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Faye Rosie

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Faye Rosie, Author, Naturopath, Shaman
I can help you in living in alignment with the higher wisdom of your heart


Most people are spending their time working on relieving symptoms.

But something happens to us during this journey…we get trapped in suppressing symptoms and lose sight of freedom, joy and abundance in all areas of our life: wellness, fitness, prosperity, relationships, youthening and career.

Here is the problem:

If you don't learn how to effectively transform the core issue creating the symptoms, you will never be able to purposefully flourish. You will sacrifice the quality of life that is your birthright. Why? Because the symptoms are messengers for letting you know that there are blockages preventing you experiencing a fuller and happier life.

Of course you desire a deeper and more fuller life to experience greater blessings in your life. The good news is that there is a better way than fighting, resisting and suppressing uncomfortable symptoms.

If you are struggling to take your wellbeing to the level of your desired fulfilment because of a lack of training and resources, you are in the right place.

If you want help learning how to live in alignment with the higher wisdom of your heart, you are in the right place. I will guide you in recognizing and understanding your messengers of wisdom to bring harmony and balance in all areas of your life - physical, mental, emotional, will and spirit.

I'm all about results for your wellbeing that enables you to live the life of your dreams.

When we KNOW the source of an issue, we have the ANSWERS to resolve the symptoms.

Your discomforts can be used to WORK FAVOURABLY FOR YOU, not against you. Openness and awareness are the best medicines, for then you can perceive instant changes for harmony and balance.

Would you like to know how uncomfortable emotions can be your greatest transformation tool?  
GUARANTEED to get to the Source of Your Issue

in any area using a multidisciplinary approach for change and transformation

    • Physical healing
    • Fitness
    • Relationships
    • Pet's health & behavior issues
    • Career and life's purpose
    • Rejuvenation

 • Mental
 • Finances
 • Grieving and loss
 • Emotional issues
 • Making challenging decisions
 • Personal growth and spirituality…
•  Iris analysis
•  Wellness Coaching
•  Reflexology
•  Bowen Therapy
•  Matrix Energetics
•  Myofascial Release
•  Craniosacral Therapy
•  Organ and parts Motility,
   e.g. hiatus hernia
•  Organ regeneration

 •  Scar and adhesion release
 •  Trapped Emotions Release
 •  Allergy Desensitisation
 •  Nutritional Advice
 •  Herbal/Homeopathy/Mineral/Flower
 •  Vaccination repair
 •  Shamanic Techniques
 •  Harmonising ALL parts of YOU
 •  Distant consultations (skype, phone)
 •  Heart Healing Symbol Cards
Faye with 2 of 6 grandchildren
GUARANTEED to Get to the Source of Your Issue.


Born in South Australia and currently resides in tropical Cairns, Queensland, Australia, I am a shaman, medical intuitive, naturopath and transformational author. I have been in private practice, both for local and distant healing since 1977.

The catalyst that began my journey to become a shamanic naturopath was at the age of 10. I was anxious about being late home and, getting off the bus, I ran across the road. A car turned quickly from in front of the bus and hit me, flinging my body onto the footpath where I was left lying unconscious.

From the spiritual realm, I could see my body lying on the footpath. I continued running, still with the intention of getting home quickly. A large bright being met me and said I needed to go back to my body. I didn't want to go back. The being told me that it was important for me to go back as I needed to do work in healing. I was then picked up and carried back to my body. As I entered my body, I became conscious. From that moment, it seemed that my inner senses of knowing, seeing and hearing became much more sensitive.
As a result of the accident, I had an abnormal spinal curvature. I began seeing a chiropractor and naturopath around the age of 17. He was a very spiritually sensitive man, using spiritual knowing and wisdom to address varied conditions. This opened my spiritual awareness in a different way again. He once told me of a client who, as a singer, had lost her voice. He commanded a negative entity to go and immediately she regained her voice. The naturopath must have seen something in me for he began teaching me different techniques.

Deciding factors for choosing the healing profession
Two of our babies suffered traumas during their birthing procedure. One nearly died as a result of the medical intervention. Through the teachings of my naturopath, I was able to help our babies.

In 1975, two days after turning 24, and still feeling the trauma of my recent 2nd baby's delivery injury, I felt the Divine calling me to a commitment to follow a spiritual path. Not long after I sensed to study naturopathy. 

In clinical practice I rely on Spirit to guide me and I discovered the value of treating the whole person - not just the physical symptoms being presented.
Shamanic Healing and Transformational Cards
I commenced art training at 33. My artwork was very detailed (photographic style, precise, "perfect"). During 2001, when a fresh inspiration to paint surfaced, I began symbolic artwork to express the impressions I sensed with people on their journey. In 2003, my intuitive or creative art opened to a different path. I discovered that healing energy could be embedded into my artwork to transform lives. I created a set of 30 cards.

