan and the Philippines.

Common air/metal reactions to the above emotions can be aggression, blame, reliance on or attached to another, control, denial, domineering, intimidating, giving up, quitting, rebellious, manipulative, obsessive, possessive.

Physically there has been symptoms such as dizziness (perhaps diagnosed as viral labyrinthitis), faintness, spaciness, trouble sleeping at night, asthma, lung and bowel disturbances, allergic rhinitis, sinus headaches.

These Air/Metal element sensations could have been pointing us to our inner (spiritual virtues) of commitment, consistency, detachment, discipline, responsibility and strength to experience breakthrough, making a decision, getting prepared, letting go of old habits; focus..

But we don't get this by using our own human strength and determination. The situations and experiences are opportunities for transforming the blocks that hinder our inner strength coming through to birth to spiritual insights.

"I feel disappointment when i don't feel much."

"What if you do not feel the energy shift when doing work with the cards? Is this okay because it could have occurred at a deeper level? Especially when we go deep in the meditation and come to without remembering what has occurred?"

I have tended to blame (metal element reaction) myself for not being as intuitive. "'I should try harder. Maybe I have done something wrong.' During one of these times, I saw with the inner eyes, an espionage-type picture like those seen in James Bond movies. There was a hive of industry going on underground. Men were secretly loading up trucks. The message was that although I couldn't see much growth and activity above (consciously), underneath in the darkness, activity was going on. A new creation was being formed." ( The Power of Your Spirit ).

Our Biorhythms for Intuition may be Low .
This can cause us to believe that we are not feeling . We are feeling, but are not aware of the thunderbolts and loud music and tingling. After the 'baby' is born, we might observe that all the myriad of pieces of the jigsaw were coming together in perfect synchrony. So yes, shifts always occur on deeper levels-multidimensional levels-and it can be later that the awareness of the shifts unfold much like seeds sprouting or flowers opening. This happens anyway whenever there is a shift.

If you are seeing nothing for all your efforts to give birth to new insights it might be helpful to cry, rant and rave to your birthing support person - that is what they are there for - these precious people who support you giving birthing to new insights when the going gets so painful.

A carpenter, in the movie Noah , is told by an angel to build Noah's Ark to prepare for a great flood. After all the struggles with the preparations and completion of the ark, and people standing around laughing, there was no rain in sight. The guy looks heavenward and yells something like "CAN I PLEASE HAVE SOME RECIPROCATION HERE!!!"

Being real and honest with our feelings is the portal to raise us to new and higher consciousness to give birth to insights and power.

Are you willing to now transform and let go (air/metal action) of the limiting blocks?

Check for 100% connection to your Higher Source . Do you feel light or heavy after thinking of this? If heavy or weak - look at the Transformation card with the intention to allow transforming of this connection. Then recheck for 100% connection and notice how differently you now feel as in lightness, expansion, strong.

Feel whether you are light or heavy when thinking of earlier patterns and experiences to do with giving 'birth '. If heavy or weak - again look at the Transformation card for transforming this energy so that there is no residue of pain or distortions carried over from previous experiences. Now think of the earlier patterns and experiences and notice how you feel differently: lighter stronger or more expansive.

Check for emotions and beliefs that are weakening you e.g. nothing is happening; I am frustrated; I am disappointed; I am missing out; there must be something wrong with me. Go through the list again and notice which has a charge or makes you feel heavy. What are your other common thoughts or emotions? Again "Transform".

Apply the same if you sense heaviness when thinking of the word ancestors. This could be a pattern passed down that is limiting YOUR growth and needs resolving Then check in with the thought and feel the difference.

Feel for heaviness or lightness with the thought of seemingly 'not getting anything' . If heavy 'transform' that feeling. Think "anything else?" If you feel light and expansive there is nothing else. If heavy or contracted then wait in the transition state for the birthing of a new idea to come to you.

Heart Healing Symbol Cards for INSTANT transformation.

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QUICKLY Accessing the Higher Consciousness THROUGH our Emotions

"I just listened to the download and it was very powerful. Straight to the heart - first the pain and then the antidote. Made me realise it was still embedded deep in there - and then finding that sanctuary to erase and dilute all that emotion."

You've noticed how quickly 'time' goes? There doesn't seem much 'time' for anyone to do much - people skim and miss the details.

Well, the good news is that while linear time has speeded up, we can get up to speed in our inner selves - our inner senses - so that we don't miss the details that the higher consciousness is giving us.