These Heart Healing Symbols Cards are the most powerful and transforming tools in my 37 years of experience. They provide you with a quick and sometimes instantaneous way to accelerate your higher consciousness. You'll heal quickly, often instantaneously. Your whole life will be revitalised and refreshed.

The powerful life transforming multidimensional energies within the Heart Healing Symbol Cards are embedded in my shamanic books: "The Power of Your Spirit", and the Heart Healing Symbol Cards Mini E-books: "Awakening" and "Abundance: Fulfilling Your Desires with Effortless Ease."

My real passion is teaching others how to connect with their
inner wisdom and power to come to the fullness of their
potential and realise their life purpose.  

Mini E-Book AWAKENING - Heart Healing Symbol Cards

What Clients are Saying

"Faye's clarity of sight, listening, picking up of messages, very directly says how she tunes 'into' your energy.

She sees and feels what is happening to channel the cause and cure, while intuitively guiding you through the process to completion. Faye is a healing Angel in human form."

FK, Melbourne, Victoria, Aust.

"The right leg that 'J' has not been able to feel because of the nerve damage done in her previous operation - well she now has feeling in that leg. Faye - remember you went in and replaced the black/damaged nerves!!!!! Thank you so much. 'J' looked a different person from the one when I first walked in to her room prior to your healing session."
BH, Adelaide, South Australia.

What Workshop Participants Say:

"I have attended many different spiritual workshops in my quest to find the perfect spiritual path for myself. I have enjoyed every one of them, however I did notice one big difference when comparing all my personal experiences with spiritual learning through cards, tapes, videos and workshops, and that was your cards are a complete healing in a little box. They bring together all I needed to know and do to begin clearing my blocks.

Your two day workshop was amazing. It filled in any little gaps that I have had and broadened my understanding. The combination of your healing in a box and the workshop was extremely powerful and will definitely be attending future workshops and healing sessions."
KC, Brisbane, Aust.

"Thank you Faye for the most AMAZING weekend of learning, absorbing and healing. 'The Heart Healing Symbol Cards' are phenomenal in their energy, transformative qualities and peacefulness. The course brought everything together in an easy to understand manner - learning life changing stuff, whilst having fun at the same time!

"Your course and cards are an entire package of wisdom, energy, understanding and enlightenment. Who needs another modality when it's all here in one!! I truly believe your system has helped me beyond measure. It's what I was looking for and hadn't found until now. Thank you for assisting me along my journey."
TH, Bakewell, NT. Australia.

What Readers are Saying:

"Faye Rosie's great contribution, The Power of Your Spirit, I think it is one of (if not the) best, most comprehensive, practical and spiritually sound books I've ever read. Especially in terms of clarifying for me any lingering questions I had about mind/body/spirit integration. It's just an amazing book!

And yet so easy to read. And I must also say - there truly does seem to be some kind of embedded energy of a positive, healing nature, that makes you feel like you are getting a much needed alignment or tune-up, while dancing with this highly qualified author's stories and helpful explanations.

I recommend it to anybody interested in feeling and doing better in their life. Especially, if you want to put that 'childlike' sparkle back into your eyes, reflecting a real connection with the divine."
Tom Newnam, author of "Memo from Your Soul".

"Faye's varied education shines through with her knowledge of anatomy and medical conditions via Western medicine. Her wholistic approach to health embraces the Chinese concepts of health through the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Metal and how they translate to the human body. Ultimately, she delves into the unseen spiritual realms that influence the human condition, a subject often neglected in books regarding health.

I recommend this book for anyone who is seeking a healthier, happier existence."
Dana Taylor, author of "Ever Flowing Streams".

What is said about the
Heart Healing Symbol Cards:

"A friend with dyslexia selected the BRAIN card. The next day she was talking and suddenly apologised saying "I am sorry, I am dyslexia" although what she was saying was perfectly lucid. She paused and said "I am not dyslexic now am I?" This woman now exudes pure clarity and zero confusion! Such magic!"
MS, Palma De Mallorca, Spain

"Thank you Faye. I feel so grateful to the universe for bringing you to us. I am amazed at the universal powers within these symbols, the speed, simplicity and effectiveness of these tools. My connection will continue to grow because these tools cover it all. Thank you for sharing your realness and amazing Divine wisdom and knowledge."
GM, Darwin, Aust.

Mini E-Book - ABUNDANCE - Heart Healing Symbol Cards

Shamanic Heart healing

Shaman, Naturopath, Medical Intuitive and Transformational Author

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