Our perceptions can give us very quick information.

It does not take 'time!"
The miraculous is the NORM.

We can step up to this Higher Consciousness. It is a choice.

"Oh, I haven't got time!"

Maybe this is why burnout, heaviness, unwellness, fatigue hits us so much more quickly now than it's ever done before.

This new and higher consciousness functions in the FEELING realm. FEELING is the fastest and easiest way to access information. Then we get the insight and intuition on what actions to take. THEN we experience freedom and lightness.

If we don't FEEL, get insights and then ACT, the tremendous Power of the higher consciousness cannot manifest in our Being. Result: heaviness, fatigue, out-of-sorts, unwellness - all of which can be INSTANTLY transformed when we return to the FEELINGS, insights, followed by actions.

"J" came for a consultation with anxiety. Anxiety is one of the emotions of the water element. "J" knew she wasn't drinking enough water - 'it's boring', "J" said.

Boring is not a physical issue. We are attempting physical means as an upper to overcome a mental or emotional flatness and this creates physical health problems. (The Power of Your Spirit).

"J" felt that her anxiety was pretty uncomfortable - rating it an 8/10 (with 10 being the worst). The 'boring' feeling was a 9/10. Notice this? The boring feeling was worse than the anxiety that "J" came to see me about. By not drinking sufficient water, the ensuing anxiety was the payoff - it kept her feeling not bored.

Going into the BOREDOM, "J" very quickly discovered the emotion's message. She needed to return to self-balancing by taking time out for her that had gone by the wayside the last few months. And guess what!? The anxiety "J" felt 5 minutes or so earlier, was now completely gone.

This new and higher consciousness is so quick now. Instant release of symptoms occur when we transform the energy at its core or cause.

"Downloads" for transformation/healing manifest exponentially. Here's feedback from a client:

"I noticed in the days and weeks following a session that it's like walking down a garden path and seeing little kernels. I don't know where they will be but when I see then, I realise that I don't know how I could be without them. I also notice that I don't understand how I could not feel lost beforehand."

Here is a download for you to experience the uninstalling of billions of "negative" charges through the water element emotion of fear and be open to receive wisdom that the emotion of fear intended for you.

Click here

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Openings to Higher Consciousness Gateways

The gateways to higher consciousness

All the earth disasters relate to elements, e.g. earth, fire, water, air. As the outer disasters occur, our inner elements are stirred to 'loosen' the inner treasures.

The new and higher consciousness is like a treasure hidden within; it's something very special, and not obvious for all to see; and those who are not seeking to experience the higher consciousness or to understand the mysteries will pass right over this great treasure and not even know what they're missing.

When we try to hear something new, we need to FEEL its truth for us for when we don't, we end up rejecting truth just because it disagrees with our own ideas.

The gateways to enter the higher consciousness are not found by going to outer sacred places such as earth vortexes and chakras, e.g. Uluru, Sedona, Siberia. The gateways to the treasure of higher consciousness are within us.

The treasures are hidden within the uncomfortable emotions of life's experiences which appear intensified when world disasters reflect our inner challenges. If you have been aware of being more recently 'shaken' that is because another gateway to higher consciousness within was being presented for us to enter through. Going through our emotions is the simplest, fastest and easiest way to access the higher consciousness. Within the emotions are the mysteries for us to get the meaning. If we don't, symptoms of dis-ease will give us another nudge. Those who choose to ignore the learning are experiencing serious health conditions now.

World disasters are giving us amazing opportunities to experience the opening of the gateways. The gateways will always appear as uncomfortable emotions that we want to be rid of.

Uncomfortable emotions are for one purpose only - to direct us to freedom, joy and power in the higher consciousness.

Embedded in the discomfort is the power needed for exploring the wonders of the higher consciousness. If the way didn't seem to be blocked and we went through the gateway, without the power and insight (gathered from within the emotions), it would be similar to having a V8 sports car without the knowledge and a license to drive the vehicle.

The keys of wisdom and knowledge are in the emotions to enter through the gateways.

The keys give us the power to successfully manoeuvre in life.

The keys open doors that no one can shut.
The lower vibrational energies we are experiencing within the emotions miraculously transform the instant we receive the message from within them.

Illuminating our Consciousness
Divine light enters in seed form. George W. Carey writes in The Wonders of the Human Body that the seed is born in our solar plexus area and is taken up by the vagus nerve to the base of our brain and to the thalamus From here the seed travels to the pineal gland (lamp of the body) where the seed's power is increased 1,000 fold. The seed then illuminates our consciousness, giving us the power and light to take the next step in our transformative journey.

This final stage, in alchemical terms, is called coagulation-the chemical marriage-the union or balance of the spirit with the will, emotions and mind.

As enlightenment comes from this sacred union, something marvellous happens! Spirit's energy is imprinted upon our mind, will and emotions. Each time a seed brings illumination, it leaves a different impression again of Spirit upon us. We vibrate at a higher rate. Our next seed, bringing another illumination, is greater in power again. Soon there are many different expressions of the Light impressed in our being. This is our continual state for rebirth or being born again. If the seed does not reach illumination, we will not re-experience being regenerated or born again; instead we experience a still birth.

The gold of enlightenment comes after moving through the base metals. The lead weight of the energetic heaviness of illusion is the matter that needs transforming.

Essence of Illumination
The seed, having reached the pineal gland, is where the Divine essence is literally secreted to bring illumination and regeneration of all our cells. This is the new and higher consciousness. From here, the Divine anointing-the Divine oil or essence-flows down to rejuvenate all parts of our being.

This is not a theory! For this idea or knowledge to hold meaning, you can experience now a taste of this essence by using your inner senses. Your experience is likely to be described differently to someone else's. Experientially tasting this essence, as with all higher consciousness experiences, can be a little difficult to explain in our language. The experience for me feels like gold light in my head-but a little heavier than "light". It is like liquid air-expansive liquid or plasma of gold light.

A friend whom I asked to describe her experience of this essence said: "It was like being immersed in a liquid golden sun that was just a very pleasant haze, not hot like you would imagine the sun to be. It was definitely some other medium than just plain warm air. It felt like wide, open, sweet air and like the aurora borealis doing its dance inside my being."

You can experience this right now. Trust that whatever you are going to experience is right. Focus on your breathing to allow yourself to be present in awareness. Then ...

Set your intention now to experience a taste of this essence being released. Ask: "What is it like to experience this divine essence?" Wait to experience the answer.

This essence of "golden liquid light" harmonises our inner disrupted elements and illuminates, rejuvenates, renews and regenerates our whole being, LITERALLY, as we allow the seed to manifest its treasure. The gateways to higher consciousness are within you.

(Excerpt upcoming book "Transformation through Your Emotions Spiritually Expanding through Understanding and Working with Your Emotions")

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Gardasil and the Spirit of Ravage

Correcting the Damage done by Gardasil
(Excerpt "The Power of Your Spirit"

The Spirit of Ravage has the same vibration as the energy and potential side effects of the cervical cancer vaccination, Gardasil. Repairing the damage done to the cells by this vaccine includes removal of the Spirit of Ravage without which "lost" soul parts will not return.

Severe inflammation and pain of the abdomen, pelvis and lungs, paralysis and joint pains, are amongst the side effects apart from deaths and the many disabilities. The iris (iris analysis) reveals severe inflammation most commonly in the bowel and lungs. The ravage done to the body from Gardasil is amongst the worst I have seen in clinical practice

History repeats itself. We see effects on the second generation. For example, over 30 years of research have confirmed that the hormone stilbestrol, used to prevent miscarriages, caused malformation in the unborn. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised doctors to stop prescribing the hormone to pregnant women because the daughters were at an increased risk for cancer of the vagina and cervix reproductive abnormalities pregnancy complications infertility and auto-immune disorders. Stilbestrol daughters contracted vaginal and cervical cancer as early as 14 years old and up to their forties.

Since history repeats itself, it can be surmised that the damage done by Gardasil, at the very seat of creativity (pelvic area for producing life) and the lungs where life is breathed in, greater effects will be observed with the second generation. It's very likely that without repair and transformation sterility will affect the offspring of those receiving Gardasil.

Recognising negative spirits is a useful part of living the power within your spirit. Wellbeing has its roots in the harmony of spirit, soul and body

Negative spirits limit your spiritual fruitfulness. Releasing them is not a cure-all but without releasing them there might not be the cure you desire. The results of severe reactions (often taking around 9 months. if reactions are not immediate) to Gardasil can be corrected miraculously within a short time.

The Restoration Card releases negative spirits.

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4 Phases of Spiritual Growth

4 Phases of Spiritual Growth
(Excerpt: " Abundance: Fulfilling Your Desires with Effortless Ease ")

Our phases of spiritual growth can be compared to water flowing in a river and finally reaching the ocean.

The first phase is the sluggish movement of a slow stream. The second phase is moving decidedly and through the rapids. In the third phase, we fluctuate with struggle and non-struggle. The fourth phase is where the river reaches the ocean - we learn to live without effort.       

The voyage of expansion is very fluid. We drift back and forth between each phase regularly, and can experience more than one stage at the same time. When the tides bring us to earlier stages, our experience will often be deeper or more personal than the first time. We experience more enlightenment each time we flow through the phases of the wave cycle.

1st phase
This phase of growth is characterised by the mind and the outer life in being dependent on outward sources of help. 'I nned help; I need something outside to happen'. This is a victim stage.

The phase of receiving for a day means we need help again the next day. Without action, we look outwards when need strikes again.

This phase is for learning to move from being given help to the next stage of learning to do things for our self.

2nd phase
The second phase of spiritual expansion is characterised by a great desire to always be doing, and by our way; doing great things.

This is the information stage - gathering mental knowledge about Spirit. We discover the universal laws. In this level we manifest or manipulate. We learn about the laws, e.g. the Law of Attraction and the Secret, and how we use it through our awareness - our thoughts, our visualisations, our feelings; to make something happen.

We are full of enthusiasm and ardour as we move along the river of life. We are centred in our self; in our gifts. We are centred in the gifts rather than the Giver of the gifts.

Behind our good intentions to manage our lives by learning and using techniques is the belief that we need to control our powerlessness.

We can experience wonderful and glorious meditation times with delightful peace. Then we experience times of sluggishness. Circumstances happen to us that we need to control. We try so hard and it seems to work. Then it doesn't, and we feel discouraged. But we are strong, so we get up, try again and learn more, and pass the information on.

3rd phase
The principles learned in the previous stage find an outlet to be of service to others.

Service and great productivity is not an indication of spirituality or even our life purpose. We all have gifts, however they do not signify spiritually evolving or transforming.

Being productive is not the goal. There is a deeper life in the spirit beyond service to others.

There will come a time in this phase when there is darkness; 'the techniques do not seem to work.' 'Perhaps I have done something wrong and need to try harder.'

There will come the dark night of the soul - hitting the rock bottom of this stage - to emerge from the chrysalis as the butterfly to soar to greater heights in the spirit.

We discover through discouragement and disillusionment that fixing and repairing others is a co-dependency that enables others to remain in their state, the same as it did for us. People can only be helped so far. The constant need to support others who are unwilling to change, not only limits their growth but also limits our growth.

4th phase
In this stage, the river has reached the ocean. We surrender to spirit to direct our life. The effort of the human self is stilled. There is no trying to grasp the "water", i.e. the spiritual life. We flow in the spirit. We flow in who we are already. This is divine union. Human effort cannot bring divine union.

Being human/spirit, our seemingly human brokenness - our emotions - are a potentially tremendous source of power through whom Spirit works. This power was very hard to accept in earlier stages when we controlled our humanness. By 'dying' to the human part being in control, to allow the spirit to be in control, we find our Self. We find we can reach far beyond our human capacity.

This 4th stage is characterised by a silent power taking control and pervading our whole being. This is entering into life that springs out of the dying to the mind being in control. The Spirit lives, moves and works within us. We live, move and have our being in Spirit. Here the secrets of the Spirit are received through an inward science of knowing Spirit. This is freedom.

These characteristics are known fleetingly in previous phases. In each phase, we are given the knowledge, then a foretaste, and finally the reality is worked out more and more deeply.

In every phase there is a beginning, a working out, and a completion or fulfilment of life before experiencing another level. In each phase we appear to learn the same lessons over and over again, but at a deeper level. The lessons are just as difficult in the last phase as they are in the first phase.

We begin each phase with a 'taste' of the completion or fruition. First we have the ecstasy of the 'mountain top' experience. Then we experience the 'valley' of trials which feels like failure. As we continue co-operating with spirit, we discover the out-working of the ascension of the mountain. And then our spirit integrates the climax.

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Emotions (1)
Implants (1)
Fatigue (1)
calm (1)
clarity (1)
mind and heart (1)
soul loss (1)
separation (1)
split-off (1)
Integration Card (1)


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